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Nekros Prime Resource farming Warframe build - Odealo

Nekros Prime Resource farming Warframe build - Odealo

Nekros is the best Frame for farming resources because of his unique Passive Ability

Resource Farming build

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Build notes
August 28, 2018
-Build created


1. General information

Nekros is the best Frame for resource farming. The Desecrate ability, combined with Despoil Augment Mod multiplies your loot, making it the most efficient Frame for farming Mods and Crafting Resources. Our build is also centered around turning Nekros Prime into a very tanky Frame, making it viable both for High-level Missions and Solo play.

This build excels in:
  • Survival Missions
  • Defense Missions
  • Mobile Defense Missions
  • Resource farming
  • Playing Solo
If possible, avoid:
  • High-level Assassinations
  • Rush Missions

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • the best Resource/Mod farming Frame in Warframe
  • amazing toughness/durability
  • great damage when Shadows of the Dead is active
  • may feel slow
  • low armor makes it necessary for Shadows of the Dead to be active for proper defenses
  • should be used mainly for the farming capabilities, it underperforms compared to other Frames in terms of raw DPS or defensive mechanics
  • expensive in terms of high reliance on Mods and four Formas required

3. Mods

Our Nekros Prime build is mainly centered around Utility Mods which increase Nekros self-healing, looting capability, and defenses. Your primary DPS bonuses come from Energy Conversion and Transient Fortitude, which may feel low when farming higher-level content. With our recommended Mods your stats will be at:

Detailed stats
  • 740.00 Health
  • 450.00 Shield
  • 37.50/sec Shield Recharge
  • 187.50 Power
  • 65.00 Armor
  • 1.10 Sprint Speed
  • 220.00% Power Strength
  • 100.50% Power Duration
  • 100.00% Power Range
  • 100.00% Power Efficiency
  • 140.00% Knockback Recovery
  • +130.00% Chance to resist Knockdown
  • 103.00 Health Regeneration
Notable skill: Desecrate
  • 10.00 Health Cost per Corpse
  • 25.00m Radius
  • 54.00% chance to roll Drop Table again
List of used Mods and add-ons

Helmet: No Helmet equipped

Formas: 4 Formas required

Arcane Enhancements: Arcane Guardian, Arcane Victory

Mod Capacity: 3/74


Rejuvenation: requires adding D polarity


Equilibrium: matches - polarity


Vitality: matches D polarity

Health Conversion

Health Conversion: requires adding D polarity


Despoil: neutral polarity

Power Drift

Power Drift: neutral polarity


Constitution: requires adding - polarity

Transient Fortitude

Transient Fortitude: matches V polarity

Shield of Shadows

Shield of Shadows: neutral polarity

Energy Conversion

Energy Conversion: requires adding V polarity

Nekros Resource Farming Build

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