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| Project Diablo 2 S9 Softcore | Real Stock

| Project Diablo 2 S9 Softcore | Real Stock
Ladder Softcore
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  • 60 mins.
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Rune value for PD2 Season 9

Mal 0.1 | Ist 0.15 | Gul 0.25 | Vex 0.5 | Ohm 0.75

Lo 1

Sur 1.5 | Ber 3

Jah 1.25

Cham 2 | Zod 4


Delivery is usually completed within 24hours after payment verification. Occasionally, there may be minor issues, but rest assured that you will always receive your items. I will do my best to deliver them as soon as possible.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or requests.

I sell my time that I have devoted to get this rune in the game. The rune remains the property of Project Diablo 2. It is not the item itself that is auctioned, but only the time required to procure the virtual items! All items are and remain the property of Blizzard Entertainment! Pictures and names are subject to their copyright.

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