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Maps can be considered the primary end-game content in Path of Exile. Maps can be used in Map Device in order to open portals to a randomly generated Map of the corresponding type, filled with powerful Monsters and predefined Bosses. Maps are consumed when used in the Map Device, and six portals are created to the Map when you do it, so you will be able to get back inside only six times in order to complete it. Maps, just like most of the Items in Path of Exile can be looted from monsters, found in destructible objects, chests, strongboxes, etc. They also have the same rarities as equipment, up to 20% base Quality, as well as, Map-exclusive Tiers which increase the monster level and potential rewards. Cartographer's Chisels are Map-related Orbs which can be used to alter Quality of a Map, and just like Glassblower's Bauble, Armourer's Scrap, and Blacksmith's Whetstone, each Cartographer's Chisel will increase Quality by 5% on a Normal Map, 2% when used on Magic Map, and 1% when used on Rare and Unique Maps. 

When you complete the campaign and reach Oriath in Act XI, you will be told to see Zana, Master Cartographer in the Templar Laboratory. She will introduce you to the Atlas of Worlds, Map Device and Maps themselves (though you may already be familiar with it after completing Chamber of Sin's Quest in Act VI). She will start the final Quest Chain in Path of Exile which ends up with you defeating Shaper. You will be then asked to complete Maps of higher and higher Tiers to gather Shaper's Memory Fragments, which will allow you to upgrade Maps on your Atlas. Along the way, you will have to understand how Shaper's and Elder influence is generated on the Atlas, and you will be asked to complete Maps of certain Tiers with a specific influence. When it comes to Atlas, it's good to know that you can use Cartographer's Sextants on Maps on the Atlas, which will give them additional attributes which will last for three Maps in the radius. Sextants can be used to increase Loot yield on Maps and depending on your progress on the Zana's Quest, and your Atlas completion, you will be allowed to use more Sextants simultaneously. 

Just like any other Item with rarity in Path of Exile, Map's rarity determines the number of its affixes. Non-unique Maps can have up to 6 affixes; 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes. The rarity of your Maps can be altered by using Orbs of Transmutation, Orbs of Alchemy, Orbs of Chance, and Regal Orbs. Maps can't have Implicit modifiers, but they can be Corrupted by using Vaal Orbs, and occasionally you may get a map with a total of eight affixes. Maps have a very rare property, which allows them to be Unidentified even when being Corrupted. It's only possible for Maps, whereas, the Map will retain its' Rarity and all its properties will be hidden. May sure to approach such Maps with great caution, since you may end up killing yourself if you happen to find yourself inside a Damage Reflection Map.

 When it comes to types of Maps we can divide them into:

  1. Normal Maps - White name tag. Normal Maps have no extra attributes and have a very low drop rate. If you can afford it, even the lowest Tier Maps should be upgraded to at least Magic Quality to make them more rewarding;
  2. Magic Maps - Blue name, with up to two affixes (one prefix and one suffix);
  3. Rare Maps - Yellow name tag, with up to six total affixes (eight for some Corrupted Rare Maps). Higher Tier Maps should be always upgraded to this rarity for maximum potential profits;
  4. Unique Maps - Brown name tag. Unique Maps have a predefined number and/or sets of properties and often introduce a completely Unique mechanics. Some Maps may give you a limited time to complete them, others may have enemies that will appear in Waves, or you can find Maps with no enemies whatsoever.

In Path of Exile, you may also find other Maps that can include:

  1. Blighted Maps - exclusive to the Blight League, Blighted Maps offer a very tough and long Blight encounter, which offers amazing rewards when you manage to complete them;
  2. Synthesised Maps - available only through Zana's Missions, Synthesised Maps will be inhabited by Synethised Monsters, and will grant you a chance to Loot Synethesis-exclusive Items;
  3. Breachstones - which will open portals to the corresponding Breach Lord's domain. Breachstones are very expensive, since they offer very high exp per hour ratio, making it a very popular way to gain levels fast for players, hence making it a quite popular choice for Map Rotations;
  4. Zana's Missions - you may occasionally find Zana on Maps (or be guaranteed to find her if you accept her Missions when she's in your Hideout) and she will let you choose a Map to complete. Such Maps usually will require you to complete a specific task in order to complete the Missions, and will often create only one portal, so you may fail it entirely if you die or leave such Map.
  5. Map Fragments - which requires you to collect a few parts to complete the corresponding Set and allow you to open portals to very challenging Bosses. This includes entering areas where you can face the Pale Council, Shaper, Atziri (and Uber Atziri), and Uber Elder. Map Fragments are usually quite rare and expensive, and obtaining them via trading is the fastest way if you want to grind certain Bosses. 

When it comes to the beforementioned Map Tiers, we can distinguish:

  1. Low Tier Maps - Low Tier Maps have a white color, and these are Maps Tier 1 to 5 which contain Monster level 68 to 72. In order to have a Low Tier Map fully marked as fully completed (with the bonus objective) on your Atlas, you will have to kill the Boss on a Magic or higher rarity Map;
  2. Mid Tier Maps - yellow color, Tier 6-10, and Monster Level 73 to 77. You need to complete Rare rarity Maps in order to have the completed on your Atlas;
  3. High Tier Maps - Red Maps are of the highest Tier, and this includes Maps from Tier 11 to 17 (Tier 17 is reserved though for Shaper and Uber Elder, which can be faced by using Fragments instead of regular Maps) and Monster level 78-84. In order to have Red Maps completed on your Atlas with the bonus objective, you will have to complete Rare Corrupted Maps for that purpose.

Maps of different Tiers can be upgraded via a Vendor Recipe. Three Maps of the same type can be sold to a vendor for a predefined Map of a higher Tier. The Maps that you can receive depends on the Atlas progression Path, as it always has to be connected to the three Maps you have traded in the first place. If there are several possible options, the Map will be chosen randomly from the available ones. 

Since completing your Atlas is usually one of the primary goals in the Path of Exile, you will be looking to find all different Map types to do it. As it's reliant on RNG, it sometimes may take longer to obtain all different types of Maps. Not to mention, you need to either have a certain Map already completed on your Atlas or have it connected to the Map that you are currently in, in order to have it drop. This makes trading an extremely important aspect of completing ones Atlas, so buying PoE Maps from other players is a necessity if you don't want to repeatedly complete the same Maps all over again. Odealo is a secure website where you can sell and buy PoE Maps and Maps Fragments to enjoy the most challenging Path of Exile content. Sustaining High-Tier Maps may pose a challenge to many players, so buying the Path of Exile Maps from other players on Odealo is a good alternative. All offers on Odealo are posted by regular Path of Exile players, who tend to have even the highest Tier Maps, and Map Fragments you may need to complete your Atlas. This includes Guardian Maps like Maze of the Minotaur, Forge of the Phoenix, Lair of the Hydra, and Pit of the Chimera, but also all the Fragments that can open up locations like Shaper's Realm, The Pale Court, or Apex of Sacrifice, where you can fight Atziri. You can also find Maps offered for sale in bundles, allowing quick Atlas completion. With multiple high-level sellers around, you can expect any custom order to be finalized on Odealo.

Odealo allows trading with real money for Path of Exile Maps and Fragments allowing its users to offer their in-game wares for sale, while Odealo maintains full security of each transaction. It's one of the fastest-growing websites for PoE Maps with 24/7 Live Support. On Odealo, you can trade on all available game modes including Standard, Blight and other Challenge Leagues, Softcore, Hardcore. Trading PoE Maps Odealo is allowed on all platforms including PS, Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.

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