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Build Ward Loop Scion - CWDT - All Content & Uber Bosses [20% sale off] [Affliction SC]

Build Ward Loop Scion - CWDT - All Content & Uber Bosses [20% sale off] [Affliction SC]
Affliction Softcore
Build Ward Loop Scion - CWDT - All Content & Uber Bosses [20% sale off] [Affliction SC] - image
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Uber Bosses Slayer

Endgame Setup for Cast When Damage Taken Ward Loop Build

Dominate the endgame with my unparalleled Wardloop build, featuring optimized defenses and explosive damage. This unique build is not available anywhere else and has been tested and perfected by me over hundreds of hours.

Tired of grinding gear and endlessly tweaking your build? Dominate the Atlas with this fully optimized Wardloop build, ready to decimate enemies without breaking a sweat.


  • Effortless gameplay: Summon your minions, activate your flasks, and watch the spell loop obliterate everything in its path.
  • Unmatched boss slaying: Melt even the toughest Uber bosses with insane damage output.
  • Stress-free mapping: Cruise through maps with smooth clear speed and icy magic.

This build offers:

  • Guaranteed capped elemental resistances for ultimate survivability.
  • Top-tier non-corrupted gear with perfect socket colors and optimized enchantments.
  • Level 20, 20% quality gems (including Awakened!) for maximum power.
  • 100 Chaos Orbs & 100 Orbs of Regret to personalize your skill tree.
  • Personalized Path of Building (POB) code tailored to your current level.
  • Expert support: Get help setting up and mastering the build from a 3000+ sale veteran.

Don't waste time crafting and min-maxing. Buy this build and enjoy pure gameplay fun from the moment you enter Wraeclast!
POB: provided after you buy

Bonus: Check out the gameplay video to see the build in action:
Uber Maven:
Uber Eater :
Uber Uber Elder :
Uber Sirus :
The Feared :
Deli 100% :
Simulacrum wave 30 :

Ready to unleash the Wardloop fury? Message me today to discuss your options!

P.S. Looking for a different build? Let me know, and I'll create a customized solution for you!

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