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✅ [Necropolis] Premium Bundle Starter Pack - Best in Slot - Non-Corrupted ✅

✅ [Necropolis] Premium Bundle Starter Pack - Best in Slot - Non-Corrupted  ✅
Necropolis - Softcore
✅ [Necropolis] Premium Bundle Starter Pack - Best in Slot - Non-Corrupted  ✅ - image
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The leveling process in Path of Exile can be a daunting one, but a properly equipped character can carve through the content with ease. No matter what build you are leveling, correctly identifying the best uniques to incorporate into your exile will vastly speed up the process of reaching the end-game.
The Premium Leveling Pack is designed to level any character class (ranger, mage, or melee). It includes a complete set of gear, including weapons, amulet, and belt, suitable for each class. This allows you to easily switch between characters and continue using the pack for future leveling needs.

  • Currency:
    60x Chromatic Orb
    20x Chaos Orb
    20x Regret Orb
    20x Orb of Transmutation
    20x Orb of Alteration
    20x Orb of Chance
    20x Orb of Alchemy

    20x Orb of Fusing

  • Weapon:
    Quill Rain 4 links + Hyrri’s Bite (for Bow)
    2x Redbeak Rusted Sword (for Melee)
    2x Lifesprig (for Caster)
  • Helmet: 4-Linked Goldrim
  • Body Armour: Tabula Rasa (6 link white sockets)
  • Gloves: 4-Linked Lochtonial Caress
  • Boots: 4-Linked Seven League Step (fastest boot exists in POE )
  • Ring: 2x Le Heup of All
  • Amulet:
    Karui Ward (For Caster and Bow leveling)
    Replica Karui Ward (For Melee leveling)
  • Belt:
    Replica Prismweave (Caster)
    Prismweave (Bow/Melee)
  • Flask: 2x Quicksilver Flasks and 1x Silver Flask

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