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Build Forbidden Rite Pathfinder/ Facetank Uber Bosses/ T17 Maps[Endgame Setup + Currency] Necropolis

Build Forbidden Rite Pathfinder/ Facetank Uber Bosses/ T17 Maps[Endgame Setup + Currency] Necropolis
Necropolis - Softcore
Build Forbidden Rite Pathfinder/ Facetank Uber Bosses/ T17 Maps[Endgame Setup + Currency] Necropolis - image
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Important note: After you placed your order, write me your current level and I will create your own POB for the appropiate passive skill tree.

Look my other Builds that are for sale (Are you looking for a specific build, that I currently dont have up for sale? No problem! If you can provide me with a forum guide or a Path of Building code, I will try to make the build work.)

Gameplay video 1:

Gameplay video 2:

Gameplay video 3:

POB: (for this build the items to be received will be equivalent to those present in the POB)

Poison Forbidden Rite Pathfinder is a tankier build that you will have in 3.24, with it you will Facetank all Bosses with ease. If you're looking for ease in boss battles, want to do T17 maps, then this is the build.

  • Satisfied Customers: 100% Positive Feedback.
  • Speed: If I am avaliable, I will contact you instantly and collect all the necessary items within 1 hour. If I am not (Shop Closed is written on my image), I will deliver the items as soon as I come back.
  • Good Prices / Safety: I have solid prices for complete build setups: everything I do is farmed and collected by my hand, making our transactions safe.
  • Communication: I will inform you of everything during the transaction.
  • Tips / Post-Purchase Assistance: I give you the help you will need to play the build you bought from me. I can help with setting up the build correctly: my job is not done until you are satisfied and know everything necessary.
  • Currency: I give you a starting currency to tweak your gear if you feel like it.
  • Experience: I have more than 2000 successful sales behind my back. I am a veteran PoE player who is constantly looking at trends to optimize the builds for my buyers. I am updating builds accordingly to the current meta to provide the best experience for my customers and I do my service longer than 3 years.
  • Fun: The only thing you are required to do is buy the pack and you will be fully ready to enjoy gameplay. Save yourself the time to enjoy the game!

Looking for any other build? Feel free to write me and we will work it out!

  • You are guaranteed to have your Elemental Resistances capped!
  • You are guaranteed to have Positive Chaos Resistance!
  • All of the Items are Non-Corrupted.
  • All Gems you get is Level 20, Awankened and 20%
  • All Flasks have 20% Quality + Enchant
  • The gear has the exact socket colors to fit in the given gem setup.

Starting Currency:

  • 50 Chaos Orb
  • 100x Orb of Regrets (in order to restore your tree from any given leveling process)

Playstyle: Just use the Life Flask so that your energy shield fills up and you can use your skills.
Remember to only turn on Approaching Flames when entering the maps, and always use the life flask.
Remember to use Focus when fighting bosses.

Pantheon: Brine King and Shakari

Recommended Bandit choice: Deal with All (2 Passive Points)


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