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Eve Online God 218+ sp million! Skills (Capital + Subcaps ships) + Assets

Eve Online God 218+ sp million! Skills (Capital + Subcaps ships) + Assets


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Odealo is a secure marketplace for EVE Online Characters. If you want to buy cheap EVE Online Character for real cash, make sure to check out this section of Odealo. All Characters on Odealo are offered for sale by thoroughly verified sellers. In EVE Online, Character Transfer is possible to be bought by players, which allows moving a character from one account to another. This is a paid service, however, if you do not have time to train your character for days in order to pilot the best Ships, you may want to consider buying EVE Characters on Odealo. All EVE Online Characters which are listed here for sale, are owned by regular professional players, who legitimately train those characters themselves in EVE Online.

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