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✅ ((( LAB RUN ))) ⭐ 3mil - 25mil ❤️ BEST CARRY ⭐ DOCS ✅ STREAM

✅ ((( LAB RUN ))) ⭐ 3mil - 25mil ❤️ BEST CARRY ⭐  DOCS  ✅ STREAM

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❤️  ────────  ⭐️  ──────  ✅  ─────     Escort on Labs  ─────  ✅  ────── ⭐️  ────────  ❤️


You will go to a raid with a player who will play for you and collect all items from the location. You just need to sit and watch the stream with the process. After all the things are collected, we will give you a bunch of weapons and valuables, and then help you get out. You are in absolute safety and if something happens to you we will do the raid again. 

If you don't have a Keycard, we will give it to you before the raid!



Why you should choose us

1) We have been in this business for more than 6 months.

2) Our team of 3 people for maximum speed and convenience of our customers.

3) We've done over 1,000 raids, and have the greatest experience among other sellers.





- From us you will get 4 rigs + Docs + Keycard.

- You will get the maximum loot. You won't have any empty slots left.

- If one of us dies, we do the raid again. Each time you get a full set of cases and extra keycard for your death.

- Our raids are the fastest and most effective. You will never get the junk that other cheap sellers will give you.

- You will get a loot worth approximately 3 million.



Quality is what we do.


If I don't answer please wait :)

...Killa is no longer the boss of raids




Delivery time is the time during which we will make the raid. The time while you wait for your queue can be much longer.

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