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Lvl Up / Lvl Pump (fast)

Lvl Up / Lvl Pump (fast)

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Lvl Up / Lvl Pump (fast) - image
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From To Price / 1 level
1 lvl 3 lvl 0.70
3 lvl 5 lvl 1.75
5 lvl 10 lvl 4.00
10 lvl 15 lvl 7.00
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- Option 1: put the item on the flea market and I will buy / exchange it for your purchase (you must write the lot number and your nickname).
- Option 2: if the item can be placed in the pouch and you do not mind waste the time - you can take it in the raid (ask me time and place, and write your level and nickname).

Warning: The transfer may be delayed due to time differences, but I promise to deliver the purchase within a day.

You can still buy and I will deliver when I wake up.

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