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Diablo 3 Legendary Items


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Diablo 3 Iegendary Items

Legendary Items (often called the "Legs" or "Legendaries") are the highest quality items available in Diablo 3 and D3: Reaper of Souls. Legendary Gear has orange/brown name tags, and when you find one you will definitely hear it, alongside an orange beam of light which originates from the item. Legendary Items in D3 have much higher base stats than Rare Items and they usually possess powerful Legendary Powers, greatly increasing certain Skills Damage, or providing other amazing Utility Perks. Legendary Items, right after Sets, define player's builds and your overall gameplay experience. Legendary Items can be found anywhere in the game, with some Legendaries having very low-level requirements. The level of Legendary Items scales with your character level (or maybe to be more precise, the level of the area you are in). There are several Tiers of Legendary Items which are:

  1. Legendary Items - they are the standard version of your Item, which has a minimum level and scales with your character's level. If you are 70 you can find all the Legendaries, and they will be always level 70. The only requirement to find specific Legendary Items is they base level, and they can drop anywhere. When salvaged, Legendary Items will give you 1 Forgotten Soul;
  2. Ancient Legendary Items -  can be found in level 70 Areas in Torment+ difficulty level games. Make sure you are level 70 as well, as even if you join your friend's level 70 game, your Legendaries (and are other loot) will scale with your level - though the Items that your friend finds will be 70 and he will be able to hand them over to you. They have the same set of attributes as their regular Legendary versions, however, their stats can roll higher values. Ancient Legendary Items can potentially have the highest values on the stats even though there are higher Tier Legendaries available. Ancient Legendary Items are always level 70. When salvaged, Ancient Legendary Item will provide 5 Forgotten Souls each;
  3. Primal Ancient Legendary Items - the highest Tier of Legendaries in Diablo 3. Primal Ancient quality and can drop for your character after you complete a Greater Rift level 70 solo. You will need to complete it on any character you play as it's not a cross-account accomplishment. However, even if you didn't do it, you will be still able to equip Primal Ancient Legendary Items as long as your character is level 70. You can still trade for Primal Ancient Items with your teammates and use them, assuming they have completed the level 70 Greater Rift and hand their Loot over to you. Primal Ancient Legendary Items have always the maximum possible rolls of their stats, but their maximum values are exactly like on an Ancient Legendary Item - so a perfectly rolled Ancient Item will be exactly the same as Primal Ancient if they have the same set of attributes. Primal Legendaries salvage into 15 Forgotten Souls;

You can find Legendary Items of all equipable Items in Diablo 3. This includes Legendary Helmets, Armors, Shoulders, Gloves, Rings, Amulets, Axes, Swords, Maces, Staves, Daibos, Wands, Shields, Phylacteries, Mojos, Ceremonial Daggers, Flails, Mighty Weapons, Shields, Bows, Crossbows, Quivers, Hand Crossbows, Wizard Sources, Wizard Hats, Ceremonial Masks, Mighty Belts, Belts, Boots, Legs/Pants, Exilirs, Legendary Gems, and Legendary Follower Tokens. Not of all the Legendaries will have special and unique attributes, some of them will just provide higher base stats than regular Rares. 

All Legendary Items are bound to your account by default, however, you will be able to trade them within a two-hour time frame if you have played in a team. You can hand them over to your teammates - if the Item remains in your inventory when the counter expires, the Legendary will no longer be tradeable. If it's on the ground (for example in town) when the timer expires, anyone will be able to pick it up - and the person that does it will have the item bound to them. It's a technique used by a lot of players that offer Legendary Item farming services in Diablo 3 - they have your character idle in town, while they clear Rifts in a team of three, and drop all the Goods in town. Even if you are AFK for hours, you can still come back after many hours to pick up hundreds of Legendaries from the ground. There is no limit to the number of Items that can be dropped on the ground, but you need to make sure your character doesn't get disconnected from the game for being AFK. If you are not in-game when the Legendary Item drops from a slain enemy you will be unable to pick it up. On the other hand, if you leave the game, you are still eligible to pick those Items when you come back. This opened up a very interesting opportunity and allows players to Loot Hundreds of Legendaries per hour (500 Legendaries per hour is even achievable). You have several teams of threes farming high Greater Rifts, and each team invites you shortly before the Boss shows up, you join, they kill it, and you join next game which has the Boss ready. If you have enough teams ready to work for you, you will be only rejoining games - and all the Loot that drops from Greater Rift Bosses will be yours to take. Since all the Loot in Greater Rifts comes from Bosses, you will not be missing anything - except for Experience points, and Legendary Gem upgrades. This is the way the most efficient merchants sell Diablo 3 Items for real cash on markets like Odealo. 

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