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The Most Expensive Temtems

The Most Expensive Temtems

Check out what are the rarest and the most expensive Temtems in Temtem MMO

The most expensive Temtems
in the Temtem MMO



Temtems are mystical creatures that you collect, train and fight with in the newly launched Temtem MMO. Temtems, just like most of the Items and Goods that are available in the game, are tradeable with other players. Temtem is pretty much the first Pokemon-style MMORPG with such a well-developed trading system and open markets. Taking this into consideration, you will definitely want to know what are your Temtems worth, and when you find a Luma Temtem, how much you could get for it. In case you were living under a rock, Lumas are extremely rare versions of the regular Temtems, which have approximately 0,015% (!!) chance of spawning, so obviously all the Temtems on our list will be Lumas. It's not a rule, but you will also find mostly Temtems that have a very low chance of appearing in the game world (5-10% mainly) as you can imagine how hardly likely you are to find a Luma Temtem of such kind. Obviously, Temtems that also bring powerful Skillsets to the table will be the most expensive ones, and will often cost a real fortune (both in Pansun and real-life money).


What determines Temtem price

There is plenty of factors that determine the value of your Temtems. For the purpose of this list, we will basically take only Species into consideration, and you can expect all the most expensive Temtems to be Luma type. Luma is basically a very rare variation of any given Temtem, which has approximately 0,015% chance of spawning and is guaranteed to have at least 3 Perfect Starting Values.
Obviously, your Temtems will be more expensive depending on their SVs, learned abilities and so on, but Species are the primary determinant of their value. The game is still in a very early phase, and the Temtem market has just opened, so it will take months before it stabilizes. Right now you can expect very high price fluctuations, but still, this article should you give a basic understanding of Temtems values and prices. Below you will find all the factors that have an impact on the price of your Temtem:

  1. Species - basically the most important thing about any Temtem. Species determine the Skillsets, Types, Stats, and available Traits. This is what we mainly took into consideration when making this list;
  2. Color - basically whether your Temtem has its regular color, or if it's a Luma with alternative coloration. Luma Temtems have a 1 to 6000 chances of appearing and you can expect them to be way more expensive than regular Temtems;
  3. Starting Values (SVs) - when you obtain a new Temtem, it has randomly generated Starting Values. You want them to be as close to perfect as possible. Non-Luma Temtems may have perfect SVs and if found, they are used for Breeding to create Temtems with much higher end-game potential;
  4. Traits - Passive abilities that your Temtems can have which affect their performance in combat. Certain Temtems can have different Passives and some of them can be obtained via Breeding;
  5. Learned abilities - your Temtems come with their basic abilities, but they can also learn new ones via Breeding and Technique Courses;
  6. Fertility - whenever you Breed your Temtems they lose their fertility, so eventually, you will be unable to use them for Breeding. Temtems with high Fertility (and good Breeding potential) will be much more expensive than Temtems with no fertility left;

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The List

Important Note:  This is the beta version of our list based on the first few weeks of playtime since the official Temtem launch. The prices fluctuate constantly and you can expect it to change drastically over the course of the following weeks. Still, you can expect to hit a Jackpot if you find any of the Temtems listed below!


Luma Oceara

Name: Oceara
Role: DPS
Available Traits:

  1. Mithridatism - grants Oceara poison immunity
  2. Hydrologist - increases Oceara's Water techniques damage by 25% 

Base stats: Oceara has a total of 486 Base Stats

HP 64
STA 42
SPD 100
ATK 54
DEF 51
Overview: Oceara is the most iconic creature in Temtem. It is just like Pikachu in Pokemon. Not only it's extremely rare - it has approximately 5% chances of spawning, but it's also one of the fastest Temtems, with devastating Water Specials, that combined with very high SPATK stat and the Hydrologist Trait, can deal absurd damage to enemy Temtems. It's been also reported that it was sold for over $500 in real-life cash making it the most expensive Temtem to date. 

Where to find Oceara: Oceara can be found in the secret Aquamarina Cave on the island of Deniz. In order to get to Oceara's spawn location, you will need a Surfboard. She has a 5% of spawning in two areas with waterfalls. The first one is accessible on lower levels, while to access the second one you will need Crystal Skates. 


Luma Gyalis

Name: Gyalis
TypeCrystal TypeCrystal/Melee
Role: DPS
Available Traits:

  1. Mirroring - which deals 25% knockback damage when Gyalis is a target of a Special Ability
  2. Resistant - which reduces the duration of negative status effects on Gyalis by 1 turn (Poison, Sleep, etc.)

Base stats: Gyalis has a total of 460 Base Stats

HP 86
STA 44
SPD 100
ATK 85
DEF 61
General Information: Gyalis is among the top DPS Temtems available in the game currently. It has one of the highest SPD + ATK stats, allowing you to take down enemy Temtems before they can take any action. Gyalis also brings a lot of HP to the board, making it one of the toughest opponents to deal with.

Where to find Gyalis: Gyalis has approximately 10% chance of spawning in the Mines of Mictlan on the island of Tucma. Most players report encountering Gyalis on the 11th Route which is shown on the screenshot below:


Luma Kinu

Name: Kinu
Role: Support
Available Traits:

  1. Protector - whenever Kinu enters the battlefield, its ally gets bonus DEF and SPDEF
  2. Benefactor - whenever your ally gets damaged, it will be healed for 10% of max HP

Base stats: Kinu has a total of 454 Base Stats

HP 47
STA 74
SPD 74
ATK 54
DEF 41

General Information: Kinu is considered the best Support/Healer Temtem in the game currently. This greatly increases the demand for it, and since it has a very small chance of appearing, and you can only encounter Kinu in a single location in the game world, you can expect Luma Kinu to be exceptionally expensive. 

Where to find Kinu: Kinu can be only encountered in the Giant Banyan location on Omninesia where it has approximately 5% chances of spawning making Kinu one of the rarest Temtems in the game


Luma Nessla

Name: Nessla
Role: DPS/Versatility
Available Traits:

  1. Electric Synthesize - makes Nessla heal for the amount of Electric damage received making it a sick combination when using Chain Lightning properly
  2. Hydrologist - increases Nessla's Water damage by 15%

Base stats: Nessla has a total of 437 Base Stats

HP 45
STA 58
SPD 66
ATK 76
DEF 50

General Information: Nessla is a very unique dual-Type Temtem which utilizes Water and Electric types. Nessla has the Electric Synthesise Trait, which causes Nessla to be healed instead of getting damaged by Electric Techniques. This works great in combination with Chain Lightning, which makes Nessla extremely efficient grinding Temtem, especially in areas with Water Temtems.

Where to find Nessla: You have an approximately 10% chance of meeting Nessla in a small pond in the area of Thalassian Cliffs (picture below) or pretty much anywhere on the Sillaro River. Both Nessla spawn points will require you to possess Surfboard first


Luma Shuine

Name: Shuine
Role: Versatility/Support
Available Traits:

  1. Guardian - which prevents negative status effects on Shuine's allies
  2. Immunity - makes Shuine immune to Toxic Techniques

Base stats: Shuine has a total of 462 Base Stats

HP 43
STA 90
SPD 81
ATK 67
DEF 49

General Information: Shuine is one of the most popular and sought-after Temtem currently. It offers amazing team utility, and thanks to high Stamina and Speed, it's a very resilient Temtem that can stay on the battlefield for a very long time, supporting its allies and dealing a moderate amount of damage to enemies.

Where to find Shuine: Shuine can be only obtained on the Island of Tucma in the region of Kakama Cenote. It has a 5% chance to spawn in there making it an extremely rare and expensive Temtem



Temtem has just recently launched and our list was made based on the limited information we managed to extract from Discord and Facebook Temtem trading groups, and trades made with real-life cash across various websites. This list is most likely going to be updated over the course of the weeks, as we get more information about the Market prices of all different Temtems and their variations.

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. If you believe some of the information is inaccurate, or if there is a Temtem that we should definitely include on our list, please let us know in the comments below. We will be very grateful for your feedback. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of the Crema Games.