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The Best Temtems and how to get them

The Best Temtems and how to get them

A list of our Top 10 Temtems in this newest creature-collection MMO

10 Best Temtems
in the Temtem MMO



Temtem is a newly launched creature-collection MMORPG game that bears a very close resemblance to the Nintendo's Pokemon series. If you are a fan of the latter, you will definitely love Temtem. It's the only real massively-multiplayer online role-playing game that allows you to play a Temtem/Pokemon Trainer who catches and trains the eponymous Temtems, fights with other players and NPC controlled units, complete quests, and trade with other players. 

It's a fully-fledged MMO, so in order not to get behind other players, you will definitely want to know what are the strongest Temtems worth training, and how to obtain them in the actual game. Keep in mind, Temtem is still in Early Access phase and is not yet completed. The list below is based on the time we managed to spend online during the first two weeks of the launch, and a lot of information may be missing. We will, however, update the guide in the course of the weeks to give you the most accurate data possible. 


Basic information about Temtems

Temtems are the eponymous fictional creatures that players collect and train, in order to battle other players and Temtem trainers. Currently, there are 86 unique Temtems available in the Alpha 0.5 version of the game. Temtems are trained by using them in combat, and receive experience points whenever they are on the battlefield when an enemy Temtem is defeated. By leveling up Temtems gain additional Stats which increases their overall capabilities, and after a set number of levels up gained, certain Temtems may evolve into their higher forms. Below you can find all the basic stats of each Temtem:

  1. Level - ranges between 1 to 100 and basically indicates how much your Temtem has grown based on the experience gained by the Temtem during your adventure. Temtems level up after earning experience for defeating enemy Temtems. Leveling up increases Temtem's stats by increasing the Temtem Training Values (TV). Certain Temtems can evolve after leveling up for a set number of times. 
  2. Base stats - determine the overall strength and fighting capabilities of your Temtems. Base stats can be divided into Temtem Single Values (SV) and Temtem Training Values (TV). Single Values are rolled randomly whenever you obtain a new Temtem with a perfect Value of 50. Finding a Luma Temtem, for example, guarantees that three of the stats will have the perfect value. On the other hand, Training Values are the ones that your Temtem gains whenever leveling up, and so the final value of your base stat is the sum of SV and TV. The base stats are as follows:
    Hitpoints (HP) - indicate the maximum Life of your Temtem, and how much damage it can take before fainting;
    Stamina (ST) - used to fuel up all Temtem abilities. If your Temtem is running low on Stamina, it can damage itself when using abilities or lose turns;
    Speed (SPD) - determines the order in which Temtems attack and use abilities in each turn. Fast Temtems are more likely to land killing blows and make the opposing Temtem not take any action;
    Attack (ATK) - the power of your abilities except for the special ones;
    Defense (DEF) - determines the protection your Temtem has from enemy' regular attacks and abilities;
    Special Power Attack (SPATK) - a stat that determines the damage of your Temtem's Special Power
    Special Power Defense (SPDEF) - same as Defense, but determines the damage reduction against Special Powers;
    Total - a sum of all the previously mentioned Stats. The Total maximum stats varies Temtem by Temtem but is rarely an accurate determinant of Temtem's real strength.
  3. Traits - Passive abilities that your Temtems can have which affect their performance in combat. Certain Temtems can have different Passives, but they can also be obtained via Breeding;
  4. TV Yield - TV stands for the Training Values, which basically means what type and how many attributes the specific Temtem gives you when you defeat it;


On top of the beforementioned Stats, each Temtem has its' own Type (or in some cases, two Types). Types determine Temtems strengths and weaknesses against other Temtem Types. Usually, it basically means, you will deal double damage against Temtems that you are strong against or deal half the damage against Temtem types that you are ineffective against (or receive twice as much or half the damage from Temtems you are Weak to/Resistant to). Since some Temtems can have two different types, both will be calculated, so in some cases, you can deal 4x times or 1/4 the regular damage. Knowing all Temtems when you are fighting them, can help you build a strategy that will let you deal with much higher leveled enemies. 

There is a total of 12 Temtem types that are listed below:

Type Strong against Ineffective against Resistant to Weak to
Crystal Type


Crystal Type

Crystal Type Crystal Type

Crystal Type Crystal Type

Crystal Type

Crystal Type Crystal Type

Neutral None None

Crystal Type



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The List

Important Note:  The 10 Best Temtems listed below have no specified order (from best to worst or vice versa). It is still too early to evaluate them so accurately, and the list is surely going to be updated over the course of the following weeks. We will also appreciate any feedback so that we can improve the list and give you more accurate information. 

Below you will find the premiere version of our Top 10 Best Temtems currently obtainable in the game. Enjoy!



Name: Pigepic
Role: Support
TV YieldSPDEF +1 STA +1

  1. Friendship - which makes Pigepic immune to his allies' offensive abilities
  2. Fainted Curse - which makes the enemy that knocks-out Pigepic to lose 40% of his maximum Hitpoints

Base stats: Pigepic has a total of 453 Base Stats

HP 54
STA 72
SPD 58
ATK 60
DEF 72


General Information: Pigepic is a small fluffy Wind-type pig that does not evolve into or from any other Temtem. It can be commonly found on the Deniz island, mainly Prasine Coast, Thalassian Cliffs, and The Gifted Bridges. Don't underestimate Pigepic based on it being quite easy to obtain - it is one of the best Support Temtems in the game, and properly leveled up it will be your Squad's core member.
Pigepic is very fast and tanky, and thanks to high Hitpoints and Stamina he can be on the battlefield for a very long time, supporting your other Temtems a soaking up damage. By being Wind type, Pigepic will be weak only against Electric Temtems, so you can put him on your roaster in most of the fights. 

Recommended abilities: Pigepic is primarily a Tank/Support Temtem, and you should focus on these types of abilities for it. If you want you can also add Oshi-Dashi as a finishing Attack which deals quite a lot of damage

  1. Bamboozle - your target use avoids next ability or attack directed at it, which lets you save teammates (or yourself) against the deadliest attacks if aimed properly;
  2. Tornado - one of the highest DPS abilities which can be used by Pigepic. You can replace it with Oshi-Dashi if you would rather prefer to have a Melee Attack at your disposal
  3. Turbo Choreography - grants an amazing SPD boost to your entire team. Simply a must-have if you don't have another Support on your Squad with it
  4. Stone Wall - increases DEF and SPDEF of a target ally. Just a basic defensive/support buff which perfectly fits Pigepic's playstyle



Name: Gyalis
TypeCrystal Type
Role: DPS
TV YieldSPD +4

  1. Mirroring - which deals 25% knockback damage when Gyalis is a target of a Special Ability
  2. Resistant - which reduces the duration of negative status effects on Gyalis by 1 turn (Poison, Sleep, etc.)

Base stats: Gyalis has a total of 460 Base Stats

HP 86
STA 44
SPD 100
ATK 85
DEF 61
General Information: Gyalis is a true killer. It has the highest "base DPS" in the game, with the highest ATK+SPD combined. It brings up to the table quite a bunch of Hitpoints too, and his only downside is its low Stamina. You should still be able to take down most opponents in just a few initial rounds though...
Gyalis can be found in the Mines of Mictlan on Tucma Island, which requires you to be over level 30, and it's quite rare. You have an approximately 10% chance of meeting it, but it's totally worth farming Gyalis to have it added to your roaster. 

Recommended abilities: Gyalist is all about taking down opponents and doing it fast. His skill set is all about damaging attacks. We just decided to add the basic Glass Blade here, as his Stamina is rather low, and on many occasions, just that will be more than enough

  1. Crystal TypeGlass Blade - just a basic Crystal-type attack which has low Stamina cost, making it a great addition to Gyalis's arsenal and
  2. Heat Up - a Fire technique that boosts up Gyalis's attacks in 2 stages. Heat Up will be usually followed up by your powerful attacks like Crystal Bite
  3. Crystal TypeCrystal Bite - one of the most powerful Gyalis attacks which has a very good Damage/Stamina ratio
  4. Haito Uchi - a solid Melee-type attack which on top of dealing decent damage, puts enemies to sleep for one turn



Name: Zenoreth
TypeCrystal Type
Role: Support/DPS
TV YieldHP +2, DEF +2

  1. Channeler - increases Special Power damage by 25% and that's the main source of Zenoreth's DPS
  2. Wrecked Farewell - when Zenoreth is knocked-out by overexertion damage, every Temtem loses 25% of max HP. While very situational, this may win you lost battles when used properly

Base stats: Zenoreth has a total of 460 Base Stats

HP 71
STA 35
SPD 56
ATK 87
DEF 65

General Information: Zenoreth possesses one of the most useful Specials we have tested so far. Rend, on top of dealing decent damage, it Neutralizes your target for 4 turns. By sacrificing some of Zenoreth's HP, you can increase the SPDEF and SPATK by an additional 25% - so if you are able to heal it up properly, Zenoreth becomes a real beast in the field. Zenoreth can be found in Corrupted Badlands on the island of Tucma. It has a min. level of 50 so be prepared for a real struggle before you get to obtain it. 
Zenoreth evolves from Azuroc after leveling up 25 times, who is the evolved version of Lapinite 

Lapinite - > Azuroc - > Zenoreth

Recommended abilities: Zenoreth skill set is based on its Specials. His stats pretty much make this mandatory. We have also included Footwork which increased SPD, but that's situational. Sometimes neutralizing your enemies before they can take action is a key to success

  1. Madness Buff - a Special that makes Zenoreth go berserk mode. It takes 25% Damage but gets heavily increased SPATK and SPDEF
  2. Crystal TypeCrystal Spikes - Crystal-type Special which is Zenoreth's finishing move. It deals very high damage, and if you apply the Madness prior to using it, it will take down most of your enemies instantly
  3. Rend - my personal favorite Zenoreth's Special. It deals solid damage, at the same time neutralizing the target for 4 (!) turns
  4. Footwork - a plain and simple SPD buff which can be applied to self



Name: Mastione
Role: DPS
TV YieldATK +3

  1. Bully - which increases Mastione's technique damage by 30% if your team outnumbers the enemy (and usually it will)
  2. Pyromaniac - increases Mastione's Fire damage by 15%

Base stats: Mastione has a total of 438 Base Stats

HP 69
STA 62
SPD 56
ATK 91
DEF 65

General Information: Mastione is currently the most powerful Fire-type Temtem with insane offensive capabilities. While dishing out sick damage on enemies, it still brings quite well-balanced Stats overall, with decent HP, Stamina, and Defenses. It evolves from Magmis after leveling up 16 times. It can be found in the region of Anak Volcano on Omninesia Island. 

  - > 

Recommended abilities: You will be aiming at increasing Mastione's damage without thinking twice. His role is to take down opponents and do it fast. 

  1. Embers - your primary damaging ability. It deals a moderate amount of damage and burns the enemy for 1 turn
  2. Meteor Swarm - deals heavy Fire damage to the entire enemy team
  3. Rage - increases Temtem's attack greatly at the cost of reduced DEF stats
  4. Footwork - SPD buff which is cast on self, allowing Mastione to take action before its opponents



Name: Oceara
Role: DPS
TV YieldSPD +1 SPATK +2

  1. Mithridatism - grants Oceara poison immunity
  2. Hydrologist - increases Oceara's Water techniques damage by 25% 

Base stats: Oceara has a total of 486 Base Stats

HP 64
STA 42
SPD 100
ATK 54
DEF 51

General Information: Oceara is one of the fastest Temtems in the game. Combined with absurd Special Attack Power, it's just natural you will find Oceara on this list. At the same time, Oceara offers amazing synergies with Fire, Wind, and Earth Temtems, not only boosting her offensive capabilities but team utility as well. Oceara can be found in the secret Aguamarina Caves northeast of Brical de Mar on Deniz island. You will need a Surfboard to reach it though. It is currently unknown if Oceara can evolve into another Temtem, however, she is believed to be a part of the Sea-Queen Legend, so she might (under some circumstances) become even more valuable and powerful.

Recommended abilities: Oceara is a "Spell-caster" and you will aim to utilize her most powerful Specials. Our recommended setup is based on her powerful synergies and  

  1. High-pressure Water - low Stamina cost attack which burns enemies for 3 turns if you use it in Synergy with a Fire Temtem
  2. Tsunami - deals decent damage on a single enemy and applies Cold for 3 turns if you synergize the attack with a Wind-type Ally
  3. Flood - when combined with an Earth ally, Flood will greatly reduce the SPD Stat of the entire enemy team
  4. Aquatic Whirlwind - the most powerful Oceara's Ability. It's a single-target Water-type Special which will deal absurd damage to your enemy



Name: Kinu
Role: Support
TV YieldSTA +4

  1. Protector - whenever Kinu enters the battlefield, its ally gets bonus DEF and SPDEF
  2. Benefactor - whenever your ally gets damaged, it will be healed for 10% of max HP

Base stats: Kinu has a total of 454 Base Stats

HP 47
STA 74
SPD 74
ATK 54
DEF 41

General Information: Kinu is among the best Support/Healer Temtems currently available in the game. It is simply insane when farming/grinding NPC controlled units with its' healing abilities, saving you a lot of Pansun on Balms (or time on going back to heal up). It possesses one of the best Healing abilities in the game, and with high Stamina, Speed, and solid defenses, it's a game-changing Temtem in countless fights. Kinu can be found in Giant Banyan on the island of Omninesia. It's quite rare, as you have an approximately 5% chance of encountering Kinu.

Recommended abilities: Kinu is primarily a Support/Healer so most of the abilities should be focused on that role. However, you will always want to carry at least damaging ability so you can occasionally take down some low HP opponents. 

  1. Revitalize - Heals your target for 25% max HP. Can be used in Synergy with another Nature Temtem for additional 10% Heal and extra Stamina cost
  2. Wake Up - highly situational, but you want to have this ability on at least one of your Temtems. It allows you to wake up an ally Temtem without dealing too much damage to it
  3. Beta Burst - a single-target damaging special that has a decent Damage/Stamina Cost ratio. You should always have at least one damaging ability, and Beta Burst just renders to be the best on Kinu
  4. Turbo Choreography - grants SPD buff to your entire team. One of the best Supporting abilities in Temtem



Name: Myx
Role: Support
TV YieldSPATK +3

  1. Rejuvenate - heals Myx for 15% of max HP whenever it attacks with a regular attack
  2. Puppet Master - while below 40% max HP, all techniques will be redirected to Myx's ally (works simply insane in combination with Pigepig or similar support/tank Temtems, which basically render Myx nearly immune)

Base stats: Myx has a total of 443 Base Stats

HP 51
STA 59
SPD 65
ATK 51
DEF 43

General Information: Myx is our top favorite Mental Temtem with amazing damage-dealing potential and self-sustain. It has HP Leech from Melee Attacks, and the Puppet Master Passive, which makes it last in combat longer than most of its allies. Myx's insane SPATK and SPDEF is a cherry on a cake. Myx is the second form or Occlura, and it can be only obtained via evolving it after leveling up 18 times. Occular can be found in Kupeleleza on the island of Tucma

 - > 

Recommended abilities: Myx is all about his SP Attacks, so we will definitely focus on that part. However, you should always keep a regular technique around so that you can heal yourself in hard situations

  1. Novice Punch - the most basic Myx's ability which will be used to heal yourself up. Keep in mind that synergizing it with a Melee Temtem, will deal quite a ton of damage when you compare it to its Stamina cost
  2. Rend - one of the best "Stuns" in Temtem. Gives you four turns to get your things right before your target gets back into action
  3. Psy Surge - one of the most cost-effective abilities in Temtem. It deals 100 Base Damage at the cost of a mere 15 Stamina. However, it has a cooldown (Hold) of 1 Turn
  4. Energy Manipulation - a cheap attack that exhausts your target for one turn. Synergizing it with a Nature Temtem increases the damage and makes it two turns instead



Name: Nessla
Role: DPS/Versatility
TV YieldSPDEF +2

  1. Electric Synthesize - makes Nessla heal for the amount of Electric damage received making it a sick combination when using Chain Lightning properly
  2. Hydrologist - increases Nessla's Water damage by 15%

Base stats: Nessla has a total of 437 Base Stats

HP 45
STA 58
SPD 66
ATK 76
DEF 50

General Information: Nessla is one of the most unique Temtems in the game currently. It offers solid damage (both single-target and AoE) while offering well-balanced stats overall. It also has amazing "synergy" via its Electric Synthesize passive and Chain Lightning. You get to hit two opponents simultaneously while healing yourself on the last hit.  Nessla can be found while exploring Thalassian Cliffs and Sillaro River on Denis island and has no know evolutions.

Recommended abilities: Nessla is a very balanced Temtem, and you can use her/it for a lot of different roles. Our choices are the ones we prefer, but you surely can come up with more interesting and effective ideas for this amazing Temtem

  1. Strangle - a basic attack that causes both Nessla and its target to lose the next turn. Highly situational, but may be extremely useful in plenty of fights
  2. Chain Lightning - hits your target with Lightning which bounces to two additional targets. If aimed correctly, you can damage both enemies while healing Neesla for the damage dealt - simply absurd combination
  3. Iced Stalactite - a very strong Water-type attack which is a regular technique that will be effective against enemies with high SPDEF attribute
  4. Electric Storm - a strong offensive ability that will damage all enemies



Name: Volarend
Role: DPS
TV YieldSPDEF +3

  1. Aerobic - when Volarend attacks with a Wind technique, it gets SPD+
  2. Anaerobic- when using Toxic technique, Volarend gets SPDEF+ and SPATK-

Base stats: Volarend has a total of 457 Base Stats

HP 69
STA 38
SPD 74
ATK 51
DEF 61

General Information: a solid DPS Temtem which can easily become one of the fastest creatures on the battlefield thanks to its Aerobic passive. Volarend is the second form of Zephyruff into which it evolves after leveling up 22 times. Zephyruff can be commonly found on the Tucma island, with Volarend being a rare encounter in the region of Kupeleleza. While Volarend doesn't have exceptionally high stats, it's one of the best Temtems to quickly deal with random encounters on the world map.

- > Volarend

Recommended abilities: You can use pretty much any of Volarend skills efficiently, but since it has high SPATK attribute, you will want to focus on those types of attacks mainly

  1. Blizzard - a powerful single-target Wind-type attack. It's a Special ability so it will deal significantly more damage when used by Volarend
  2. Hyperkinetic Strike - deals very high damage based on the enemy Temtem's SPD stat 
  3. Toxic Plume - Poisons the entire enemy team for 1 turn. If you synergize it with a Crystal ally, it will cost no Stamina and debuff the targets with -1 ATK
  4. Rend - a very potent stun which neutralizes your target for 4 turns




Name: Mudrid
Role: DPS/Versatility
TV YieldSPD +3

  1. Receptive - increases the duration of positive status effects by 1 turn
  2. Resistant - reduces the duration of negative status effects by 1 turn

Base stats: Mudrid has a total of 451 Base Stats

HP 85
STA 44
SPD 95
ATK 60
DEF 42

General Information: one of the most versatile Temtems we have used so far. It can be a fairly strong damage-dealer, but also a tank/support creature. It has a very high SPD and HP stats making it quite durable in combat. Truly, you can use a wide variety of skills with Mudrid, it has decent single-target damage, AoE, Crowd-control, and even supporting abilities. Mudrid is the second form of Bunbun that evolves after 20 levels. It can be found in Mines of Mictlan on the island of Tucma.

Bunbun     - >Mudrid

Recommended abilities: it's extremely hard to point out the best 4 abilities for Mudrid - he is one of the most versatile Temtems we have played. However, we have skipped the "support" role in his case, and made him into a Tank/DPS Temtem that worked quite well for a long time

  1. Footwork - increases Mudrid's SPD stat which makes him take action usually as the first Temtem on the board
  2. Rend - a great "stun" which is amazing on almost any character
  3. Dust Vortex - extremely powerful Special which deals 131 base damage for a low cost of 24 Stamina
  4. Stone Ball - a very strong single-target DPS attack which can Synergize with a Fire Temtem for a burning effect on your target



Temtem has just recently launched and we have made the list based on the limited time that we were able to spend in the game during the first two weeks after the launch. Obviously, the list will be systematically updated as we get to test out all Temtems more thoroughly, and alternative team compositions in actual combat (and against different types of enemy Teams as well)

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. If you believe some of the information is inaccurate, or if there is a Temtem that we should definitely include on our list, please let us know in the comments below. We will be very grateful for your feedback. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of the Crema Games.