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The Best Techter/Hunter Support Build for PSO2

The Best Techter/Hunter Support Build for PSO2

Our recommended Techter setup, which is among the top Support builds in Phantasy Star Online 2

DPS build for PSO2

The Best PSO2 Builds by Odealo


Guide notes
July 23, 2020
-Build created


1. Introduction

Techter is a hybrid Class that blends Support skills with solid melee DPS and a plethora of powerful magic-like Techniques. If you are looking for PSO2 Support Class, look no further as Techter main is as good as it gets - it can CC enemies, heal and buff allies, cleanse debuffs, and keep up quite solid DPS in the meantime. Thanks to Wands, Techter's weapons of choice, the class deals very respectable AOE damage. Its second weapon - Talis, while not as powerful (mainly because of the lack of dedicated skills in the tree), provides extremely high flexibility and allows Techter to deal damage, buff, and heal from a considerable distance. In the featured build, we focus on the Support aspect of Techter and take full advantage of it, without forgoing other essentials. 

Our Subclass of choice for this Techter build is Hunter, as he boosts our DPS and takes the build's survivability to a whole new level; skills like Hunter Physique, Auto-Mate Half, and Iron Will combined with Hunter's offensive toolkit turn Techter into a walking support bunker that can deal very respectable melee AoE Damage if needed. This Subclass choice makes our build a great choice for all players who want to test themselves in the support role and still be able to DPS. 

Important note:  This build idea adopts a lot from the JP version of the game and might be slightly reworked as we get to do more thorough testing for the PC version. Nevertheless, it will provide a very solid base for beginners who want to delve down the path of the Braver, and help you understand the basic playstyle and principles of this Class. 


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2. General Information and playstyle

As a Techter main, while in a group, you want to keep all your teammates buffed up and safe (if you will not save them from danger, the chances are they won't save themselves either). This is not the end, however, as you also want to maximize your DPS. To do this, you should try to be as efficient as possible with your buffs (refresh them as rarely as possible, without letting them run out, and position yourself in a way that will allow you to but as many teammates as possible with a single cast) so that you have more time for dealing damage. While attacking, try to take advantage of your Wand's great AoE potential and your subclass' defensive (and offensive) capabilities to stay in the heat of the fight. About Weapons: while Wand will remain your main weapon choice in most situations, don't forget about your Talis and its flexibility; it will allow you to cover otherwise unreachable places with techniques. 

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3. Build's PROS & CONS

  • Good AoE with Wands
  • Great group utility and support capabilities (the best in the game)
  • Access to Shifta Strike and Deband Toughness (Techter main class only skills)
  • Solid defenses
  • Surprisingly high DPS 
  • Great sustainability
  • Build focused around group play, overshadowed by other setups when solo. 
  • Purely focused on Melee (because of the Hunter Sub), if you are looking for offensive Technique-based Techter, this is not it. 


4. Skill Trees

Our recommended setup was made for a level 75 Characters (the current cap on the English/North American server) with the Techter main class and Hunter sub-class. For the Techter's side of things, we have chosen Skills that are focused on team support, sustainability, and maximizing the effectiveness of Wands. As for our Subclass, Hunter, it is built to increase damage output and survivability. The complete Skill Trees look as follows: 

Techter Skill Tree
Core Techter Skills:
PP Restorate
Territory PP Save
PP Restorate/Territory PP Save - These two skills will take care of your PP sustainability and ensure that you pretty much never run out of resources. If you're good at resource management or want to prepare your skill tree for future updates, you might want to skip these and focus on elemental masteries instead. 
Territory Burst Territory Burst - Increases the range of your support Techniques. For group play, this is straight-up necessary as it will let you support more allies at once. Also, don't expect teammates to group up around you for buffs - taking this will save you some frustration, surely. 
Extended Assist
Longarm Assist
Extended Assist + Longarm Assist - These two skills make Techter the best PSO2 Support Class. As a Techter Main, you will be able to buff your teammates for longer which, in turn, will allow you to spend more time DPSing (not having to refresh buffs as often really helps with that). 
Advanced Shifta
Critical Shifta
Shifta Strike
Advanced Shifta + Critical Shifta + Shifta Strike - These boost the power of your Shifta by 25%, add +20% Critical Chance, and increase damage dealt by characters affected by it by 10%. The damage increase part (Shifta Strike) is available only to Techter mains, which makes you even more valuable as a teammate. 
Advanced Deband
Deband Cut
Deband Toughness
Advanced Deband + Deband Cut + Deband Toughness - These boost the power of your Deband by 25%, reduce damage taken by affected characters by 15%, and increase their max HP by 25%. The HP boost part is available only to Techter mains and gives any team a very solid reason to want one of them in their ranks. 
Super Treatment Super Treatment - Increases automatic PP recovery and recovers your and your target's HP when you dispell a status aliment from it. For just 1 point, this offers a great increase to your already great group utility. 
Element Precision Hit Element Precision Hit - Increases your damage done against the enemy's elemental weaknesses. For just 5 points, this provides substantial damage boost against enemies with elemental weaknesses (always exploit them). 
Hunter Skill Tree
Core Hunter Skills:
Perfect Attack Bonus Perfect Attack Bonus (1 & 2) - This gives your non-Technique perfect attacks a very solid damage boost. By choosing Hunter as a sub, you fully dedicate yourself to Melee Combat, and these help with that massively. 
Fury Stance Fury Stance - Increases your Damage Dealt and Damage Received. It is important to rise it to 10/10 as rank 10 mitigates damage taken increase, leaving just damage bonus. A large portion of this build's damage output comes from this skill. Fury Stance 1 & 2 improve your gains from this even further. 
Iron Will Iron Will - Gives you a chance to survive an otherwise lethal attack with 1 HP. When maxed out, the chance equals 75%. Moreover, when activated, Iron Will gives you 5-second Invulnerability. One of the most powerful defensive skills in the game, it will let you survive, even if odds are heavily stacked against you. 
Hunter Physique Hunter Physique - Reduces damage taken and prevents you from being knocked down while active. A very powerful defensive cooldown, when maxed out, it has a whopping 50% uptime. If you position yourself well during encounters and stay alert at all times, this skill alone should be enough to keep you alive. 
Auto-Mate Half Auto-Mate Half - Your character will automatically use a "-mate' item when your Health falls below half. If you don't have lightning-fast reflexes, this will make your life much, much easier. It will also allow you to play more aggressively without looking after your HP total as much. 


5. Recommended Gear

Leaping Dodge (L)
Leaping Dodge (L)
Gives you access to the Leaping Dodge Skill that allows you to gain verticality, which makes locking on weak spots and selecting priority targets much easier. You are also immune to damage during the Leap, so this doubles as a defensive measure. 
Wand Element Change (L)
L/A. Wand Element Change (L)
This ring makes your Wand change elements based on the last Technique you have charged. It allows you to "choose" your wand's element accordingly when facing enemies with different weaknesses. Very handy to have. IMPORTANT: Pick the L/A. version as it doesn't work with Zanverse, Megiverse, and Zondeel (which is a good thing). 
Technique Charge Parry (L)
Technique Charge Parry (L)
Allows you to perform a Perfect Guard the instant you start charging a Tech Weapon. This allows you to play more aggressively as Perfect Guard lets you spend more time attacking and less avoiding damage with dodges. 
Precision Hit PP Gain (R)
HP Restore (R)
Grants you the HP Restore skill while equipped. This will increase your survivability and allow you to play more aggressively. 
Brissa Rear+Brissa Arm+Brissa Leg
Brissa Set
Brissa set will provide you with a great stat boost; 200 HP, 20 PP, and 70 in all offensive Stats, as well as 50 Dexterity. You can also go for Saiki as its always great, but getting it might be tricky. 


Melee Attack This build relies mainly on Melee Attacks so you need to use the MEL Type Mag and evolve it accordingly. 

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If you have any other build requests please let us know in the comments section below. We are going to continue our work on PSO2 characters to create various builds for most of the available Character combinations. We will appreciate your feedback so that we can improve our content to be more suitable for beginners but also the more advanced players. 


Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Sega