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The Best Bouncer Jet Boots Starter Build for PSO2

The Best Bouncer Jet Boots Starter Build for PSO2

Our recommended setup for Bouncer/Hunter which happens to be the best Beginner/Starter build in PSO2

Bouncer Jet Boots
Beginner build for PSO2

The Best PSO2 Builds by Odealo


Guide notes
June 2, 2020
-Build created


1. Introduction

Bouncer is one of the best beginner classes in Phantasy Star Online 2. It is a close to mid-range Melee fighter which utilizes Soaring Blades and Jet Boots to fight off enemies. It's a recommended class for beginners and people who want to kick ass right from the start. Bouncer provides powerful dashing Attacks right from the beginning and its standard kit is available early making it a great class for leveling and farming low-tier content. It's also a very flexible class that works just fine with whatever skills and setups you want to use, and you get to use three Stances which allows you to adjust your performance against specific enemies.

Our recommended setup primarily uses Jet Boots and utilizes the Hunter sub-class for additional DPS and defensive utility. In general, Hunter is the most popular sub-class for most of the builds so it's no surprise we recommend picking it up for this beginner/starter build. It offers one of the highest Passive Damage bonuses and a very reliable defensive mechanics via Iron Will and Stalwart Spirit. The only downside to Hunter is that it doesn't provide bonuses to Techniques' damage. You can't go wrong with Fighter either, assuming you can afford to trade off some survivability for extra damage.

Important note:  This build idea adopts a lot from the JP version of the game and might be slightly reworked as we get to do more thorough testing for the PC version. Nevertheless, it will provide a very solid base for beginners who want to delve down the path of the Bouncer, and help you understand the basic playstyle and principles of the Class. 


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2. General Information and playstyle

Bouncer/Hunter Jet Boots characters are based on pure Melee/Striking Attacks and powerful Techniques which compensates for the lack of Photon Arts. This build allows you to easily change the type of Elemental Damage you deal, by simply using a Tech of the corresponding Element (upon release) and maximize your damage against specific types of enemies and Bosses. You also need to alter between Stances, whereas Elemental Stance is your primary damage multiplier, but can also switch to Break Stance against some Bosses with breakable parts (or when you need to break something to expose your target's Elemental Weakness). In terms of damage, your core Skills are Jet Boots Focus, Elemental Stance, and Shifta Air Attack Boost. Do note that as a Bouncer, you will be attacking a lot while mid-air so this is just natural that you want these bonuses to benefit your character. 

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3. Build's PROS & CONS

  • great AoE damage with pull effect making it easy to farm packs of enemies
  • great mobility
  • pretty much the best setup for beginners
  • flexibility
  • budget-friendly with easy Element switching
  • easy PP management
  • mediocre end-game DPS output which requires you to master altering stances and exploiting weaknesses of Bosses
  • close-range makes this build risky to play


4. Skill Trees

Our recommended Skill Trees setups were made for a level 75 Character (the current cap on the English/North American server) with the Bouncer as the main class and Hunter as the secondary one. Our setup uses both Bouncer's Stances, but if you feel like you are never switching them, you can skip the Break Stance (it will be most likely the one you use less) and pick up Melee Stat Ups or upgrade Elemental Stance Critical. The complete Skill Trees look as follows: 

Bouncer Skill Tree
Core Bouncer Skills:
Jet Boots Focus Jet Boots Focus - since this is a Jet Boots oriented build, this is pretty much a must-have. Jet Boots Focus grants you up to 15% damage bonus for max gear across your Photon Arts and Attacks. The most important part of this is that it allows you to change Elemental type of your abilities on the fly which synergizes well with your most commonly used Elemental Stance
Elemental Stance Elemental Stance - this is your primary Stance as a Bouncer. It is your main damage multiplier as a Jet Boots Bouncer - given you 20% bonus damage when you hit your target's elemental weakness, and an additional 10% from Elemental Stance Up
Switch Strike Switch Strike - one of the most crucial parts of this Bouncer's Skill Tree. Switch Strike allows you to Jet Boots attacks and Photon Arts to scale from your Striking Attack (normally they scale with T-ATK stat even though they count as Striking abilities)
Shifta Air Attack Bonus Shifta Air Attack Bonus - while Shifta Air Bonus is active you deal extra damage while in air. As a Bouncer, you will remain mid-air a fairly high amount of time so this is another extremely important part of this build's Skill Tree
Elemental PP Restorate Field Elemental PP Restorate Field - makes PP management much much easier as a Bouncer, creating a Field that will allow you and your allies to generate PP when hitting the elemental weakness spots alongside your regular on-hit PP regeneration. It's critical when you are onto your standard PA/Tech rotations
Field Remain Field Remain - will allow the effects from your active Fields (Elemental PP Restore and Critical Field) to linger for an extended duration after the Field effects expire. This allows you to keep the effects of your Fields permanently
Hunter Skill Tree
Core Fighter Skills:
Hunter Fury Stance Fury Stance - one of the most popular Stances in PSO2 which grants very high unconditional damage multipliers to your character. You need to take all the connected Skills including Fury Stance Up, Critical Fury, and Perfect Fury Bonus
Iron Will Iron Will - a "cheat death" Skill which rants you a chance to stay alive with 1 HP after taking lethal damage. It's a great addition to this build since you will have to remain in front of Bosses to finish your rotations and you can get hit quite often
Stalwart Spirit Stalwart Spirit - increases your Melee Power after you trigger Iron Will, and extends the duration of invulnerability
Auto-Mate Half Auto-Mate Half - maxing out Auto-Mate Half will automatically use a "-mate" item whenever your HP falls below 50%. Auto-Mate Half will also heal you when you get hit using the Jet Boots' Photon Arts


5. Recommended Gear

JB Short Charge (L)
JB Short Charge (L)
This Ring reduces the charge time of any Technics that follow your Jet Boots Photon Arts by up to 50%. This speeds up your Jet Boots rotations considerably. This Rings greatly increases your damage sustain against Bosses
DB Snatch (L)
DB Snatch (L)
This Ring increases your Striking damage from moving into enemies during Dual Blade Shift Action by up to 1800% (!!). It is a great source of extra damage while you are using Dual Blades that doesn’t need gear
Attack Advance (R)
Attack Advance (R)
Grants a minor unconditional increase to Attack Damage. Because of low base DPS that your Jet Boots deal, this is a nice addition to this build
Tech Arts JJ PP Save (R)
Tech Arts JJ PP Save (R)
Reduces the PP cost of consecutive Photon Arts and Techniques by up to 15%. Dual Blade PAs are hard to sustain and this Ring can be of great help during extensive DPS rotations or when you need some extra burst damage with your Jet Boots
Adrenaline (R) Increases the duration of each tick of Shifta and Deband making it a great addition to this build
Saiki Houyoko+Saiki Sou+Saiki Shoke
Saiki Set
One of the most powerful Sets in PSO2. It gives you +60 across all offensive stats: S-ATK, R-ATK, and T-ATK as well as 80 Dexterity and 25 PP. The only downside is how expensive it gets to fully affix a Saiki unit, and the low HP/PP of each base item (at least for a Tier 11 gear). You can extend the extra HP up to 100 which is recommended. 


Striking Attack It's best to use an S-ATK Mag, but there is no downside to using a DEX Mag as you get it all converted to apply to your Melee and Technique Power at 100% efficiency thanks to the Bouncer Mag Skill 

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If you have any other build requests please let us know in the comments section below. We are going to continue our work on PSO2 characters to create various builds for most of the available Character combinations. We will appreciate your feedback so that we can improve our content to be more suitable for beginners but also the more advanced players. 


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