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Meseta Farming Guide PSO2

Meseta Farming Guide PSO2

Find out how to make a ton of Meseta in no time with our in-depth guide

Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta Making Guide

ARKS Missions, Daily Orders, Personal Shops, and more


Meseta runs the world of Phantasy Star Online 2. It fuels the game's economy, allows you to purchase and upgrade items and weapons, and much, much more. At first, it might seem that getting enough Meseta, to cover one's needs, is very difficult, but there are some methods that make earning money in PSO2 surprisingly easy. Most of them revolve around completing weekly, daily, and other types of repeatable quests/content, but some are much more unorthodox and may even involve RNG. 

This guide aims to introduce you to the basics of Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta making. Hopefully, it will help you learn how to take full advantage of moneymaking tools the game provides to its players. For the most part, earning currency in PSO2 is straightforward but there are some intricacies here and there; we will try our best to show you how to untangle them, make your life easier, and increase your PSO2 Meseta incomes substantially.  

Note1: This guide is aimed mainly at the new players, so we will focus not only on nooks and crannies of Meseta-making but also on the basics of it. 

Note2: For those of you who value numbers more than words, we have devised a simple Star Rating System that should make spotting moneymaking activities that meet your requirements/playstyle much easier. We have granted from 0 to 5 stars, to each of the below-described activities, in three self-explanatory categories: Easiness, Quickness, and Profitability. 


Dailies, Weeklies, and other Repeatable Quests

Repeatable quests are a great source of PSO2 Meseta and the income from them is very stable because the rewards depend only on your level (there are level ranges for some of the quests). Completing them every time they refresh can get very tedious after a while but, if you are looking for a reliable source of income, you will not find anything better. 

Note: Each of the below-mentioned daily/weekly quests can be repeated for each of your characters as long as they meet the level requirements. Because of this, you should complete them on all your tunes if you want to maximize your Meseta gain per week. A little side note here - you can create up to 3 characters on your account for free; to take full advantage of this, make 2 alts and level them up to level 50 (at this level, you gain access to the hardest and best paying mission sets) even if you will only ever use them to complete these quests. 

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Advanced Quests

Now, these are done primarily for experience and gear, but they also generate a quite substantial amount of PSO2 Meseta (especially at higher difficulty levels), so we will go over them briefly. They are available from level 40 (for very hard versions) and 55 (for super hard versions) at the quest counter. However, meeting level requirements is not enough to embark on these; you will also need special Capsules*. Normally, Very Hard versions require 1 capsule per player and Super Hard require 10, but there is an option or paying additional Capsules to increase the difficulty level and potential rewards**. Highest difficulty levels of Advanced Quests are a great source of Experience, Rares, and Meseta, but you will need a group to complete them. 

*Advanced Capsules are basically Advanced Quest tickets; each time you want to start an Advanced Quest, you will have to use a set amount of them to unlock it (Very Hard Advanced Quests require 1 Capsule per player entry, while Super Hard ones require 10 per player entry). There are 6 types of them (A, B, C, D, E, and F). A, B, and C work as Very Hard passes, and D, E, and F work as Super Hard passes. Completing  Advanced Quests awards capsules (enough to repeat them infinitely if you can complete each run successfully). 

**The Threat (difficulty) Level can be raised up by 1-50 levels and each level costs 1 additional Capsule. IMPORTANT: Once the Threat Level is raised, it will stay risen for some time (around 7 days from the time you first upped the difficulty for that cycle). The higher the set Threat Level, the more enemies (of higher levels) will spawn, but they will also drop more Meseta and Rare Items, and give more Exp. 

Important Note: If you die during an Advanced Quest, you will fail it automatically and will not be able to resume it. 

Summary - The best way of earning in-game Experience also happens to award quite a lot of in-game currency and items that can be exchanged for the said currency. 

Easiness Full StarFull StarNo StarsNo StarsNo Stars | Quickness Full StarFull StarFull StarNo StarsNo Stars Profitability Full StarFull StarNo StarsNo StarsNo Stars

Completing Extreme Quests

First of all, to unlock Extreme Quests, your character has to be at least level 50. To access Extreme Quests you will also need an Extreme Pass*. These passes can be obtained once per account every 22 hours from NPC Officer Prin (they can be stacked as long as you remember to pick them up daily). Moreover, you can get more passes from a Cassino (up to 7 per week), buy them from your alliance, or exchange 6 Excubes for 1 Extreme Pass. So, how do Extreme Quest look? - Well, each of them is comprised of 5 short stages, each subsequent one more difficult than the previous. To successfully complete the quest, you have to beat all of them. Moreover, each stage has a certain "Stage Order**", which is basically an objective you have to complete during the said stage if you want to maximize your rewards. 

Now, there are more than 5 stages in reality; in fact, there are 70. This is how it works: Each time you complete 5 stages of an Extreme Quest, you unlock the next 5 stages; you can repeat the process until you unlock all 70***. Important: After you finish stage 70, your stage progress will reset; do not complete it if you want to farm previous stages! You can repeat any of the 5-stage sets you already unlocked in order to farm them (6-10, 11-15, 16-20, and so on). 

Important Note: Items dropped by enemies defeated during Extreme Quests are "virtual" which means that you can't take them out of the instanced area. However, each Stage Order you complete during the mission will allow you to select 1 Item you can keep (for a total of 5 Items); stackable items are stacked automatically and count as a single item (like Grinders, for example). This is why you should always try to complete as many Stage Orders as possible if you want to maximize your income. To access the list of Items available for taking, use the pulpit located near the entrance (select "Virtual Item Vault" and pick whatever Items you like). If you don't know how much a given item is worth, ask your guildmates/friends/anybody before picking/discarding it or you might miss out on some profit. 

*If you go in as a party each of the members has to have a Pass. Alternatively, Party Leader can pay for all party members himself. 

**For example: Do not heal for X seconds, Defeat X Enemies in X seconds, Do not take damage for X seconds, Do not get incapacitated X times or more, Kill X mobs of a given type in X seconds, and so on; These Stage Order types cycle through the stages with altered conditions (different time restrictions or a number of enemies to defeat, for example). 

***As you most likely guessed, the higher the 5-stage set, the better the rewards you get for completing it. This means that, theoretically, you will make the most out of your passes if you spam the 60-65 stage set. In reality, spamming levels 36-40 and 56-60 from the Extreme Training: Ruins & Oceanids yields the best results, thanks to the combination of drops, enemy types, and short duration. 

Note: If you use up only your single daily Extreme Pass, completing this should not take you more than 30 minutes every day, which makes this a very convenient way of making some extra PSO2 Meseta quickly. 

Summary - Extreme Quests are not as "extreme" as they claim to be, but they can still award you with quite extreme amounts of PSO2 Meseta, as long as you have enough Extreme Passes that is; luckily, getting extreme passes is not extremely difficult (we've repeated the word "extreme" too many times, didn't we?). 

Easiness Full StarFull StarFull StarHalf a StarNo Stars | Quickness Full StarFull StarFull StarHalf a StarNo Stars | Profitability Full StarFull StarFull StarNo StarsNo Stars

Daily Orders and Weekly Client Orders

Daily Orders are basic tasks assigned to the player by NPC Fina (Daily Order Admin), who stands at the Quest Counter in the Gate Area (opposite of Cofy). Available tasks change daily, but there is no time limit for completing them (they will stay active in your log until completed and turned in or abandoned*). There are three main Daily Order categories:

  • Quest Completion Orders - these require you to successfully complete a certain quest (duh). 
  • Enemy Elimination Orders - these require you to defeat a set amount of enemies. They can be completed why doing other orders/missions which makes them very convenient. 
  • Item Procurement Orders - these are a kill and collect missions that require you to defeat certain enemies and loot or harvest specific quest items from them. 

*This means that you can stack them by logging in, each day, for a few seconds and selecting the ones that are worth your while, even if you don't have time for playing during that day.

Important Note: If you want to maximize your income, it is important to pick up Daily Orders every day on all your characters! This includes days during which you don't have time for playing; you can complete Daily orders at a later date. 

Weekly Client Orders, we will go over, are all available from the NPC Yerkes, who resides in Franka's Cafe. He will give you a set of weekly gathering missions, completing all of them will give you a total of 500 thousand PSO2 Meseta per character* (100k per Order; he gives you 5 per character). These, as their name suggests, can be completed once per week, but their reset timer starts once they are completed and not on a preset date (which means that the faster you complete them after they come up, the faster they will become available again). Here is a quick breakdown of the missions and where you can find materials needed for completing them: 

  • Procure a Navershroom - Navershrooms can be found during Forest Exploration on any difficulty level. 
  • Procure Amduskian Dragonscale - Amduskian Dragonscale can be found during Volcanic Caves Exploration on any difficulty level. 
  • Procure Lilipan Vest - Lilipan Vests can be found during Desert Exploration on any difficulty level. 
  • Procure Wopal Shell - Wopal Shells can be found during Coast and Seabed Explorations on any difficulty level. 
  • Procure Harukotan Fragment - Harukotan Fragments can be found during Daybreak Province or Nightfall Province Explorations on any difficulty levels. 

*Just like with Daily Orders, if you want to maximize your income, you should complete these weeklies on all your characters every week. 

Summary - Daily Orders and Weekly Client Orders are a reliable source of income, especially if you invest some time into them and run through each one on all three of your characters. 

Easiness Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarNo Stars | Quickness Full StarFull StarNo StarsNo StarsNo Stars | Profitability Full StarFull StarFull StarNo StarsNo Stars

Weekly ARKS Missions

Completing the weekly ARKS Missions is one of the main ways of earning PSO2 Meseta. With them, you can easily make up to 2 million Meseta every week. To access PSO2 ARKS Missions, just open the "ARKS Missions" tab; to do that, hit the "menu" button and choose the 5th option there (the globe icon), ARKS Missions are the top option in the little pop-up menu that shows up. To unlock Daily and Weekly ARKS Missions, you will have to complete a few Main Missions from the tab. 

Weekly ARKS Missions available to you may vary from week to week, here are some examples of what to expect from them:

  • Complete Daily Missions - This very straightforward task will require you to complete a certain amount of Daily Missions (15) and will award you 240k Meseta upon completion. 
  • Earn Meseta from Client Orders - This will require you to complete Daily Orders and Client Orders to make a total of 200k Meseta. It will award you with 1 million Meseta and 240 thousand Experience upon completion. 
  • Defeat Enemies - A standard "kill quest" that requires you to defeat 100 enemies of level 61 or higher. Completing this awards you with 160 thousand Experience and 405 thousand Meseta. 
  • Desynthesize an Item - This will require you to do desynthesize a Lvl 11+ Disk or Lvl 7+ Item by using Item Desynthesis on it. You can do it through "My Room": My Room Terminal ⇒ Craft ⇒ My Crafts. This weekly ARKS Mission can be completed in a matter of seconds and awards whopping 605 thousand Meseta and 80k Experience. 
  • Successfully Grind a Weapon or Unit - This will require you to increase the power of a Unit or a Weapon of set Lvl to a certain point. Just like the "Desynthesize an Item", this awards you with 605 thousand Meseta and 80k Experience upon completion. 
  • Complete an Extreme/Advance Quest or Time Attack on Superhard - This will require you to complete the stated task once. Some special items might be needed for this (for example, Extreme Quests require an Extreme Pass to be started). Completing this will award you with 405k Meseta and 160 thousand Experience. 

As you have noticed, Weekly ARKS Missions are often tied to Daily Orders/Daily Missions. this is very convenient and allows you to make a lot of extra money by completing your dailies regularly. 

Note: You can take your time with these (they are "weekly" quests after all), as long as you complete them within a week of a reset. For example, finishing the "Complete Daily Missions" only requires you to do 2 missions a day for 6 days and 3 of them on a 7th day. Take your time, but plan your daily/weekly quest routine accordingly so that you don't miss on any of the Weekly ARKS Missions. 

Summary - Weekly ARKS Missions are an easily accessible way of making a substantial amount of money each week. They can be repeated on all your characters, so prepare for a grind if you want to take full advantage of them. 

Easiness Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarNo Stars | Quickness Full StarFull StarFull StarNo StarsNo Stars | Profitability Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarNo Stars

Other Methods

These methods are not tied to Daily/Weekly missions so, theoretically, there is no real limit of PSO2 Meseta that can be earned through them. However, some of them might be hidden behind a paywall in the form of a Premium or AC premium currency. 

Flipping the Market / Selling Stuff through Personal Shops

Money making guide would not be the same without the Flipping section now, would it...?

Important Note: To fully benefit from the Personal Shops system, you will need a Premium status or a 3-day My Shop Pass. Without one of these, you will not be able to sell items, only buy them. If all you have is a 3-day pass, flipping might be difficult as it is a long-time type of deal, but you can still post your dropped items to make as much Meseta out of them as possible. It is also worth noting that your posted items will stay on the market after your pass expires, but you will not be able to edit their prices anymore. The main way of getting 3-day passes is through the Scratch Tickets (these can be bought for FUN Points), which is basically a lottery*

Use the demand for certain items to your advantage and make the most out of Items you drop during your Advanced Quests and other adventures. If you are new to flipping and Personal Shops, there are some important things to remember: 

  • First of all, Personal Shops can be accessed through the Visiphone (the first option on the list). 
  • When posting up an Item, remember to check its average prices by selecting "View Item Prices" available after clicking on it in the Sell menu. Remember that prices of a particular item may vary substantially, depending on the abilities it has (you can try to compare your Item to ones with similar ability sets to determine its worth) - this mainly applies to gear. You can also do an ability-based search that will let you compare the prices easier (check augment market option). 
  • If you learn what abilities/augments make Items worth a lot, you will be able to search the market and grab stuff that was posted for sale for a price much lower than the actual value; knowledge is power (Meseta in this case). There are also some outside sources, that provide price breakdowns, available on the internet. 
  • Item price depends not only on the number of abilities/affixes it has, but also on their rarity - check and compare them thoroughly to avoid mistakes which would result in profit loss. 
  • If you are a free-to-play player, you might want to hold on to your pass until you stock up on expensive items you want to sell on the market. Doing this will allow you to maximize your profits gained from each individual pass you obtain. 

Important Note: Flipping, just like all other methods that require an initial investment, is associated with risk. If you are new to the concept, start with a low investment that you can afford to lose, and that will let you learn the concept - just to be safe. 

Summary - Take advantage of the in-game economy that revolves around Personal Shops. Invest your Meseta on the Market and it will come back to you with interest. The more you invest, the more you gain, but also the more you risk. 

Easiness Full StarFull StarHalf a StarNo StarsNo Stars | Quickness Full StarFull StarFull StarHalf a StarNo Stars | Profitability Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarNo Stars*

*Profitability here is shown in relation to the time investment needed - you can potentially strike a jackpot and flip an item for a price 10 times higher than it was originally posted for (it is a rare occurrence, but it can happen). 

AC Scratches

Note: This method is heavily based on RNG and requires you to invest real money into the game. We are mentioning it here, cause it can potentially make you extremely rich in a matter of seconds (or completely broke and infuriated, but that's what RNG comes down to). 

All this method requires you to do is buy AC (PSO2's in-game premium currency) and exchange it for AC Scratches (they cost about 2$ a pop). From these Scratches, you might get very expensive cosmetic Items which you can sell to other players (again, this is all random and you might get nothing). The value of these items may vary from few to dozens of millions of Meseta. 

Summary - If you are prepared to invest real money in the game, making Meseta becomes extremely easy. At this point, however, you might just Buy PSO2 Meseta on Odealo and skip the RNG part; doing this is by far the most cost-efficient and safe method of getting PSO2's in-game currency. 

Easiness Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star| Quickness Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star| Profitability Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star/No StarsNo StarsNo StarsNo StarsNo Stars*

*Methods like this are always fast and easy, but also very, very random. Don't be surprised if you lose money while doing this. 

Buying PSO2 Meseta with real money is a hassle-free way to get all the items you need for your character.



Making Meseta in PSO2, compared to some other MMORPGs, is very streamlined and straight-forward. If you follow the guidelines drawn in this guide, you will be able to fill up your pockets with ease. We might add further methods at a later date, so remember to drop by from time to time. 

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. If we have missed a method that is worth mentioning, please let us know! Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.