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Ice Crash Hollow Palm Raider Build

Ice Crash Hollow Palm Raider Build

Ice Crash Build that uses Hollow Palm Technique to massively boost unarmed Damage by stacking Dexterity

Ice Crash
Hollow Palm Raider Build

Updated for Patch 3.20

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Guide notes
January 14, 2022
-Build created
January 13, 2022
-Updated for Patch 3.20
Build overview



Boss DPS:



This build uses a Unique Item that is fundamental for it to work - One With Nothing Unique Cluster Jewel that grants Hollow Palm Technique. You're unable to wield Weapons, Quivers, Shields, and Gloves - it's a state called Unencumbered. Instead, you scale with Dexterity. You have added 12 to 20 Attack Damage per 10 Dexterity and you count as dual-wielding. With a highly optimized build, you can reach 1200 to 1700 Dexterity and deal Millions of DPS. Use Ice Crash as it Converts all your Physical Damage to Cold and can be used while unarmed. Elemental Damage is easier to scale thanks to Fractal Thoughts. With 10 fewer Gem sockets and 3 fewer gear pieces, your choices of Gem setups are severely limited - that's why you should take Supreme Ego Keystone and focus only on one Aura which is Hatred. 

Raider has one of the best-suited Keystones for this build - Way of the Poacher and Avatar of the Slaughter grants Attack and Movement Speed with Frenzy Charges, while Rapid Assault and Avatar of the Chase provide you with permanent and enhanced Onslaught Effect resulting in more than five Attacks per second. Jewels and Jewelry will be your only source of Attributes and Resistances as you're required to have a Unique Helmet, Body Armour, and Boots. In terms of defense, it's a rather sturdy build with 3 to 5k of Maximum Life, Fortify, a 100% Chance to Suppress Spell Damage thanks to Magebane, a very high Evasion rating, and some Block Chance.

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1. Gameplay

Use Ice Crash in between dashing through a map as that's your only Damaging Skill. Ancestral Protector and Warchief Totems are great to increase your Damage, you can use them alongside Frost Bomb during Boss Fights. Hatred with Blood and Sand are permanent Mana-Reserving Spells that will increase your damage significantly. For a Guard Spell equip Steelskin, but if you have a Ring with a Jewel Socket you can put a single Skill Gem there and use Immortal Call linked with Cast when Damage Taken.

Full gameplay video:


This video was recorded on a level 94 Raider with approximately 1300 Dexterity. This is far from the upper limit this build can reach, but even then it pushed the tooltip DPS of our Ice Crash to nearly 2kk, which results in approximately 15kk DPS when fully buffed against Shaper or similar end-game Bosses (this includes all the buffs, curses, flasks, etc. so it will never be at that level with 100% uptime)

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • Very high Damage with a huge potential for more as you stack Dexterity
  • It's fast-paced and very easy to understand
  • It doesn't require you to buy weapons nor Gloves
  • It's a Melee build with a limited range
  • Stacking Attributes is very expensive


3. Leveling tips

When starting you can use any Attack. After immediately allocating Hollow Palm Technique go for Ground Slam, and at level 28 swap it for ice Crash. When finishing with Acts you'll be able to equip the most impactful of the Unique Items. Get Astramentis at level 20 for a massive boost of all Attributes, it's required until you'll be able to afford a better Rare one much later in the game. Seek Dexterity from the start, you can craft it easily using your Crafting Bench on Rare Items with a free Suffix slot. It's one of the most efficient ways to level up your character.

Suggested leveling Gem setups:

Ice Crash setup
Ice Crash Ice Crash - use this Slam Attack to level up, and later in the final version of the build
Ruthless Support Ruthless Support - every third Attack is much more powerful and more likely to Stun enemies
Elemental Damage with Attacks Support Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - increases your Elemental Damage with Attacks
Melee Physical Damage Support Melee Physical Damage Support - increases your Melee Physical Damage that is later converted to Cold
Auras setup
Hatred Hatred - Hatred massively increases your Cold Damage from Physical Conversion
Clarity Clarity - Clarity is used for Mana Regeneration if you don't have a source of Mana Leech
Precision Precision - higher Accuracy Rating and Crit Chance to improve your DPS
Curses and Dash setup
Dash Dash - a Movement Skill which doesn't require any specific weapon 
Frostbite Frostbite - Curse to lower the Cold Resistance of your opponents


Kill all three bandits and be rewarded with two additional Skill Points


Leveling Skill Trees:

33 Points Passive Tree
It takes 12 points to reach the outer Large Cluster Jewel and one more to allocate Hollow Palm Technique, do so as soon as you can, then go for Maximum Life and more Dexterity

71 Points Passive Tree
Look for more Life, Elemental Damage, Attack and Dual Wielding nodes, take Magebane, and Maximum Frenzy Charges


Recommended leveling items:

Le Heup of AllLe Heup of All - use it to obtain more Damage, Attributes, and Elemental Resistances
Adds 1 to 4 Physical Damage to Attacks
+(10-30) to all Attributes
(10-30)% increased Damage
(10-30)% increased Rarity of Items found
+(10-30)% to all Elemental Resistances
GoldrimGoldrim - a Helmet that gives you a lot of Elemental Resistances
+(30-50) to Evasion Rating
10% increased Rarity of Items found
+(30-40)% to all Elemental Resistances
Reflects 4 Physical Damage to Melee Attackers
Level Requirement reduced by 100 (Hidden)
Tabula RasaTabula Rasa - allows you to six-link a setup right from the start
Item has no level requirement and Energy Shield (Hidden)
Item has 6 White Sockets and is fully linked (Hidden)
Quill RainQuill Rain - use this Bow with a basic Bow Attack such as Galvanic Arrow or Ice Shot until you're able to locate Hollow Palm Technique
+(10-20) to Dexterity
100% increased Physical Damage
100% increased Attack Speed
+2 Mana gained for each Enemy hit by Attacks
(50-100)% increased Projectile Speed
+(25-50) to Accuracy Rating
30% less Damage
AstramentisAstramentis - It grants you a lot of Dexterity and all the other Attributes so that you won't need to worry about further requirements. You should later upgrade it with Intrinsic Catalysts.
+(10-16) to all Attributes
+(80-100) to all Attributes
-4 Physical Damage taken from Attack Hits

4. Final Skill Tree, Ascendancy Points, and Pantheon

Final Skill Tree:

111 Points Final Passive Tree (doesn't include Cluster Jewels, Brutal Restraint, or Unnatural Instinct)
119 Points Path of Building (PoB) link

Ascendancy points:

Preferably in that order:

  1. Rapid Assault
  2. Avatar of the Chase
  3. Way of the Poacher
  4. Avatar of the Slaughter


Major God: Soul of The Brine King: 1% You cannot be Stunned if you've been Stunned or Blocked a Stunning Hit in the past 2 seconds

Minor God: Soul of Abberath: 60% less Duration of Ignite on You


5. Final Gems links

[DPS] Ice Crash setup
Ice Crash Ice Crash - It's a Slam type of Attack that has three stages, each deals an Area Damage that's 100% Converted to Cold from Physical
Cold Penetration Support Cold Penetration Support - to Penetrate the Cold Resistance of your targets
Fortify Support Fortify Support - Fortifies you, reducing the damage you take from Hits. It can stack up to 20
Multistrike Support Multistrike Support - you repeat the linked Attack a few more times with improved Attack Speed
Elemental Damage with Attacks Support Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - deal increased Elemental Damage with Attacks
Melee Physical Damage Support Melee Physical Damage Support - deal more Physical Damage with Melee Attacks with reduced Attack Speed
[UTILITY] Hatred
Hatred Hatred - Increases your Cold Damage. It's especially useful with Skills that deals Cold Damage that's converted from Physical, as is the case here
[UTILITY] Blood and Sand
Blood and Sand Blood and Sand - a Stance that increases your AoE and reduced Area Damage, or reduces AoE and increases Area Damage
Dash Dash - a basic Mobility Skill to move faster and dodge attacks
[UTILITY] Frost Bomb
Frost Bomb Frost Bomb - applies Cold Exposure on Hit which reduces Cold Resistance by at least 15%
[UTILITY] Steelskin
Steelskin Steelskin - Reduces the damage you take from Hits for a duration or until you take a certain amount of Damage. It also gives you immunity to Bleeding.
[UTILITY] Ancestral Totems setup
Ancestral Protector Ancestral Protector - significantly increases your Attack Speed
Ancestral Warchief Ancestral Warchief - grants your more Melee Damage as it stays active
Multiple Totems Support Multiple Totems Support - allows you to summon both Totems at the same time


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6. Gear Setup

Get Fractal Thoughts, Wildwrap, and Garukhan's Flight. For Unique Jewels, it is required to have One with NothingBrutal Restraint and Unnatural Instinct are heavily recommended. Your Amulet, Belt, Rings, and Rare Jewels should provide you with Dexterity, increased Elemental or Cold Damage, and Elemental Resistances. You will need 155 Strenght, but it won't be an issue if you're using Astramentis. Stacking Attributes gets expensive over time, strive to have tier-one Dexterity whenever it's possible, Synthesised Implicit mods granting you increased or added Dexterity, and as many rolls for Dexterity on your Brutal Restraint as you can afford. Use Intrinsic Catalyst on your Jewelry to increase your Attributes.

Our recommended items will:

  1. Cap your resistances at 75%
  2. Provide you with enough DPS and Life to start mapping

Stat priorities on items:

  1. to cap your Elemental Resistances
  2. Dexterity
  3. Maximum Life
  4. increased Cold Damage with Attacks
  5. Strength until reaching 155
  6. Evasion Rating and Armour
  7. Attack Speed
Fractal Thoughts(Helmet) Fractal Thoughts - Provided you with Evasion Rating, Critical Strike Multiplier, Elemental Damage, and Maximum Life. You have to keep your Strength higher than Intelligence for more Dexterity.
(140-180)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
+(25-40)% to Critical Strike Multiplier if Dexterity is higher than Intelligence
15% increased Dexterity if Strength is higher than Intelligence
1% increased Elemental Damage per 10 Dexterity
+2 to Maximum Life per 10 Intelligence
Helmet enchantments:
Ice Crash enchantment mods
Wildwrap(Body Armour) Wildwrap - it increases your dexterity and Damage per Dexterity, grants increased Attack Speed, and other useful additions
10% increased Attack Speed
+(600-700) to Evasion Rating
+(30-40)% to Cold Resistance
5% increased Movement Speed
(20-25)% increased Mana Recovery from Flasks
15% increased Dexterity
1% increased Damage per 15 Dexterity
Garukhan's Flight(Boots) Garukhan's Flight - a mandatory Unique that grants you a lot of Life per Dexterity, immunities to most of the ground effects, and Life Regeneration
+(30-40) to Dexterity
(300-340)% increased Evasion Rating
30% increased Movement Speed
Immune to Burning Ground, Shocked Ground and Chilled Ground
Regenerate 100 Life per second while moving
+2 to Maximum Life per 10 Dexterity
Rare Belt(Belt) Rare Belt - try to obtain a Belt with the right Synthesised Implicit for increased Dexterity. It is expensive but ultimately worth its price. Elder-influenced Belts can get you a mod for increased Attributes which is also a significant improvement.
Min. requirements:
+60 to Maximum Life
+25 Dexterity
+50% to Elemental Resistances
40% Elemental Damage with Attacks
Optional affixes:
15% increased Dexterity (Synthesised Implicit)
increased Damage
increased Attributes
Astramentis(Amulet) Astramentis - a great choice for all Attributes-stacking builds, the only downside is the lack of Elemental Resistances which the build is already scarce in
+(10-16) to all Attributes
+(80-100) to all Attributes
-4 Physical Damage taken from Attack Hits
Rare Amulet(Amulet) Rare Amulet - A Redeemer's Influence can give you a mod for increased Dexterity and Damage per Dexterity - both really good; one of the Shaper's Suffixes can increase all of your Attributes. Get an Amulet with Dexterity, Elemental Resistances, and Maximum Life - these stats are easy to find.
Min. requirements:
+50 Dexterity
+80% to Elemental Resistances
+60 to Maximum Life
Optional affixes:
1% increased Damage per 15 Dexterity
increased Attributes
increased Dexterity
Recommended Anointments:
Rare Ring(Ring) Rare Ring - Get one Ring with a Frostbite Curse on Hit. Try to get a lot of Dexterity, increased Elemental Damage with Attacks, and the generic defensive stats. You can also look for a Synthesised Implicit mod for increased Dexterity or a Ring with a Socket.
Min. requirements:
+55 Dexterity
Curse Enemies with Frostbite on Hit
+90% to Elemental Resistances
Optional affixes:
Maximum Life
increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
Cobalt Jewel(Jewel) Rare Jewels - focus on Dexterity, Maximum Life, and missing Attributes and Resistances

Recommended affixes:
increased maximum Life
Elemental Resistances
increased Attack Speed while Dual Wielding

Brawn(Jewel) Brawn - increases Dexterity which is undoubtedly good but it also increases your Strength while decreasing Intelligence so that your Fractal Thoughts can activate its second trait
(4-6)% increased Dexterity
(4-6)% increased Strength
(15-10)% reduced Intelligence
Unnatural Instinct(Jewel) Unnatural Instinct - above the Sentinel Notable is a good place for this Jewels, it will grant a lot of stats like Elemental Resistances, Movement Speed, Dexterity, Physical Damage, and so on
Allocated Small Passive Skills in Radius grant nothing
Grants all bonuses of Unallocated Small Passive Skills in Radius
Brutal Restraint(Jewel) Brutal Restraint - Try to roll a good mod of your Notables in Radius to give you more Dexterity or increase your Dexterity. Place it next to Savagery so it will influence 6 Notables and much more small nodes for more Dexterity.
Denoted service of (500-8000) dekhara in the akhara of Nasima-Asenath-Balbala
Passives in radius are Conquered by the Maraketh
One With Nothing(Jewel) One With Nothing - the core element of the build, should be placed in one of the Sockets in the Large Cluster Jewel
Adds Hollow Palm Technique
Sublime Vision(Jewel) Sublime Vision - Hatred is the only Aura you're using, it is a good idea to enhance it and cause Brittle with Hits for additional Critical Strike Chance. This Jewel might be important.
Always inflict Brittle while affected by Hatred
Aura Skills other than Hatred are Disabled
Auras from your Skills have (20-40)% increased Effect on you
Watcher's Eye(Jewel) Watcher's Eye - Cold Penetration for Hatred is by far the best mod, increased Cold Damage is great too - look for these mods 
(4-6)% increased maximum Energy Shield
(4-6)% increased maximum Life
(4-6)% increased maximum Mana
<Two or Three random aura modifiers>
Large Cluster Jewel(Jewel) Large Cluster Jewels - get one Cold to the Core for a massive damage increase, you can then seek Notables with Elemental Resistances, Life Leech, more AoE, or ones to further improve your DPS
Recommended affixes:
1 Added Passive Skill is Blanketed Snow
1 Added Passive Skill is Cold to the Core
1 Added Passive Skill is Widespread Destruction
1 Added Passive Skill is Prismatic Heart
1 Added Passive Skill is Disorienting Display
1 Added Passive Skill is Doryani's Lesson
Bottled Faith(Flask) Bottled Faith - a Flasks to increase your DPS, it creates a Consecrated ground which increases your damage and Life Regen
40% increased Damage
Creates Consecrated Ground on Use
(30-15)% reduced Duration
Consecrated Ground created by this Flask has Tripled Radius
Consecrated Ground created during Effect applies (7-10)% increased Damage taken to Enemies
(100-150)% increased Critical Strike Chance against Enemies on Consecrated Ground during Flask effect
Lion's Roar(Flask) Lion's Roar - another Flask that massively increases your DPS, it also grants you Armour and knocks enemies back
+1500 to Armour
Adds Knockback to Melee Attacks during Flask effect
Knocks Back Enemies in an Area when you use a Flask
75% chance to cause Enemies to Flee on use
(7-10)% more Melee Physical Damage during effect
Taste of Hate(Flask) Taste of Hate - More DPS and less damage taken. It's especially useful on build with Physical to Cold Conversion
+50% to Cold Resistance
20% less Cold Damage taken
(10-15)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Cold Damage during Flask effect
Gain (10-15)% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage during effect
30% chance to Avoid being Chilled during Flask effect
30% chance to Avoid being Frozen during Flask effect
Atziri's Promise(Flask) Atziri's Promise - a source of Life Leech and extra Damage in a form of Chaos Damage
2% of Chaos Damage Leeched as Life during Flask effect
Gain (5-8)% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage during effect
Gain (5-8)% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage during effect

Suggested Flasks:

  1. Life Flask with Bleeding immunity/removal
Taste of HateLion's RoarBottled FaithLife FlaskAtziri's Promise

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