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Freezing Spark Inquisitor Templar build

Freezing Spark Inquisitor Templar build

Once one of the most popular Map farming builds in Path of Exile is back!

Freezing Spark
Inquisitor Build

Updated for Patch 3.6

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Guide notes
April 7, 2019
-Build created
April 12, 2019
-Added Gameplay video

Spark is one of these skills, that was nerfed and buffed every league, but this time it got a powerful boost to damage and especially single target because now each spark can hit the same target 50% more often. This change means, that we no longer need additional skill for bosses because Spark deals massive single target damage by itself. This build not only has insane damage potential but also great survivability thanks to Call of the Brotherhood conversion to Cold Damage, which results in freezing all enemies that are hit by our Sparks, which cover all the screen. It's probably one of the, if not the best choice right now in terms of clear speed. Tens of Lightning Sparks flying all over the screen combined with Inpulsa's Broken Heart explosion clear 2-3 screens ahead of your character in the blink of an eye.

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1. Gameplay

Playing Spark is pretty straightforward - one cast of Spark with Spell Echo linked to it covers a few screens away, killing every monster on their path. The only thing you have to do after casting Spark is to chase them and move as fast as possible through maps. Try to use Vaal Spark and Lightning Spire Trap at bosses, for that additional burst of Damage. 

0:06 Tier 15 Arachnid Nest
0:36 Tier 14 Park
1:06 Tier 14 Racecourse
1:23 Tier 15 Overgrown Ruins

This video was recorded on a level 89 Inquisitor on Standard Softcore

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • amazing AoE with lightning projectiles fired all over the screen
  • very fast clear speed
  • high survivability thanks to projectiles freezing all enemies
  • great damage even on budget equipment
  • vulnerable to elemental reflect map mods

3. Leveling tips

For leveling, we are using Spark, because we can obtain since level 5. We are going all the Support Gems that also will be used in the late game. Below you will find the basic Gem setups on lower levels and several recommended unique items that can be used to level up this Templar/Inquisitor character.

Suggested leveling Gem setups:

Arc setup
Spark Spark - our main skill that we are also going to use in endgame
Added Lightning Damage Support Added Lightning Damage Support - adds a lot of Lightning Damage 
Pierce Support Pierce Support - it allows our Spark projectiles to pierce through enemies
Controlled Destruction Support Controlled Destruction - in the expense of a bit of Critical Strike Chance, it grants massive Spell Damage Boost
Utility Gems
Ice Golem Summon Ice Golem - the recommended Golem for this build which increases your Critical Strike Chance
Assassin's Mark Conductivity - perfect Curse for our build because it lowers Lightning Resistance of cursed enemies
Herald of Thunder Herald of Thunder - very good leveling Aura, that will grant additional Lightning Damage and strikes nearby enemies with Lightning Bolts
Flame Dash setup
Flame Dash Flame Dash - recommended mobility skill 
Assassin's Mark Faster Casting - increased casting and movement speed of Flame Dash


We recommend helping Alira for increased Critical Strike Multiplier and Elemental Resistances

Leveling Skill Trees:

37 Points Skill Tree
Priorities: 1) Light of Divinity 2) Quick Recovery 3) Potency of Will 4) Lightning Walker 5) Annihilation 

64 Points Skill Tree
Priorities: 1) Cruel Preparation 2) Nimbleness 3) Crackling Speed 4) Doom Cast

Recommended leveling items:

Asenath's Mark Asenath's Mark - great leveling Helm, that grants a lot of Cast Speed, Energy Shield and Movement Speed
(10-15)% increased Attack Speed
(10-15)% increased Cast Speed
30% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
+(30-50) to maximum Energy Shield
(10-15)% increased Stun and Block Recovery
5% increased Movement Speed
Maligaro's VirtuosityMaligaro's Virtuosity - powerful gloves, will make our Critical Strikes hit a lot stronger
+(20-30) to Dexterity
5% increased Attack Speed
50% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
+(20-30)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
(60-80)% increased Evasion Rating
Karui WardKarui Ward - since we are using Projectiles based Skill, this is perfect Amulet for our build
+(20-30) to Strength
+100 to Accuracy Rating
30% increased Projectile Speed
10% increased Movement Speed
30% increased Projectile Damage
Le Heup of AllLe Heup of All - perfect choice for the whole leveling process, it's recommended to use it on both ring slots
(10-30)% increased Damage
+(10-30) to all Attributes
(10-30)% increased Rarity of Items found
+(10-30)% to all Elemental Resistances
Axiom PerpetuumAxiom Perpetuum - best leveling weapon in the game for spellcasters. A lot of Additional Damage to Spells and an insane amount of Critical Strike Chance for them. It's recommended to dual-wield them
(4-6)% increased Cast Speed
(100-140)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
Adds (2-3) to (5-6) Fire Damage to Spells
Adds (2-3) to (5-6) Cold Damage to Spells
Adds 1 to (10-12) Lightning Damage to Spells

4. Final Skill tree, Ascendancy Points, and Pantheon

Final Skill Tree:

116 Points Final Skill Tree
116 Points Path of Building(PoB) link

Ascendancy points:

Preferably in that order:

  1. Righteous Providence
  2. Inevitable Judgement
  3. Sanctuary
  4. Pious Path


Major God: Soul of Tukohama While stationary, gain 2% additional Physical Damage Reduction each second, up to a maximum of 8%. While stationary, gain 0.5% of Life Regenerated per second each second, up to a maximum of 2%

Minor God: Soul of Gruthkul 1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each Hit you've taken Recently up to a maximum of 5%

5. Final Gems links

[DPS] Spark setup
Spark Spark - your main skill for clearing Maps and dealing AoE Damage. You can use Vaal Spark version for additional burst versus Bosses
Added Lightning Damage Support Added Lightning Damage Support - adds a lot of Lightning Damage 
Spell Echo Spell Echo - increases your Cast Speed by a lot and uses your skill 2 times per cast
Increased Critical Strikes Support Increased Critical Strikes Support - grants a lot of Critical Strike Chance
Increased Critical Damage Support Increased Critical Damage Support - grants a lot of Critical Strike Multiplier
Controlled Destruction Support Controlled Destruction Support - huge DPS increase that comes at the cost of slightly reduced Critical Strike Chance
[DPS] Lightning Spire Trap setup
Lightning Spire Trap Lightning Spire Trap - it grants additional single-target DPS. Use it against Bosses and tough Rare Enemies. Try to cast all the Traps directly on the enemy for highest DPS
Added Lightning Damage Support Added Lightning Damage Support
Faster Casting Faster Casting
Trap and Mine Damage Support Trap and Mine Damage Support
[UTILITY] Enfeeble and Immortal Call setup
Enfeeble Enfeeble - great defensive curse, that reduces the Enemy's damage and chance to hit. Keep it at level 6
Cast When Damage Taken Support Cast when Damage Taken Support - will automatically cast Immortal Call and Enfeeble after receiving enough damage. Keep it at level 2
Immortal Call Immortal Call - grants Physical Damage immunity for a short period of time. Keep it at level 4
Increased Duration Support Increased Duration Support - increases the duration of Immortal Call buff and your Curse
[AURA] Wrath, Herald of Ice and Herald of Thunder setup
Wrath Wrath - increases Lightning Damage by a lot. Use it only if you have at least Enlighten level 3
Herald of Ice Herald of Ice - provides additional Cold Damage and shatters whole packs of enemies with Cold explosions
Herald of Thunder Herald of Thunder - grants additional Lightning Damage and strikes nearby enemies with Lightning Beams
Enlighten Support Enlighten - reduces Mana Reservation by linked Auras. Need at least level 3, preferably 4
[UTILITY] Blood Rage and Vaal Haste setup
Blood Rage Blood Rage - provides Frenzy Charge generation while mapping
Vaal Haste Vaal Haste - for a brief time it will grant insane amount of Movement Speed and Cast Speed
Increased Duration Support Increased Duration Support - increases the duration of buffs
[MOVEMENT] Flame Dash setup
Flame Dash Flame Dash - recommended mobility skill 
Assassin's Mark Faster Casting Support - increased casting and movement speed of Flame Dash
Arcane Surge Support Arcane Surge Support - after using Flame Dash you will receive Arcane Surge buff, which increases Spell Damage. Keep this Gem at level 7 so that it procs with each Flame Dash cast

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5. Gear Setup

This Spark is one of the cheaper builds and perfect for League Starter, with no required uniques. If you are using Choir of the Storm, try to invest a little bit more in Lightning Resistance for even higher DPS. Below you will find all the recommended gear. If you would like to have the end-game items also added here please let us know in the comments below. 

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The recommended items from our list will:

  1. Help you cap your Elemental Resistances 
  2. Give you enough DPS and Life to start mapping successfully

Stat priorities on items:

  1. Life 
  2. Elemental Resistances
  3. Spell Damage/Lightning Damage
  4. Critical Strike Chance & Critical Strike Multiplier
  5. Added Lightning Damage to Spells
Rare Helmet(Helmet) Rare Helmet - this is our best choice for fixing Elemental Resistances and Dexterity requirements

Min. requirements:
30 to Dexterity
70 to maximum Life
30% to Fire Resistance
35% to Lightning Resistance

Helmet enchantments:
Spark fires 3 additional Projectiles
30% increased Spark Projectile Speed
Doryani's Catalyst(Weapon) Doryani's Catalyst - budget option before you can buy high-end Rare Sceptre. Grants a lot of Elemental Damage, which also increases Herald's damage
32% increased Elemental Damage
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 20 Elemental Proliferation
Adds (65-85) to (100-160) Physical Damage
(11-15)% increased Attack Speed
(6-10)% increased Cast Speed
(30-40)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
0.2% of Elemental Damage Leeched as Life
(80-100)% increased Elemental Damage
Rare Sceptre(Weapon) Rare Sceptre - definitely the best in the slot for this build. Aim for the highest Critical Strike Chance, Multiplier and damage to Spells
Min. requirements:
30% Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Adds 6 to 90 Lightning Damage to Spells
80% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
Optional affixes:
increased Cast Speed
increased Spell Damage
increased Lightning Damage
Rare Shield(Shield) Rare Shield - shield will provide a lot of Life and additional Critical Strike Chance and Spell Damage
Min. requirements:
50% increased Spell Damage
80 to maximum Life
12% to all Elemental Resistances
Optional affixes:
increased Cast Speed
increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
Esh's Mirror(Shield) Esh's Mirror - if you can afford to lose a bit of Elemental Resistance, this is a perfect shield for clear speed
+(20-30) to Intelligence
+(40-70) to maximum Life
(80-100)% increased Energy Shield
+(35-40)% to Lightning Resistance
Adds 1 to 10 Lightning Damage for each Shocked Enemy you've Killed Recently
Shock Reflection
Inpulsa's Broken Heart(Body Armour) Inpulsa's Broken Heart - all-around best Armour for this build. Increases clear speed thanks to explosions, Damage for all our Spells and effect of Shock which scales your damage up
+(60-80) to maximum Life
(20-50)% increased Damage if you have Shocked an Enemy Recently
(25-40)% increased Effect of Shock
Shocked Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 5% of
their Maximum Life as Lightning Damage which cannot Shock
Unaffected by Shock
Rare Armour(Body Armour) Rare Body Armour - basically any armour will do, just try to get with the highest Life and Elemental Resistances

Min. requirements:
80 maximum Life
29% Fire Resistance
29% Lightning Resistance
29% Cold Resistance
Optional affixes:

Amulet(Amulet) Rare Amulet - with the stats listed, it will be a great boost for your DPS
Min. requirements:
60 maximum Life
20% increased Global Critical Strike Multiplier
15% increased Spell Damage
20 All Attributes
Optional affixes:
Increased Global Critical Strike Chance
Choir of the Storm(Amulet) Choir of the Storm - insane amulet for this build. It will immensely increase your DPS and with very high Critical Strike Chance it will shot Lightning Bolts all the time
(10-20)% increased maximum Mana
Critical Strike Chance is increased by Lightning Resistance
50% increased Lightning Damage
Trigger Level 20 Lightning Bolt when you deal a Critical Strike
Call of the Brotherhood(Ring) Call of the Brotherhood - perfect Ring, converting Lightning to Cold Damage, which not only increases Damage but also helps us Freeze and Chill enemies
+(12-16)% to Cold and Lightning Resistances
+(15-25) to Intelligence
(15-25)% increased Lightning Damage
(30-40)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
40% of Lightning Damage Converted to Cold Damage
Your spells have 100% chance to Shock against Frozen Enemies
Rare RingRare Ring(Ring) Rare Opal Rings - it will fix your Elemental Resistances and increase maximum Life
Min. requirements:
40 to maximum Life
15% to all Elemental Resistances
40% to Lightning Resistance
Optional affixes:
increased Lightning Damage
maximum Mana
Rare boots(Boots) Rare Boots - get the highest maximum Life and Movement Speed bonuses you can afford
Min. requirements:
70 to maximum Life
25% to Fire Resistance
25% to Cold Resistance
40% to Lightning Resistance
20% increased Movement Speed
Boot enchantment:
16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently
Voidwalker(Boots) Voidwalker - grants a lot of Movement Speed, Dexterity fixing and the most important part -  Projectile Piercing and Phasing. Perfect boots for this build
+(30-50) to Dexterity
(140-180)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield
30% increased Movement Speed
20% chance to Avoid Projectiles while Phasing
You have Phasing if you've Killed Recently
Projectiles Pierce 5 additional Targets while you have Phasing
Celestial Footprints
Leather Belt(Belt) Rare Belt
Min. requirements:
80 maximum Life
29% Fire Resistance
29% Lightning Resistance
29% Cold Resistance
Optional affixes:
Stygian Vise(Belt) Rare Stygian Vise - with the same stat as the regular belt. Will grant Abyss socket and allow you to use one more Abyss Jewel
Min. requirements:
80 maximum Life
29% Fire Resistance
29% Cold Resistance
29% Lightning Resistance
Optional affixes:
Strength or Dexterity for meeting attributes requirements
Gloves(Gloves) Rare Gloves - look for highest Life and Resistances
Min. requirements:
80 maximum Life
29% Fire Resistance
29% Lightning Resistance
29% Cold Resistance
Optional affixes:
Voidbringer(Gloves) Voidbringer - great alternative if you can lose a bit of Life and Resistances. It will increase your Critical Strike Chance by a lot
+1 to Level of Socketed Elemental Gems
(125-150)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
(180-250)% increased Energy Shield
(80-40)% increased Mana Cost of Skills
+(15-20) Energy Shield gained on Kill
Cobalt Jewel(Jewels) Rare Jewels - if you prefer to change Skill Tree for Jewel sockets these affixes are recommended
Recommended affixes:
increased Maximum Life
increased Spell Damage/Lightning Damage
increased Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Optional affixes:
increased Cast Speed
increased Global Critical Strike Chance
Abyss Jewel(Jewels) Abyss Jewels - main priority is maximum Life and flat damage to Spells
Recommended affixes:
maximum Life
added Elemental Damage to Spells
Optional affixes:
increased Spell Damage
increased Cast Speed

Atziri's Promise(Flask) Atziri's Promise - provides leech and additional Damage

2% of Chaos Damage Leeched as Life during Flask effect
Gain (15-20)% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage during effect
Gain (10-15)% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage during effect

Vessel of Vinktar(Flask) Vessel of Vinktar - insane Flask. It provides Life Leech, Lightning Penetration and increased Shock Effect on enemies

(80-100)% increased Charges used
Shocks nearby Enemies during Flask effect, causing 10% increased Damage taken
You are Shocked during Flask effect, causing 50% increased Damage taken
20% of Lightning Damage Leeched as Life during Flask effect
Suggested Flasks (we are immune to Freeze/Ignite/Shock so we can focus on different effects):
  1. Bubbling Hallowed Hybrid Flask of Staunching (immunity to Bleeding)
  2. Experimenter's Diamond Flask of Heat (immunity to Freeze and Chill)
  3. Ample Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline (increased Movement Speed)
Vessel of VinktarAtziri PromiseHallowed Hybrid FlaskDiamond FlaskQuicksilver Flask

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If you have any other build requests please leave that in the comments below.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Grinding Gear Games.

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