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[EN]Cosmetic items in Diablo 3

[EN]Cosmetic items in Diablo 3

Get your own Cosmic Wings, Pets and other Cosmetic Items in Diablo 3! An in-depth Guide to all available Diablo 3 Cosmetic Items!

Cosmetic Items in Diablo 3

Cosmic Wings, Pets, Transmogrification items, and Pennants have become very popular in Diablo 3. Majority of them have been added in Patch 2.4.1, yet limiting this Guide to only its' content would be far from exhausting the subject. We are presenting all of the currently accessible cosmetic items in Diablo.

You will find out:

  1. What is the Menagerist Goblin?

  2. What are the best routes to find the Rainbow Goblin?

  3. What types of Pets can you find in Diablo 3?

  4. How to maximize your chances of finding Wings, Goblins, and other Cosmetic Items?

  5. What is Transmogrification in Diablo?

  6. And how to build the fastest character in Diablo?

You will find all this information in our Diablo 3 Cosmetic Items Compendium

Menagerist Goblin

Patch 2.4.1 brought up nearly 20 new Pets into the world of Diablo. Majority of them is dropped by the Menagerist Goblin. After killing this Goblin, he will always drop a random Pet (unless you already have them all) in the form of a legendary consumable item. After using it, the Pet will instantly appear in your Wardrobe! You can summon them by accessing your Collection (F11 key). In the latter part of this Compendium, you will find a list of locations, routes and certain tips & tricks that will help you in finding the Menagerist Goblin.

Pets dropped by the Menagerist Goblin

Blaze Pet D3 Buddy Pet D3
(flaming skull)
A reference to the Ghost Rider character from the Marvel comic book with the same title. The pet resembles Johnny Blaze (the second character to use the name Ghost Rider)
(fallen hound)
Charlotte Pet D3 Friendly Gauntlet Pet D3
Both the appearance and name of the Pet are a reference to Charlotte's Web child's book
Friendly Gauntlet
A direct bow towards the Addam's Family series.
A direct reference to The Thing
Galthrak the Unhinged Grunkk Pet D3
Galthrak the Unhinged
(crustacean demon)
Haunting Hannah Pet D3 Humbart Wessel Pet D3
Haunting Hannah
Everyone should remember the Goosebumps series. The Pet is a direct reference to Hannah Fairchild character from both the book and TV show
Humbart Wessel
(arcane skull)
We have seen this Skull in Diablo 2 already. It has been Humbart Wessel that traveled with Zayl the Necromancer
Lady Morthanlu Pet D3 Lamb Pet D3
Lady Morthanlu
(squire boy)
This Pet resembles Link character from the popular Zelda series
Malfeasance Pet D3 Ms. Madeleine Pet D3
Ms. Madeleine
Overseer Lady Josephine Pet D3 Queen of the Succubi Pet D3
Overseer Lady Josephine
(teddy bear)
Queen of the Succubi
That Which Must Not be Named Pet The Bumble Pet D3
That Which Must Not be Named
(mini-Cow King) 
A direct reference to the Cow King and "Not The Cow Level" from Diablo 3 game
The Bumble
All fans of Star Wars Saga should be familiar with this monster. After all, this wampa nearly ate the main character - Luke Skywalker.
The Mimic Pet D3 The Stomach Pet D3
The Mimic
It's hard to find just one direct resemblance to this Pet as we have seen Mimics in many popular games including Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, and Chrono Cross. "The Luggage" monster also exists in the Terry Pratchett's Discworld
The Stomach
Unihorn Pet D3  
Initially, there were two variants of this Pet in Diablo - blue-white and the other one fiery-black. While only Unihorn (blue-white) is obtainable from the Menagerist Goblin, the other variant (fiery-black) called the Dream of Piers was a reward for Season 7 journey

Liv Moore

We have left Liv Moore for the dessert as she is a unique Pet. She is the only companion that will not be lootable from the Menagerist Goblin's corpse, but from completely different and very rare monster. In order to add Liv Moore your Pet's Collection, you will have to visit The Weeping Hollow and find and kill a very rare Super-unique zombie called Ravy Lilliwhite. An interesting fact is that Ravi is a direct reference to a pair of main characters from the IZombie TV show: Ravi Chakrabarti and Major Lilywhite. Both Ravi and Lillywhite are big enthusiasts of Diablo 3.

In Diablo, you might meet a lot of players traveling with different types of Pets that were not listed above. We only focused on the ones that are still obtainable during regular game-play. The other ones were rewarded for participation in special events, for certain achievements and Season's journeys or for the purchase of Limited or Collector's Editions of Blizzard Games. We can certainly recommend at this point participation in Season Mode as the cosmetic rewards are rather easy to obtain, and are indeed unique - most likely they will not be available ever again.

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Malthael Bargain's Event and Ghost Kerrigan Wings

We would also like to add a small note about the recenttly available special event, which allowed players to obtain the Ghost Kerrigan Wings. You can find out more about it in another article available here:

Rainbow Goblin and the Whimsydale

Among players, the most desired Goblin is obviously the Rainbow Goblin. You can find the Rainbow Goblin in the same spots as the Menagerist Goblin (or any other Goblin for that matter). Upon death, he spawns a portal to Whimsydale - where you have a chance to find the most unique and beguiling wings available in the game - 

Cosmic Wings

Cosmic Wings

While exploring Whimsydale players have a chance to find a very rare Super-unique pony called Princess Lilian. The chances for her showing up though, are only around 0.5%. If you don't find her, you might still want to clear the area - the drop rate for legendaries is very high and you might also find a pair of very good-looking weapons for Transmogrification purposes - those are the Horadric Hamburger and the Spectrum sword.

Horadric Hamburger

If you want to increase your chances of finding Goblins or the dreamed-of wings, by sharing the Goblins with your friends or through Community chats, you have to abide by certain important rules:

  1. In order to be able to invite your friends to game and enter the Portal together, you may not attack or approach the Rainbow Goblin. If you invite people to your game after it's dead, the other party members will not be able to enter the Portal with you. The same rule applies to Menagerist Goblin, in order to get a pet you have to be on the same map to be able to loot items from its' corpse.

  1. Goblins make specific sounds - squeaking. After hearing them you should be very cautious. It's advised not to use long-range abilities and spells - or you might attack, hence scare of killing the Goblin. If you didn't kill him yet, but he's already running away, you won't have enough time to invite your friends. He will open up a Portal for himself, that he will use to escape. If however you already attacked the Goblin, it's better to just kill it and explore the Portal by yourself, so at least you still have a chance for rewards.

  1. Remember to wait for all the party members to enter the game. They might sometimes appear as already in, but if you kill the Goblin when they are still in Menu or on the loading page, it might be impossible for them to enter the Portal with you. 

  2. You can always create a team before starting the hunt. Each party member can go explore different areas or even different acts. By that, you maximize the pace at which the goblins are found, and you can ignore the rules described in previous steps, after all, you are already in the game, and will have no problems entering the Portal.

Sharing Goblins through Community

The necessity of finding the Rainbow Goblin, and then having only 0.5% chance to find Princess Lilian, makes it nearly impossible for regular players to find the amazing Cosmic Wings.  In order to increase those chances, players share their Goblins with other players - friends, and certain Communities' members. 
In order to join such Community we have to enter the game, open the Social button and open the Community window (keyboard shortcut SHIFT+"O"). We have to search for a community that specializes in searching for Goblins, Wings, or other cosmetic items. The expected keywords would be for example "Goblin", "Wings", "Cosmetics", "Pets" or similar.
Obviously, it's easiest to join public communities, but if you plan on actively sharing your findings with other members through community chats, it should be rather easy (and most likely rewarding) to try to join the private ones as well. Whenever you find a Goblin you can announce it on the community chat and invite people to your party. Again it's advised to invite people that are rather active, and share their Goblins as well -- after couple days or weeks within a certain community, you will surely find out who you want to share them with.  On the other hand, if you expect to only be invited to game by others, you might be quickly ignored by the community, or even expelled.
Unfortunately, those wings (like all the other Cosmetics) despite its rarity, give no benefits to your characters, and no special abilities. All you can benefit from them is their visual aspect and prestige among other players.

How to increase your chances of finding a Goblin?

There are certain locations where it's more likely to find a Goblin. There are also certain routes, that let you travel faster from one location to another and increase the effectiveness of your Goblin hunt.  There are many routes, and most likely a lot of them are still undiscovered, but we will try to recommend a couple of them:

Route one:

1) Act 1 Northern Highlands

2) Act 1 Southern Highlands

3) Act 1 Cave of the Moon Clan levels 1 & 2

4) Act 1 Royal Crypts

5) Act 1 Cathedral level 2

6) Act 1 Leorics Passage

7) Act 2 City of Caldeum (jump to sewers)

8) Act 2 Ancient Waterway  - Western Channel and Eastern Channel

9) Act 3 the Tower of the Damned and the Tower of the Cursed  (all levels) 

10) Act 5 Pandemonium Fortress (always has 2 goblins)

Route two:

1) Act 2 Ancient Waterways - Western Channel levels 1 & 2

2) Act 1 Royal Crypts

3) Act 1 Southern Highlands - Cave of the Moon Clan levels 1 & 2

4) Act 3 Core of Arreat

Route three:

1) Act 2 Western Channel Level 1 & 2 (Through Ancient Waterway WP)

2) Act 1 Royal Crypts WP

3) Act 1 Cave of The Moon Clan (Southern Highlands WP)

4) Act 3 Core of Arreat

List of all the locations, where you are likely to find a Goblin:

  1. Act 1 Cave of the Moon Clan level 1 and 2

  2. Act 3 Core of Arreat

  3. Act 1 Defiled Crypts

  4. Act 2 Eastern Channel level 1 and 2

  5. Act 1 Festering Woods

  6. Act 1 Halls of Agony level 3

  7. Act 1 Leoric’s Hunting Grounds

  8. Act 1 Leoric’s Passage

  9. Act 1 Northern Highlands

  10. Act 1 Royal Crypts

  11. Act 1 Southern Highlands

  12. Act 3 Tower of the Cursed level 1 and 2

  13. Act 3 Tower of the Damned level 1 and 2

  14. Act 2 Western Channel level 1 and 2

Falcon Wings

Falcon Wings

Falcon Wings are obtainable from a Mysterious Chest. The chest looks almost like any other chest in game, except for being a little brighter. You can find it in Gardens of Hope Tier 1 in Act 4. The chest is a rare spawn and can be located pretty much anywhere on the map, so it is possible it might not be there on your first visit. It's required to leave the game then, restart it and visit the Gardens all over again. It is also possible to get the wings by joining a Community - although, unlike the Rainbow Goblin and the Cosmic Wings, you are able to join the game after someone has already found the chest. It shouldn't take long for anyone to get this pair.

The Harvest Pennant

Harvest Pennant

If you want to add the Harvest Pennant(known also as Pennant of the Fallen) to your Wardrobe, you have to visit the Stinging Winds in Act 2. Our goal is to find a very rare Super-unique shaman called "Graw Herold" who usually shows up during the "Lost Caravan" event - a bounty available in Adventure Mode.
Just a small hint - the Stinging Winds map is divided into two separate parts, one on the left, and the other on the right from the waypoint. The "Lost Caravan" bounty can be found only one left part. Graw Herold might also be accompanied by another unique monster called Beyatt. The Harvest Pennant is a legendary consumable item - it will be hard to miss. 
On 8th of July 2016, Blizzard posted an announcement, in which they apologized to players for a bug that caused the Graw Herold shaman to not spawn at all. As it was stated, they wanted to make items so rare, that eventually they didn't appear in the game at all :). As a compensation for all the effort players had to put into something impossible, Blizzard doubled the number of Gold and tripled the number of Blood Shards dropped by monsters for a 48 hour period.

Shutting down the Auction House and implementation of Loot 2.0 system killed nearly all player-to-player trading in Diablo 3. However, you may still obtain Legendary and Set gear through Item Farming, Boosting and Greater Rift carry services which offered on Odealo market.

Transmogrification Items

In Patch 2.4.1 a lot of transmogrification items were added. It didn't only include the new legendary items that were implemented but was mainly based on a number of normal and magic rarity, unique looking items (sadly, because of their rarity they are easy to miss).  These items were not intended to be a common global drop, but rather a loot from rare and unique monsters, or certain objects(chests, barrels) from various unusual locations. Transmogrification allows players to freely change the appearance of their equipment, including weapons, off-hand equipment and armor parts (helmets, body armors, gloves, pants, shoulders, and boots). Transmogrification does not alter item's statistics or special abilities, but give players the opportunity to stand out in the crowd - and the rarer the item is, the better. Transmogrification is a process conducted by Enchantress in every Town in Diablo. She also allows players to dye those items, making them look even better and fit your other cosmetic items. On top of the normal and magic transmogrification items mentioned earlier, all the legendary and set items players have identified during their adventure is available for the process. Normal and magic items cannot be identified, therefore it is only required for them to be picked up to be available in the Transmogrification process.

A list of available normal and magic quality items for Transmogrification purposes:

1) Helm of the Cranial Crustacean – inside a cave on the Grayhollow Island,

2) Star Pauldrons – after killing Uber Diablo in Realm of Despair, 

3) Crossbow of Corvus – found in a Mysterious Chest in the Blood Marsh,

4) Man Prodder – after killing Lord of Bells, the Cow King type Nephalem Rift Guardian,

5) Flail of Carnage – after killing the Butcher version of Nephalem Rift Guardian,

6) Panther’s Claw – found in Mysterious Chest in Eternal Woods (sub-location of the Ruins of Sescheron),

7) Mace of the Crows – found in the Mysterious Barrel in Barracks level 2,

8) God Butcher– found in Act 5 in the Zakharum Cathedral, just north of the Survivor's Enclave, 

9) Templar’s Chain – found in Mysterious Chest in Cathedral level 2,

10) The Que-Hegan’s Will – Halls of Agony level 3, dropped by Super-unique monster Nevaz,

11) King Maker – dropped in Stinging Winds in Act 2 by a Super-unique Fallen Overseer called Regreb the Slayer,

12) Hand of Despair – dropped by Rakanoth,

13) Reaper’s Kiss – dropped by the infernal maiden Nephalem Rift Guardian,

14) Sungjae’s Fury – found in a Mysterious Chest in Drowned Temple in Act 1,

15) Steffon’s Heavy Lance – found in a Mysterious Chest in Arreat Crater level 1,

16) Amberwing – dropped by Erethon, the Nephalem Rift Guardian,

17) Second Quinquennial Sword – dropped by Josh Mosquiera in "Development Hel". You will find the Quinquennial Sword in the same location. It's a rare level, featuring a group of zombies named after Diablo developers. It can be found in Act 1, Cemetery of the Forsaken, as one of the Defiled Crypts,

18) Star Helmet  - dropped by Orlash, the Nephalem Rift Guardian,

19) Ghoul King’s Blade – Gardens of Hope Tier II, to be found in a Mysterious Chest,

20) Aidan’s Revenge – currently not available in the game,

21) Kanai’s Scorn - dropped from a chest near the Immortal Throne area in the Ruins of Sescheron. It's only available between 24th and 31st of March. If you didn't get to pick it this year, you can visit the area next year.

22) Butcher's Cleaver - dropped by the Butcher in Diablo 1 anniversary game mode, currently not available in the game.

The list above most likely does not include all of the items available in the game. As soon as we find out about other items we will update our Compendium. We will also try to add pictures to each Transmog item listed - we believe it might help you decide, which items are worth seeking for:

Rainbow Portrait

With Patch 2.4.1 we have also received an opportunity to earn the new, and exclusive Rainbow Portrait. Earning it, cost a lot of players dozens of hours. In order to add this portrait to your collection, we have to visit the Whimsyshire, and in order to get there, we need to talk to the Ghost of the Cow King, while holding the Staff of Herding in our inventory. Whimsyshire is an area similar to Whimsydale, although it is much easier to be able to reach the Portal. The portrait is a normal rarity consumable item(Scroll) dropped by Sir William upon death (it's a guaranteed drop for every player in the group). Sir William is a Super-unique monster that corresponds to Princess Lilian from Whimsydale. The spawn rate for Sir William in Whismyshire is also at around  0.5 - 1%.  You have to remember, he will only spawn in Whimsyshire, while Lilian can only be found in Whimsydale. We also will try not to get into details on how to get the Staff of Herding or open the portal - after all this content is available in Diablo 3 nearly from the premiere of the game. One good thing about Sir William and Whimsyshire portal is that it can be accessed by other players even after it was already opened, and Sir William was found. Keep in mind though, if you kill the Teddy Bear, he will not drop the items for people that were not in the game.

The most efficient Goblin farming build

Most certainly, during your hunt for the Goblins or other cosmetic items, you will have to repeatedly explore certain areas all over again. The rarity of those items and Goblins guarantee that you will spend hours doing so. That is exactly why it's very important to make sure your character is as fast as possible, allowing you to cover several times more area at the same time. We would like to suggest two characters that are fit for the job.

Definitely, the most suitable character for farming cosmetic items is the Witch Doctor As you might have guessed, it is all because it is currently the fastest character in Diablo 3 game. (Side-note: apparently this is not the fastest character in Diablo. The "Infinite Dashing Strike" Monk may be faster but because of the gear requirements and being harder to use, we will still suggest using this Witch Doctor anyway). All you need is the Manajuma's Set (Manajuma's Carving Knife and Manajuma's Gory Fetch) which increases the duration of Angry Chicken up to 15 seconds and increases movement speed by 100% when your character is transformed into the chicken. Currently, no other character can match this level of speed, and Witch Doctor is still able to maintain very good damage output and survivability while using the set. If all you care about is finding the Goblins or Wings you can even create a  fresh level 70 Witch Doctor character, craft and equip just those 2 items, getting a lightning-fast character during the process. It will allow you to swiftly travel around Sanctuary. If that is still not enough, you can additionally equip the following items:

1) Warzechian Armguards - they give you a small movement speed bonus, after destroying objects and destructible items (barrels, debris etc.)

2) Krelm’s Buff Belt - it gives you 25%  bonus movement speed after not receiving damage for a brief moment. As you will find out during your adventure, using the chicken form allows you to easily dodge all incoming attacks, making the belt incredibly effective,

3) Avarice Band combined with the 4) Boon of the Hoarder legendary gem - those two items work best when combined with each other. The gem gives you a movement speed bonus after picking up gold, while the ring, help you collect the Gold from further parts of the screen, increasing the effectiveness of the gem. If you plan using them, it might also be a good idea to use the following mojo in your Kanai's Cube: 

5) Thing of the Deep - the item increases even further, the range at which Gold is getting picked up. It will also greatly increase the effect of Grave Injustice passive skill that will lower all your skills cooldowns.

If you decide to choose Witch Doctor, you might also want to remember about a proper setup for your passive skills.  The optimal choice will be the Grave Injustice mentioned earlier, as well as the Fierce Loyalty, that will increase your movement speed by at least an additional 15%. However, to receive the movement speed bonus, you will need to summon one of the pets available in Witch Doctor's bestiary. And with those by your side you will have to be more cautious when approaching the Goblin - they might attack and kill it, while it might not have been your intention.

Items listed above will only increase your movement speed. They will not give you any extra benefits to damage and survivability (except for the fact, you can outrun all the monsters now). If you also want to have some fun during your cosmetic item hunt - by clearing areas on Torment levels, or completing Bounties along the way, you can freely use the Witch Doctor class sets. Both Arachyr's and Helltooth Set will do fine. You will be able to wear nearly all the items listed above, and still have place in your gear and Kanai Cube to put the damage amplifier items - for example, Mask of Jeram and The Tall Man's Finger for Helltooth Gargantuan build, or  Bakuli Jungle Wraps and Staff of Chiroptera, if you prefer to play Arachyr's Firebats one.  You might be unable to push records in high Greater Rifts, but this setup will allow you to play Nephalem rifts and Adventure Mode Bounties up to Torment XIII level.

The second class that might be worth to consider is the Crusader. Obviously, he will be unable to match the speed of Witch Doctor's but with the use of 6) Legacy of Nightmares set rings and the 7) Swiftmount flail, in the Lon Bombardment build, he will also be incredibly fast and keep 100% of his original damage output. Unfortunately getting all the items for the Crusader is a hard and time-consuming task for both casual and hardcore players, but if you manage to achieve it, you will most certainly enjoy playing that character. The crucial passives skills for Crusader's goblin hunt will be Fervor and Lord Commander, allowing you to resummon the Celestial Warhorse in a timely fashion. Steed Charge skill with either Endurance (for an extended duration) or Spiked Boarding (as one of the main damage sources) is the main movement speed bonus skill for the Crusader class. You can still use the 1) Warzechian Armguards, 2) Krelm Buff's Belt (If you are playing LoN Bombardment build, it might have to be put in Kanai Cube) 3) Avarice Band and 4) Boon of the Hoarder (the ring again, will fit only in Kanai Cube for the LoN build).

1)Warzechian Armguards 2) Krelm's Buff Belt
3) Avarice Band 4) Boon of the Hoarder
5) Thing of the Deep 6) Swiftmount
6) Litany of the Undaunted
(LoN set)
6) Wailing Host
(LoN set)

Bounties and Horadric Caches are one of the most commonly traded assets in Diablo 3. Boosters usually complete all quests in Adventure mode games without collecting rewards from Tyrael. This allows them to invite other players solely for the purpose of getting valuable loot. You can find this type of services on Odealo market.

Other cosmetic items

This Compendium does not include all the Wings, Pets, Portraits or Pennants that you might see in the game. Sadly most of the ones, that we did decide to pass over on are no longer available in Diablo at all (for example, the previous Season's rewards), or are rewards from special events or purchases of special Edition's (Limited, Collector's, etc.) of Blizzard games. In this spot, we would like to invite all cosmetic item's fanatics to join all the future Seasons adventures. Getting the cosmetic rewards usually have low requirements and are achievable within just a couple of days of casual playing. On the other hand, the uniqueness of other rewards, usually in the form of amazing portrait frames for clearing the Guardian journey level, or Additional Stash Tabs from Conqueror level, makes it worth the effort as well. Keep in mind that cosmetic items from Season Mode will be most likely never available again.

Below we present some of the cosmetic rewards, that players were able to earn for joining the Seasonal mode in the past:

Anguish Grasp Wings

Seasonal Pets

Frost Dog Pet D3 Old Growth Pet D3
Frost Dog
Season 4 reward
 Old Growth
Season 5 reward
Dream of Piers Pet Rocky Pet D3
Dream of Piers
Season 7 reward
Season 9 reward

Wings of the Dedicated, Wings of Mastery
and the Ascendant Pennants

Wings of Mastery
Wings of Mastery
Wings of the Dedicated
Wings of the Dedicated

The last cosmetic items that we would like to present in our Compendium are the Wings of the Dedicated and the Wings of Mastery, accompanied by Ascendant and Mastery Pennants for each class (all rewarded basically for the same achievements). This Wings are extremely rare and hence, very prestigious. Only the most active and skilled players can earn them for clearing all the Set Dungeons Masteries. To get the Wings of the Dedicated, players have to complete all Set Dungeons, without the necessity to do it with the Mastery status, while it is the requirement for the Wings of Mastery reward. As mentioned earlier, you will also be awarded the Ascendant Pennants for each class while completing the Dungeons, and Mastery Pennants when doing Mastering the Dungeons. Each Pennant will be awarded after completing all 4 Dungeons for the specific class.

Ascendant Pennants Mastery Pennants
Demon Hunter
Witch Doctor

Cosmic Wings and Wings of Mastery are the coolest cosmetic items in Diablo 3. Their rarity, however, makes them nearly impossible to obtain for casual players. The easiest and safest way would be to buy them on Odealo market from professional boosters.


We will not get into details on how to complete the Set Dungeons as such a vast topic would be well fit for a separate Guide.  If you liked this Compendium, and you would love to see more Guides from us, please let us know by leaving your feedback in the comments below.  It will be a great deal of motivation for us to create more Diablo 3 related content :)

We hope this Compendium will help you find your Cosmic Wings or other Cosmetic Items. Some of you might not have even been aware of their existence, so we hope we helped you look at Diablo from an entirely different perspective.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment.