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Diablo 3 Kerrigan Wings

Diablo 3 Kerrigan Wings

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your pair of Ghost Kerrigan Wings!

Malthael's Bargain Special Event

Blizzard have recently announced an event to celebrate the Malthael's entrance to the Heroes of the Storm game, and the soon to launch Necromancer DLC Expansion for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. Players are to participate in HotS games together with their friends, and receive amazing rewards for both Heroes of the Storms and Diablo 3.

The even will start on June 13, and will last untill June 26. The events special task is to Play 15 Games with friends in any mode (VS AI, Quick-Match, Ranked and Unraked games) while both playing. 

After the bargain is striked, all participatns will receive:


  • Leoric’s Phantom Mount and 1x Epic Loot Chest in Heroes of the Storm
  • Ghost Kerrigan Wings in Diablo 3 (They will appear on your account after Patch 2.6.0 is release

We suggest you participate, as it will only take a couple of hours. Heroes of the Storm is completely free and you do not have to make any Hero purchases to be able to pick a Diablo character. After you are in just find some teammates on public chats and the rewards will be yours! It's a limited event and we expect the wings will be never again available for other players. 

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The difficulty level you play at doesn't matter. You do not have to win a game either. You can simply play the easy mode AI games and it will still count. 
If for some reason you can't stand this game (why should you though, it's quite good) you can always find someone to do it for you.

After completing Malthael's Bargain you will also enter a contest (I guess in a form of lottery?) to win the authentic work by Alex Horley shown below:


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We hope we did help you learn about the event and still make it in time for all the amazing rewards. If you would also like to share share your thoughts please leave a comment below, and join the discussion on our Facebook fanpage

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