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Diablo 3 Fast Power Level Guide

Diablo 3 Fast Power Level Guide

A Brief Guide on How to get a Fast Diablo 3 Power Leveling

Diablo 3 Fast Power Level Guide

The following guide is based on the Reddit one, that seems to be very popular. It is based on begging for a Power level on community chats though, so we have decided to make ours better, more effective and more rewarding. What will you get after using this guide?

  • Level 70 fast
  • Free legendaries, around 10-50 depending on luck and what type of people you end up teaming with
  • You will potentially get to know people that will give you a free boost if you decide to repeat the first step of the following guide

Let's get down to the basics.

Step 1. Create your new character and enter Adventure Mode game (preferably Normal difficulty unless you already have a bunch of paragon points to distribute)

Step 2. Start doing bounties, or explore the areas where Goblins are more likely to spawn (you can find the locations and routes for Goblin hunting  here)

Step 3. Find a Menagerist or Rainbow Goblin and leave it alone, don't attack or approach it. Rainbow Goblin is pink on the minimap, while Menagerist is Blue. If you don't know how they look, here you are:

Menagerist Goblin Rainbow Goblin

Step 4. Teleport to Town

Step 5. Join a community that is either interested in Goblins (Pets, Wings, Goblins keywords) or Power Leveling (Powerlevel, Power level, etc.)

Step 6. Announce on community chat you have a Menagerist or Rainbow Goblin for trade, and you will be glad to have people join your game in exchange for Power Leveling and possibly clearing a couple of Rifts. 

Step 7. Find the right person that will do a couple of Rifts, maybe a Greater Rift for some extra legendaries and big Paragon Boost too. It is advised to find a person that will be willing to "go first" before you show him the Goblin location (he will not be able to use your Town Portal unless you didn't TP as advised in Step 4.)

Step 8. Grab the gear, Thank the guy, and go to your Goblin location (might not be able to use the Town Portal though, so just remember where it was)

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First of all, you no longer have to feel ashamed of yourself for wasting 30 minutes of your life begging for a free ride on community chat. And why is that Guide going to work? It's mainly because the Goblins Mentioned are extremely rare, and in average finding one of them, will take couple times longer than doing few Rifts and Grifts for a guy that already has one. 

You might also end up with some wings/pets fanatic, that will gladly exchange more of his Legendaries or Bounties for Goblins.

Sidenote: It is also possible to have several people join your group, and possibly all of them could drop the items from the Rifts cleared.


For those who have no idea how to join a community, please follow the few steps below:

Step 1. Open Social window when in the game's menus (bottom right corner) and pick the Community Icon. Or you can simply use the SHIT+"O" keyboard shortcut.

Step 2. Click the "Find Communities" Button

Step 3. Enter the desired keywords in the <Filter> box on the left (possibly Power Level, Powerlevel, Goblin, etc.)

Step 4. Choose the Community and click the "Join Community" on the bottom-left part of the screen.

After shutting down Auction House trading is no longer possible in Diablo 3. Items can only be traded with party members within 2-hour time frame. This greatly increased popularity of Item Farming, Boosting and Greater Rift carry services in Diablo 3. All of which can be found on Odealo marketplace.

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Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment.