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D2R The Best Magic Find Items in Diablo 2 Resurrected

D2R The Best Magic Find Items in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Complete list of the best Magic Find Items in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected

The Best Items for Magic Find



Magic Finding is a big part of Diablo 2 Resurrected. It allows you to make money or simply farm for your desired gear all by yourself. Because of this, having a dedicated MF Character is a great idea - the most recommended option is a Blizzard Sorc, but there are quite a few alternatives as well. While the build choice is very important for an MF character, there's something even more crucial - appropriate Magic Finding Gear. Below, we present you a list of the best and the most popular MF Items for Diablo 2 Resurrected. 

This Guide is a part of our series about Magic Find in Diablo 2 Resurrected, and it covers solely the aspect of the optimal Magic Find Gear you can find in D2R. If you would like to know more about Magic Find in general, how it works, how loot drop is calculated, or what are the best Locations to find high quality Items in Diablo 2 Resurrected please check our In-depth Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Find Guide and the best Locations to MF


The Best Magic Find Gear


Note: If you just want Magic Find and other stats are of no interest to you, you could possibly take a White Weapon with 6 sockets and put 6 Ist Runes into it. Doing so would result in a Weapon boasting 180% Magic Find, but nothing else. 

The Oculus (Swirling Crystal) - This amazing weapon is tailored for a Magic Finding Sorceress. It provides +3 to Sorc Skill Levels, a lot of FCR, some Resistances, and Attributes, but, most importantly, it boasts a +50% Chance of Getting Magic Items. If you have a Blizzard Sorc you farm with, The Oculus is a must for you. 

The Oculus

  • Damage: 18 to 42
  • Required Level: 42 
  • Required Dexterity: 
  • Required Strength: 
  • Durability: 50  
    • +3 To Sorceress Skill Levels 
    • +5 To Mana After Each Kill 
    • All Resistances +20 
    • 25% Chance To Cast Level 1 Teleport When Struck 
    • +30% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +20 To Vitality 
    • +20 Energy 
    • +20% Enhanced Defense 
    • 50% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items 

Blade of Ali Baba (Tulwar) - This One-Handed Sword has an amazing Magic Finding potential; It gives up to 99% MF and can be fitted with two Ist Runes for another 60%! Its biggest letdowns are its rather mediocre combat stats, however, it's still a top Weapon Swap choice for Find Item Barbarians and other builds that don't solely rely on weapon damage. 

Blade of Ali Baba

  • Damage:  [25-35] to [56-77]
  • Required Level: 35
  • Required Dexterity: 42
  • Required Strength: 70
  • Durability: 32
    • +[60-120]% Enhanced Damage (varies) 
    • +[5-15] to Dexterity (varies) 
    • +15 to Mana 
    • [2-247]% Extra Gold from Monsters (2.5% per Character Level) 
    • [1-99]% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (1% per Character Level) 
    • Socketed (2) 

Last Wish (Runeword) - A very expensive yet powerful Magic Finding Runeword that is best suited for characters that want massive melee weapon damage. If you need some MF on a Shape-Shifter Druid or a Whirlwind Barb (in the latter case, you could use it as an off-hand, or dual-wield it if you're comfortable with the DPS loss from doing so). 

Last Wish

  • Damage:  Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Level: 65
  • Required Dexterity: Depends on base Weapon
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Weapon
  • Durability: Depends on base Weapon 
  • Jah + Mal + Jah + Sur + Jah + Ber  
    • 10% Chance to Cast Level 18 Life Tap on Striking 
    • 20% Chance to Cast Level 20 Charged Bolt on Attack 
    • 6% Chance to Cast Level 11 Fade when Struck 
    • Level 17 Might Aura when Equipped 
    • +[330-375]% Enhanced Damage (varies) 
    • Ignore Target's Defense 
    • [60-70]% Chance of Crushing Blow (varies) 
    • Prevent Monster Heal 
    • Hit Blinds Target 
    • [0-49]% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (0.5% per Character Level) 

Rhyme (Runeword) - This cheap Runeword is an amazing early-game all-rounder. It not only boosts your Magic Find slightly but also provides you with an increase to All Resistances and Mana Regen. Moreover, it's one of just a few items that grant the Cannot Be Frozen Affix, which is a must-have for pretty much all builds. 


  • Defense: Depends on base Shield 
  • Required Level: 29 
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Shield 
  • Durability: Depends on base Shield 
  • Shael + Eth
    • +40% Faster Block Rate 
    • 20% Increased Chance of Blocking 
    • Regenerate Mana 15% 
    • All Resistances +25 
    • Cannot Be Frozen 
    • 50% Extra Gold from Monsters 
    • 25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 

Splendor (Rune Word) - A great and inexpensive mid-to-late game Magic Finding Shield Runeword. It is tailored towards casters which makes it perfect for MF Sorcs. 


  • Defense: Depends on base Shield 
  • Required Level: 37
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Shield ​​​​​
  • Durability: Depends on base Shield
  • Eth + Lum 
    • +1 To All Skills 
    • +10% Faster Cast Rate 
    • +20% Faster Block Rate 
    • +60-100% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +10 To Energy 
    • Regenerate Mana 15% 
    • 50% Extra Gold From Monsters 
    • 20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 
    • +3 To Light Radius 
Note: A good late-game alternative to Rhyme and Splendor is a Monarch with 4 open sockets, as filling them with Ist Runes is going to give you a +100% Magic Find on top of a high defense shield. The downside is, the Monarch is quite heavy (156) which might be problematic for some builds. 

Harlequin Crest (Shako) - Everybody and their mother knows this one and wants it on their MF Characters. Shako has a solid reputation, and for a good reason; it provides everything your MF Char might want - Life, Mana, +2 Skills, Damage Reduction, and +50 Magic Find. 

Harlequin Crest

  • Defense: 98 to 141 
  • Required Level: 62
  • Required Strength: 50
  • Durability: 20
    • +2 to All Skills 
    • +1-148 to Life (+1.5 per Character Level) 
    • +1-148 to Mana (+1.5 per Character Level) 
    • Damage Reduced By 10% 
    • 50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 
    • +2 to All Attributes 

Griswold's Valor (Corona) - This is a solid option if you want to go all-in on the Magic Find stat. It gives you anywhere between 20-30% MF and offers two open sockets on top. If you add two Ist Runes or Perfect Topazes, or a combination of these two, you will end up with 68-70% Magic Find which is the most of all Non-Class-Specific Helmets. 

Griswold's Valor

  • Defense: 249 to 290
  • Required Level: 69
  • Required Strength: 105
  • Durability: 50
    • +[50-75]% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • All Resistances +5 
    • +[0-24] Absorbs Cold Damage (0.25 per Character Level) 
    • [20-30]% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies) 
    • Requirements -40% 
    • Socketed (2) 

Wealth (Runeword) - This Runeword's name says it all; if you want wealth, this is an all-in option. It gives a whopping +100% Magic Find but little else. Also, it requires only level 43 and is very easy to create yourself which makes it a great starter/budget Magic Finding option. 


  • Defense: Depends on base Armor 
  • Required Level: 43 
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Armor 
  • Durability: Depends on base Armor 
  • Lem + Ko + Tir  
    • +10 to Dexterity 
    • +2 to Mana after each Kill 
    • 300% Extra Gold from Monsters 
    • 100% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 

Enigma (Runeword) - If you want to maximize farming efficiency on a Character that is not a Sorceress, this is your only "real" option. It not only gives you access to Teleport (it works much better on Characters with high FCR, mind you) but also gives you up to 99% Magic Find. On top of that, Enigma also provides a plethora of useful combat stats which include +2 to All Skills. 


  • Defense: Depends on base Armor 
  • Required Level: 65 
  • Required Strength: Depends on base Armor 
  • Durability: Depends on base Armor 
  • Jah + Ith + Ber  
    • +2 To All Skills 
    • +45% Faster Run/Walk 
    • +1 To Teleport 
    • +750-775 Defense (varies) 
    • +(0.75*Clvl) To Strength (Based On Character Level) 
    • Increase Maximum Life 5% 
    • Damage Reduced By 8% 
    • +14 Life After Each Kill 
    • 15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana 
    • (1*Clvl)% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)

Goldwrap (Heavy Belt) - As far as Magic Finding goes, this belt outshines all other choices for the slot - It gives 30% MF which is the highest of all belts. If you farm with a melee character, the +10% Attack Speed it provides will come in handy as well. 


  • Defense: 34-36 
  • Potion Slots: 12 
  • Required Level: 27
  • Required Strength: 45
  • Durability: 18
    • +40-60% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +25 Defense 
    • 10% Increased Attack Speed
    • 30% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items
    • 50-80% Extra Gold From Monsters (varies) 
    • +2 To Light Radius  

Chance Guards (Chain Gloves) - The top Magic Finding choice for the Gloves slot. Also, Chance Guards increase Attack Rating which is a nice stat to have on multiple builds. 

Chance Guards

  • Defense: 67-74
  • Required Level: 45
  • Required Strength: 58
  • Durability: 16
    • +20-30% Enhanced Defense (varies) 
    • +15 Defense 
    • +25 to Attack Rating 
    • 25-40% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies) 
    • 200% Extra Gold From Monsters 
    • +2 to Light Radius 

War Traveler (Battle Boots) - When you're after Magic Find, these are the only real option for the slot (as far as Uniques go - Rares with +25% MF will work as well). From them, you'll get up to 50% Magic Find, unlimited running (thanks to slower stamina drain), and 25% Faster Run/Walk. 

War Traveler

  • Defense: 120-139 
  • Required Level: 42
  • Required Strength: 95
  • Kick Damage: 37-64 
  • Durability: 48
    • +150-190% Enhanced Defense 
    • 25% Faster Run/Walk 
    • +10 to Vitality 
    • +10 to Strength 
    • Adds 15-25 Damage 
    • +40% Slower Stamina Drain 
    • Attacker Takes Damage Of 5-10 
    • 30-50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items 
As far as Amulets go, your best option is to get a Magic or a Rare Amulet with Affixes that affect Magic Finding. Magic Amulets can have up to 50% MF while Rares can roll up to 35%. These are quite hard to get and will cost a small fortune, mind you. Alternatively, you can pick up an Amulet that is going to increase your combat capabilities and thus boost your clear speeds, which will indirectly boost your Magic Finding. Usually, Amulets with +Skills are the way to go - you can either get a Magic/Rare one but these will be as (if not more) expensive as MF ones, or invest in the Mara's Kaleidoscope. 
For the Rings slot, you have two options. You either go for the Nagelring or get a Magic Ring with MF Affixes - these can have up to 50% Magic Find (with a Fortuitous Ring of Luck, which is one of the rarest items in the game...)! 

Nagelring - This rather inexpensive ring will allow you to boost your Magic Find stat by up to 30%. Also, it only requires level 7 and gives quite a lot of Attack Rating. 


  • Required Level: 7
    • +[50-75] to Attack Rating (varies) 
    • Magic Damage Taken Reduced by 3 
    • Attacker Takes Damage of 3 
    • [15-30]% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies) 

Gheed's Fortune (Grand Charm) - The source of Gheed's wealth; this Unique Grand Charm gives up to 40% MF, which makes it a must-have for any serious Magic Finding build. If you want to farm for it yourself, doing Hell Mephisto runs with a Blizzard Sorc is your best bet. 

Gheed's Fortune

  • Required Level: 62
    • [80-160]% Extra Gold from Monsters (varies) 
    • [20-40]% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies) 
    • Reduces All Vendor Prices [10-15]% (varies)

Ist Rune - The best Magic Finding option for socketing Weapons, Armors, Helmets, and Shields. 


  • Required Level: 51
    • Weapons: 30% Chance of Getting Magic Items 
    • Armor: 25% Chance of Getting Magic Items 
    • Helmets: 25% Chance of Getting Magic Items 
    • Shields: 25% Chance of Getting Magic Items 

Perfect Topaz - This is an alternative to the Ist Rune that works only with Armors and Helmets. The difference between the two, in these slots, is negligible. Also, a Perfect Topaz only requires Level 18, compared to Ist's 51. 

Perfect Topaz

  • Required Level: 18
    • Weapons: 1-40 Lightning Damage
    • Armor: 24% Chance of Getting Magic Items 
    • Helmets: 24% Chance of Getting Magic Items 
    • Shields: Lightning Resistance +40% 



Please remember that Unique Items are not the only ones viable for magic finding. If you get your hand on Magic/Rare Items with Felicitous, Fortuitous, of Chance, of Fortune, and of Luck Affixes (these Affixes are quite common and can spawn on Gloves, Boots, Rings, Amulets, and Circlets), you could boost your Magic Find very cheaply. Just keep in mind that other affixes that come with these are completely random and won't (most likely) compare favorably to Uniques. 

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. If you liked it and want us to add more guides such as this one, please let us know! Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work so leave your suggestions in the comments section below. 


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