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Best Tank Build for New World with Sword & Board

Best Tank Build for New World with Sword & Board

The best PvE Tank setup for New World Online

The Best PvE Tank
New World Build


Build notes:
August 19, 2021
-Build created


Build Overview

New World Online returns to the roots of the classic MMORPG genre and the importance of all three major character roles (DPS, Tank, and Healer) is back to glory. With the implementation of Expeditions and Dungeons, where players have to form a team of fighters to deal with the most challenging enemies, you and your friends are surely going to need a solid Tank to soak up damage and allow you to defeat the toughest Bosses. The following setup is presumably the best PVE setup for a primary tank character. Not only, you can expect to take down tons of damage without going down, but you will also control the entire battlefield with various CC abilities and debuff enemies, offering the best team utility out there.

Our recommended setup revolves around using Sword and Shield as your primary weapon - which is a natural choice for a Tank character in New World. And while the game offers some flexibility when it comes to choosing your secondary Weapon (well, it might be technically possible to tank without the shield too, but that's yet to be determined when the full game is released, and we get to test it) but we are strongly recommending using War Hammer. War Hammer is the best Crowd Control weapon that you can use with its' Crowd Crusher tree (yes, the similarity is not coincidental). At the same time, War Hammer is decent for leveling, and with small tweaks, it is also one of the best weapons for PvP.

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 Pros  Cons
 Massive Health pool and physical damage mitigation  Mediocre DPS for solo play
 Amazing crowd control and team utility   Slower than average leveling
 Viable for both leveling and PvP   
 Easy to find parties for Expeditions and Dungeons  


Attribute Allocation

STRENGTH 5 (+0) No points are needed in Strength even though it's the primary attribute for both weapons used in this build. You are not looking to boost your damage, at least until you get all the benefits from the Constitution attribute
DEXTERITY 5 (+0) No points added here
INTELLIGENCE 5 (+0) No points added here
FOCUS 5 (+0) No points added here
CONSTITUTION 195 (+0) All points should go into Constitution. It increases your armor, physical damage reduction, and health, which are all core stats for every tank. You should aim to get 300 Points here in total to get all the bonuses, then you can allocate some in Strength




Sword and Shield is the primary weapon of choice for nearly all the tank characters. After all, it's the weapon setup that with its' Defender tree offers the highest damage mitigation and defensive utility. If you are looking to become the primary tank in Dungeons, Expeditions, you have no other option here. You are mainly going to utilize active skills and passives from the Defender tree to reduce incoming damage and generate the highest possible threat (if you are not familiar with the tank role, the threat is what determines who is the monsters' primary target, so if you don't generate enough threat, monsters will attack your DPS and/or healers, and the party will eventually collapse). Picking up skills from the Swordmaster tree is optional, and they will be mainly used during leveling/solo play. Leadership is amazing but it would require you to sacrifice quite a bit of your defenses to get to it, but that's potentially also an option. 

Active Skills:

  1. Shield Bash: an AoE stun that affects enemies in front of you. It can also Taunt all enemies hit for 6 seconds if you have a Carnelian Gem equipped in your weapon. You are also going to take both corresponding passives for it, to increase the threat generated and increase the stun duration to 3 seconds
  2. Shield Rush: your rush forward knocking back enemies. It's a great initiator, and with its' passives it can also weaken and slow down affected enemies
  3. Final Stand: a must-have ability that greatly reduces incoming damage for a short duration. You are going to save it for big damage spikes against Bosses, and just like Shield Bash, it offers an AoE taunt with Carnelian Gem equipped. When the effect ends, it can also heal you for 15% of your max Health

Core Passives:

  1. Final Blow: makes it much easier to generate threat with light attacks (making it even more suitable for beginner players, or if you are still inexperienced with the tank's rotation)
  2. Defensive Training: a mandatory passive that allows you to gain Fortify buff for a short duration when you block and attack. Fortify reduces all incoming damage 
  3. Recuperation: increases incoming healing and health regeneration on your character by 10%. Makes the life of your healers much easier, and you are less likely to die during Boss fights
  4. Defensive Formation: when you successfully block, it will reduce the damage to all your nearby party members by 30%. This skill offers amazing team utility

War Hammer is the secondary weapon used in this build which is primarily focused on Crowd Control. You are going to distribute points mainly in the Crowd Crusher tree, where, Juggernaut is more DPS oriented - making it a better option for leveling up your character, but less useful in Dungeons and Expeditions. 

Active Skills:

  1. Armor Breaker: a powerful attack that penetrates 35% of the target. The Lasting Trauma passive also increases all damage dealt to the target
  2. Shockwave: a powerful AoE stun that affects all enemies in a 3-meter radius around your character. It can also weaken affected enemies, which reduce the damage they deal by 10%
  3. Path of Destiny: an AoE attack that damages enemies in front of you and staggers all the enemies on its path. With its' cooldown reduction per enemy in radius, it's a great tool for leveling up as well

Core Passives:

  1. Prevailing Spirit: basically a Health leech ability that will be very useful when playing without a healer in your party
  2. Resurgence: allows you to reduce the duration of debuffs on your character with light attacks
  3. Epitome of Bonk!: increases the armor penetration effectiveness of all War Hammer attacks
  4. Quick Recovery: it allows you to reduce the cooldowns of your War Hammer abilities with heavy attacks which allows you to use all the stuns and CC more often


Items/Stat Priority

In terms of Items, you are primarily going to focus on getting the highest possible physical armor rating on all pieces of equipment. Your Health scales with your physical armor thanks to the bonuses from the Constitution attribute, so it's best to simply benefit from it. You should also aim in getting 300 total points in Constitution to gain all the bonuses from it, after all, it's the attribute that increases the maximum amount of damage you can take.

We are obviously going to update this section when the full game is released, and we have more time to get familiar with all the Perks, Gems, and specific attributes of higher rarity equipment. Any changes to this guide will be described on top of the page in Build notes. 



This is our premiere New World Online build and we would be grateful if you leave your feedback about it (the form, content, and pretty much anything else you would want to see done differently). We are going to continuously add new builds and update existing content for New World, and we are expecting to have a full team of players constantly testing out new builds and Items for you. Make sure to check back for more up-to-date articles and guides for New World Online at