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[3.0]Righteous Fire Chieftain Uber Lab/Atziri - Odealo's Crafty Guide

[3.0]Righteous Fire Chieftain Uber Lab/Atziri - Odealo's Crafty Guide

Extremely powerful and tanky Righteous Fire Chieftain build. Try this Uber Lab and Uber Atziri farmer with enjoyable gameplay mechanics

Righteous Fire Chieftain
Uber Atziri/Uber Lab farmer
Updated for patch 3.0

The Best Crafty Guides by Odealo

Estimated price for all the items:  12 Exalted Orbs

With recent patch 3.0 changes, life builds have became extremely popular. This time we are presenting a very tanky, and extremely powerful Righteous Fire Chieftain build. This build requires a lot of Life and Life regeneration in order to keep the Righteous Fire up. It deals immense damage even in the 4-link setup.

For the full list of our Path of Exile builds you can visit the following article: Odealo's Crafty Guides - Full List

1. Basic gameplay

The main idea behind this build is to maintain Righteous Fire which causes extremely high damage over time effect to both monsters and the caster (which is "degeneration damage" and will not proc Cast when Damage Taken spells for example). To most important part of this build is very high Life and Life regeneration, this is why both Kaom's gear pieces will be used.

2. Build's PROS & CONS

  • extremely powerful this build does enough damage to clear all the game's content
  • easy to level up - flame and searing totem melt anything on your way
  • amazing mobility - our gear setup makes this character extremely viable for fast map clearing
  • tanky build with proper life gear
  • can be used with Bisco's Collar for increased IIR/IIQ
  • because of the recent patch Kaom's Heart became really expensive
  • low number of sockets limits limits the number of available skill options
  • obliterating everything with just 3 active skills might seem boring at times

3. Leveling tips

As most of the points in skill tree are allocated in Life and Fire Damage we recommend sticking to that during leveling too. The Searing Bond and Flame Totem combination should easily take you to Act 10. You can also use Firestorm as a "supporting" aoe-damage spell. 

Suggested leveling gem setups:

Searing Bond Totem setup
Searing Bond Searing Bond - your main damage dealing spell. It plants a totem that casts beams of fire at you and your other totems damaging enemies. Deals very good damage if positioned well 
Burning Damage Support Burning Damage Support - this gems provides the highest dps increase for searing bond
Controlled Destruction Support Controlled Destruction Support - another great dps increase for searing bond
Flame Totem setup
Flame Totem Flame Totem - will plan a Totem that will be targeted by your Searing Bond totem, as well as deal additional projectile-based fire spell damage
Faster Casting Support Faster Casting Support - it will not only make you plan the totem faster, but increase its' own spell casting speed (Flame Totem's attacks are considered spells)
Greater Multiple Projectiles Support Greater Multiple Projectiles Support - great dps increase, multiplying the number of totem's projectiles
Added Chaos Damage Support (optional)Added Chaos Damage Support- another good dps support gem
Fire Penetration Support

(optional)Fire Penetration Support - same as above. This two are fully viable options, however 4th and 5th gem are not exactly that most important thing during leveling, so you can use pretty much anything you can get your hands on 

Firestorm setup
Firestorm Firestorm - decent aoe damage. Will help you clear big packs, and also burn your mana in harder battles
Faster Casting Faster Casting Support - Firestorm has rather slow casting speed, so this support gem will come in handy
Spell Echo Support Spell Echo Support - same as above, will also grant extra damage


We recommend helping killing all bandits for additional 2 skill points. 

Leveling skill trees:

38 Points Skill Tree
Priorities: 1) Warrior's Blood 2) Arsonist 3) Holy Fire

70 Points Skill Tree
Simply fill all the Life nodes/Jewel slots in any order

Recommended leveling items:

Lifesprig Lifesprig - this wands grats decent early-game spell damage as well as +1 level to socketed spell gems. We suggest using 2 of this and put 2 different totem setup in each
(8-12)% increased Spell Damage
+1 to Level of Socketed Spell Gems
(20-28)% increased Spell Damage
(5-8)% increased Cast Speed
+(15-20) to maximum Life
+(15-20) to maximum Mana
Regenerate (6-8) Life over 1 second when you Cast a Spell
PraxisPraxis - great leveling ring for casters. If you plan to use Tabula Rasa and 6-link your totems you will need a good mana/mana regeneration ring like Praxis
+(20-25) to maximum Mana
+(30-60) to maximum Mana
(3-6) Mana Regenerated per second
-(8-4) to Mana Cost of Skills
8% of Damage taken gained as Mana over 4 seconds when Hit
GoldrimGoldrim - an amazing leveling helmet. Provides enough resistances to make it a viable option all the way to Act 10. 
+(30-50) to Evasion Rating
10% increased Rarity of Items found
+(30-40)% to all Elemental Resistances
Reflects 4 Physical Damage to Melee Attackers
Level Requirement reduced by 100 (Hidden)
EmberwakeEmberwake - increases your fire damage. If you don't want to respecc to many points later, and stick to the recommended skill trees you might need some extra %Fire damage
+(20-30)% to Fire Resistance
(30-40)% increased Fire Damage
(5-10)% increased Cast Speed
10% chance to Ignite
You can inflict an additional Ignite on an Enemy
Ignited Enemies Burn 65% slower

4. Final Skill tree, Ascendancy Points and Pantheon

Final skill tree:

116 Points Final Skill Tree - This build is very straight forward. You already picked up all the required dps nodes so from that point onward you just have to pick the remaining Life&Life regeneration nodes and Jewel slots

Ascendancy points:

Preferably in that order:

  1. Ngahamu, Flame's Advance
  2. Ramako, Sun's Light
  3. Tawhoa, Forest's Strength
  4. 2x Minor life regen nodes


Major God : Soul of Lunaris - 1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%, 1% increased Movement Speed for each nearby Enemy, up to 8%

Minor God : Soul of Gruthkul - 1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each Hit you've taken Recently up to a maximum of 5%

5. Final gems links

[DPS] Righteous Fire 4L
Righteous Fire Righteous Fire - your main dps spell. Simply keep your life above 1 and try not to die when it's on, the spell will deal with all the other stuff in its range 
Burning Damage Support Burning Damage Support - the best support gem for this setup. Grants the highest burning damage out of all support gems
Controlled Destruction Support Controlled Destruction Support - another great dps-oriented support gem
Concentrated Effect Support (bosses)Concentrated Effect Support - used for boss/single target battles. Swap with the latter for regular map farming
Increased Area of Effect Support (farming)Increased Area of Effect Support - as above, use when farming/mapping
[MOBILITY & DEF] Shield Charge 4L
Shield Charge Shield Charge - your main mobility spell. Use it to get you closer to new packs as soon as possible (Righteous Fire will deal damage to you whether the monsters are around or not)
Faster Attack Support Faster Attack Support - extra attack speeds makes the shield charge even faster
Fortify Support Fortify Support - additional defence
Summon Stone Golem Summon Stone Golem - golem will grant you extra Life regeneration. It can be in a 1L setup, however linking it with Fortify will grant him some extra sustainability
[AURAS] Vitality & Purity of Fire setup
Purity of Fire Purity of Fire - this aura will grant additional fire resistance, as well as increase its' maximum value. Fire resistance
Vitality Vitality - this aura will grant the extremely important Life regeneration
Empower Empower - your auras are very important in this build. That's why it's recommended to link them to the highest Empower Support gem you can afford
[CURSE] Flammability + Enduring Cry 2+1L setup
Flammability Flammability - our recommended curse, which reduces enemies fire resistance, link it to Blasphemy support gem and it will work like an aura, affecting all enemies in Righteous Fire range
Blasphemy Blasphemy Support - makes your curse work like an aura around you
Enduring Warcry Enduring Warcry - a shout which generates extra endurance charges. Each will grant you extra defences and additional Life regeneration from Chieftain's Ramako, Sun's Light ascendancy node

5. Gear Setup
Including poe.trade links!

Let's get down to the most interesting part. All the items required for this build shouldn't cost more than 13 Exalted Orbs on Harbinger League (mid September 2017).  If that's for some reason above your available budget you are more than welcome to visit our PoE Currency Marketplaceand get the missing currency. Our recommended gear setup will provide:

  1. Provide at least 6,000 Life on a level 70 character
  2. Cap your resistances
  3. Allow fast map farming
  4. Save you at least a couple of hours!

You will find alle the poe.trade links below every piece of equipment (gems aren't included). Also not every item will have the required sockets set, but the build does not go higher than 4-links making it very easy to craft them by yourself. Remember to alter the search filters if needed. Depending on your budget you can always increase the Maximum Life requirement or adjust the resistances values. All the results will be shown for Harbinger Softcore League, if you want to play on Standard just change the game mode on poe.trade. If you plan to do end-game content in this build, you will need level 80 Opal Rings (with Increased Elemental damage prefix) as well as you might have to increase the Maximum Life bonuses on the gear.

We have also decided to skip the gems. Most of them should be acquired by you when leveling your character. Other gems can be purchased at any time on poe.trade. Depending on your budget you can find gems with appropriate quality level. When buying gems you can follow this guidelines:

  1. input the gem's name on poe.trade search console
  2. select level ranges to: min. <your level - 3> and max. to <your level>. This will show only gems that are most suitable for your current level (unless you are trying to build the CwDT setup which might require low level gems only).
  3. play around with the quality value, depending on your budget and currently available offers
(Helmet) Rare Life/Life regen. helmet - preferably with int/str requirement as you will have to craft 3 blue sockts in it for the Righteous Fire setup 
Rare helmet +Increased Life
+Increased Life regeneration
+Cold resistance
+Lightning resistance
poe.trade link: http://poe.trade/search/hooyekinuameha
(Body Armour) Kaom's Heart - if you can afford it, buy corrupted one with +1% max resistances, and the highest Increased fire damage%. Also buying a Legacy one (even more expensive) will grant enormous Life boost, which will also partly compensate the missing Fire damage%
Kaom's Heart Has no Sockets
+500 to maximum Life
(20-40)% increased Fire Damage
odealo marketplace link: https://odealo.com/market/search/all/kaom%27s
poe.trade link: http://poe.trade/search/sichisikobenoi
(Weapon Slot) Brightbeak - grants extra attack speed for increased mobility, and extra resistances
Brightbeak 10% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold
(50-75)% increased Physical Damage
50% increased Attack Speed
25% increased Critical Strike Chance
+(20-30)% to Fire Resistance
+(20-30)% to Lightning Resistance
poe.trade link: http://poe.trade/search/omatoruhabarum
(Shield) Rise of the Phoenix - extremely important part of the gear. It increased your maximum fire resistance
Rise of the Phoenix 3% reduced Movement Speed (Hidden)
+8% to all Elemental Resistances
(80-100)% increased Armour and Energy Shield
6 Life Regenerated per second
+8% to maximum Fire Resistance
+(20-25)% to Fire Resistance
+25% to Fire Resistance while on Low Life
10% increased Movement Speed when on Low Life
Cannot be Ignited while on Low Life
poe.trade link: http://poe.trade/search/ahasonahotetam
(Boots) Kaom's Roots - we pick another Kaom's piece for incredible Life bonus. 
Kaom's Roots Has no Sockets
Cannot be Knocked Back
+(150-200) to maximum Life
You cannot be slowed to below base speed
Unwavering Stance
poe.trade link :  http://poe.trade/search/oyomokototonok
(Belt) Rare Life/res belt -  aim for the highest Maximum Life bonus you can afford
Leather belt +40 to maximum energy shield
+70 to maximum Life
+25% to cold resistance
+25% to fire resistance
+25% to lightning resistance
poe.trade link: http://poe.trade/search/rubohonomiriti
(Amulet) Bisco's Collar (mf option) - we have chosen Bisco's Collar for the slot as this build is more than viable with it equipped (res will be capped anyway with the other recommended gear) For players with lower budget or struggling in mid/high tier maps with it, you can also try the second option with increased Life/Life regen. and Fire damage bonus
Bisco's Collar (12-20)% increased Rarity of Items found
(100-150)% increased Rarity of Items Dropped by Slain Magic Enemies
(50-100)% increased Quantity of Items Dropped by Slain Normal Enemies
poe.trade link: http://poe.trade/search/heminausiyauah
(Amulet) Rare Life/Life regen. amulet - for those that have trouble managing Life/Life regen. with Collar equipped. It's also a lot cheaper option
Coral Amulet +Maximum Life
+Life regeneration per second
+Increased Fire damage
poe.trade link: http://poe.trade/search/erunosahatowas
(Rings) 2x Rare ring with Life/Life regen. and elemental resistances - our goal is to get as many extra resistances and life here as possible. Extra mana or mana regeneration shouldn't cost much more so we include the stats in item filters, however getting any dps or es affixes on good life/res rings will make them VERY expensive
Coral Ring +Maximum Life
+Life regeneration per second
+All elemental resistances
poe.trade link (buy two):  http://poe.trade/search/sinohasidinari
(Gloves) Rare Life/Res gloves/Attack speed gloves - we aim for the highest Life obviously. Attack speed is an extra addition to grant you better mobility (if you can't afford gloves with attack speed just remove it from the search filters)
STR gloves +Maximum Life
+Cold resistance
+Lightning resistance
+Increased attack speed
poe.trade link: http://poe.trade/search/anotoyotakanas
(Jewels) Rare Life/Burning Damage/Area Damage jewels - simply look for the highest Life/Damage combination you can afford
Cobalt jewel 5%+ increased Maximum Life
Increased Spell damage
Increased Fire damage
Increased Spell damage while holding a shield
Increased Burning damage
Increased Area damage
Increased damage
poe.trade link(cheapest option): http://poe.trade/search/etatunononiton
poe.trade link: http://poe.trade/search/okanaraakonosi
poe.trade link: http://poe.trade/search/usitotobotomet
(Flask) Witchfire brew - grants additional 25-40% damage while under flask effect. The extra defensive effects might also come in handy
Witchfire brew Creates a Smoke Cloud on Use
50% increased Charges used
(25-40)% increased Damage Over Time during Flask Effect
Grants level 21 Vulnerability Curse Aura during Flask Effect
poe.trade link: http://poe.trade/search/esetatarasihok
Other suggested Flasks:
  1. Cautious Divine Life Flask of Heathttp://poe.trade/search/watanokahasaur (immunity to frozen)
  2. Cautious Divine Life Flask of Staunching http://poe.trade/search/kazumamakosoit (immunity to bleeding)
  3. Experimenter's Ruby Flask of Iron Skin  http://poe.trade/search/rasinahasiosit (increased maximum fire res. and armour)
  4. The Overflowing Chalice http://poe.trade/search/hukomasitozaso (any sulphur flask will do, possibly with increased duration or increased charge recovery)
Divine Life Flask Divine Life FlaskRuby FlaskOverflowing Chalice

We will appreciate all suggestions regarding this build. Also if you have a request for a future guide please leave it in the comments below.

You might also want to join the discussion on our Facebook fanpage.

Pictures used in this article are intelectual property of Grinding Gear Games.