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Become an Unkillable Beast

Become an Unkillable Beast
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look if you are little bit new in the game and you are looking to buy something to save your time and something that will make warfarme more enjoyable game.

then you should buy something cheaper and valueable something so that you can save some money and enjoy the game too ^ ^

you can buy soem platinums but i will recommend you to buy a build because its cheaper and will change your game experience fully.

i am talking about your warframe, weapons, pets build. by the build you can be strong and enjoy the game.

you can just show me which warframes which build fits your playing style and i will give you the necessary all the mods, arcanes and the required booster and more, so that you can save your time and enjoy the game like a pro ^ ^

so here is what you are getting:

1. all the mods for your favourite build that you would like to get . you can get any 1 warframe or weapons build with full mod and arcances

2. any warframe prime set you would like to get ^ ^

3. weapon and warframe slots so that you can use new weapons and warframes

4.some valuable rivens so that you can build your weapon overpowerful

5.resource boosters which will help you to farm so fast

6.let em know anything you want to farm. i will help to to farm.

well, is there any risk?

not at all. warframe only investigate on platinum trades. so dont worry at all XD and also we willl talk as a script so no worries at all ^ ^

how will we trade?

I will give you a script as that we will talk. its so so safe and fast ^ ^

What you need for the trade?

you dont need anything like riven or anything like this.

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