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T1-T5 Map Package + 50x Alchemy / Chaos [Heist SC] [Delivery: 45 Minutes]

T1-T5 Map Package + 50x Alchemy / Chaos [Heist SC] [Delivery: 45 Minutes]

Heist Softcore

T1-T5 Map Package + 50x Alchemy / Chaos [Heist SC] [Delivery: 45 Minutes] - image
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Please check out the variety of Sets I offer: Starter Leveling PacksComplete Builds (Items, Gems, Jewels, Flasks), Complete Map Packs + Currency (Normal and Unique Maps), Currency Sets (Crafting and Mapping). Click other users offers above to check them out and save your time for gameplay.

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  • Tips: I give you the every help you will need to play the build you bought from me. My job is not done until you are satisfied and know everything necessary.

Getting maps 1 by 1 can be very tiring, grab this package to save your time! Since the new expansion Conquerors of The Atlas, the whole Map system has changed. You can complete lower tier version of certain maps, and the higher versions will also be completed.

This package containts a copy of every single (non-upgraded) T1-T5 map, making it a great start if you just began maps. The set contains:

  • 4x T1 Maps [Mausoleum, Park, Tower, Volcano]
  • 20x T2 Maps [Beach, Caldera, Colonnade, Conservatory, Coral Ruins, Coves, Desert Spring, Dungeon, Fields, Glacier, Haunted Mansion, Lava Chamber, Lookout, Moon Temple, Phantasmagoria, Pier, Residence, Underground River, Underground Sea, Wasteland]
  • 28x T3 Maps [Arena, Arsenal, Bazaar, Bog, Cemetery, Courtyard, Crater, Dig, Estuary, Gardens, Ghetto, Graveyard, Grotto, Iceberg, Mesa, Mud Geyser, Orchard, Pen, Plateau, Primordial Blocks, Racecourse, Shipyard, Shore, Strand, Temple, Thicket, Vaal Pyramid, Villa]
  • 19x T4 Maps [Academy, Bone Crypt, Channel, Colosseum, Courthouse, Defiled Cathedral, Dunes, Excavation, Ivory Temple, Jungle Valley, Marshes, Museum, Precinct, Ramparts, Reef, Siege, Terrace, Toxic Sewer, Tropical Island]
  • 12x T5 Maps [Alleyways, Arid Lake, Atoll, Basilica, Cage, Castle Ruins, Chateau, Infested Valley, Laboratory, Plaza, Port, Wharf ]

Next to these maps you will also get 50x Orb of Alchemy and 50x Chaos Orbs to reroll Map Modifiers.

How this works?

  • After you placed an order, I will contact you both in-game and via odealo.
  • We will discuss, how and when exactly the trade is gonna take place
  • I never use any illegal softwavers or bots, so our trades will never get you flagged, making the transactions 100% safe.

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