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Sorrow Armor, One of the best Mining Sets, With no requirement to use! [Gemstones included]

Sorrow Armor, One of the best Mining Sets, With no requirement to use! [Gemstones included]
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Sorrow Armor, One of the best Mining Sets, With no requirement to use! [Gemstones included] - image
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Looking to mine in hypixel skyblock? The sorrow armor set is a legendary set that gives high amounts of mining speed, mining fortune, true defense and magic find!
The sorrow armor by itself beats a player wearing glacite armor with mining 60
Overall it is very much worth it, you can make lots of money with this mining gear,
Not to mention, there is also 0 requirement to use this set, which is very good as most mining items tend to have hotm requirements.

In total (With this purchase) You'll be getting a full set of enchanted sorrow armor with mining speed and fortune gemstones included!!!
You'll have 344 Mining Speed, 160 Mining Fortune, 525 True defense, and 20 magic find!!! (This doesn't include the enchantments or reforge, may be subjected to change if hypixel updates it :D)

For an extra 3CR, theres an optional addon you can add to this order, it is the adding of the giant reforge, which on all the pieces would equate up to 720+ Health!!! this add on can be used for any orders not just the sorrow armor :)

Please try to message me after placing an order, my time zone is AEST so please check if it matches up (im avaliable 9am-10pm AEST)
Cheapests around here :)))
(You can still order outside my timezone and we can organise a time that suits both of us :D)

If you need to contact me just dm me on odealo, if it is easier to talk through discord dm me for the tag :D

Thanks, if you have any concerns or want to get into contact with me just message me on odealo or discord :D

What I offer:
- As fast response as possible!
- Friendly service and sometimes bonuses if delivery is unfairly late :)
- Reputable delivering service with over 12 months of selling with close to 0 bans and 100% happy feedback and reviews
- Advice for things should you need it like progression wise :)

- High Skill level and skyblock lvl 100+ (over 2000 hours playtime)
- A variety of tools, armors, weapons, minions, pets, etc!

Please note: There are other sellers whom may not care for your own safety, they use "Alt accounts" that have low playtime and high ban risk, they may obtain it illegatimately such as macroing or duping both wipable and trackable offenses. I obtain all our stock legitimately and use an account that joined 2+ years ago as this is the only account I've been using and are currently using :) 2000+ transactions and no ban from us! If someone is using an "Alt" please get them to give you the items on their "Main" Otherwise it means they most likely obtain them illegitimately. Shop safely by shopping here from a reputable and safe seller and if there's something you'd like to custom buy, be sure to let me know!

(Most sellers frequently use throwaway alts, but I do not, I use a high skill average, high playtime skyblock lvl 100+ account!)

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