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Kappa + max traders + full hideout

Kappa + max traders + full hideout

Default - PC

Kappa + max traders + full hideout - image
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  • 12 days
  • 11:45:15
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We will boost your account while you are offline, it take max  12 days

Before  you order pls msg me, for  longer info etc

We dont use any hacks, so it need  take that about 12 days to finish boost

We cover all cost  while upgrading  hideout or making quests, also you will get  nice boost to some skills like recoil control, endurance health or vitality etc, 

Also you will get some keys, money etc at end of service

From quest  you will get Sicc Item case ( 13 m roubles worth) and Sicc weapon case, ( 7 m worth) and other stuff

If you have some progression, price is negotiable or we give you exta money in game

At end of Boost you will get full Traders, full Hideout, Kappa and skill bosting + stuff and money

any question ? just msg me

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