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The Best Builds for Archeage Unchained

The Best Builds for Archeage Unchained

Find the best ArcheAge Unchained builds for your desired Character Classes

The Best Builds and Character Archetypes
For ArcheAge Unchained



MMORPG Players like to have freedom of choice when it comes to character building and possible playstyles. In most old-school MMOs this "freedom" was reduced to the class choice on the character creation screen and an occasional secondary class choice sometime during leveling. The real game-changer in this regard was the system introduced in ArcheAge, which was later re-released in ArcheAge Unchained with some minor tweaks. In these two games, you have a choice of 12 unique skill trees... and you select three of them at a time to make your class. After some #quickmaths, we get a total number of 220 unique and different class choices! But wait, ArcheageUnchained class system does not stop there; on top of all this, you can freely swap out a skill tree for another one. This bumps your character's versatility and adaptability to a whole new level - you can tailor your build as you go and adjust it for any situation. There is one considerable downside to this, however, mainly, you have to level up from 15 to 55 on each of the trees you want to use (players will often stick to their three preferred skill-trees and swap them only after they reach level 55 and want start to do some grindy end-game stuff). 

Skill trees in ArcheAge Unchained are divided into two main categories; Supplemental and Main. At the character creation skill, you are able to select three main trees, and supplemental ones become available later in the game (you can swap any of your trees for any other tree by talking to a Nui Priestess or a Skill Manager). 

Main Skilltrees include:

  • Archery - Ranged Damage Skilltree 
  • Battlerage - Melee Damage Skilltree 
  • Malediction - Magic Damage Skilltree 
  • Sorcery - Magic Damage Skilltree 
  • Swiftblade - Melee Damage Skilltree
  • Vitalism - Healing/Damage Skilltree 

Supplemental/Support Skilltrees include Auramancy, Defense, Occultism, Shadowplay, Songcraft, and Witchcraft. 

Note: We will not go over the character creation/development here. Please refer to one of our Build Guides for that. 

Below you will find the complete list of all our ArcheAge: Unchained Builds and character Guides. We will try to include all core information for each of the builds, however, please keep in mind that the game's Class system is very flexible and you will be able to tweak each of the featured builds to your liking without too much of a problem. We will gladly accept any feedback or suggestions on how to improve/tweak our builds, so feel free to experiment and inform us about the results.

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The Best ArcheAge: Unchained Builds

Melee BuildsMelee Builds

Traditional close-quarters combat builds focused on offense rather than defense. However, they are still much more resilient than other DPS setups. 

  1. Darkrunner - The Best Melee DPS - presumably the most powerful Melee DPS for PvE content in Archeage Unchained based on Battlerage, Shadowplay, and Auramancy Trees

Tank BuildsTank Builds

Builds that emphasize defensive capabilities above all else. Pretty much all of them are based on the Defense skill set. 

coming soon

Ranged BuildsRanged Builds

These builds excel at dealing physical damage from afar thanks to skills from Archery and Shadowplay sets. Moreover, Ranged Builds are the easiest to level up with. 

  1. Ebonsong Ranged/Archer DPS Build - this deadly Archer/Ranged Build utilizes the Archery, Shadowplay, and Songcraft Passive Trees making it the most potent build of this type

Mage BuildsMage Builds

Builds that focus on all sorts of offensive spellcasting. Magic-based setups often forgo defense to maximize their offensive capabilities. They are mostly based on Sorcery, Shadowplay, Occultism, and Vitalism skill sets. 

  1. The Fanatic Mage Caster DPS Build- the best Spell Caster PvE Setup for Archeage Unchained based on Malediction, Sorcery, and Shadowplay Trees

Healer BuildsHealer Builds

Unlike in more "traditional" MMOs, where Healers focus exclusively on keeping their allies alive, in ArcheAge Unchained Healers can deal respectable damage and boast solid defenses as well. Skill sets like Vitalism, Defense, and Auramancy are often utilized in Healer Builds. 

coming soon

Support BuildsSupport Builds

ArcheAge: Unchained builds that forgo one of their "selfish" skill lines in favor of Songcraft support skill set. Thanks to this, they are able to buff their allies and excel in groups, but are very hard to play solo. 

coming soon

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If you have any suggestions on what builds/archetypes we should add next, please let us know in the comments section below. We will also appreciate any feedback on our builds/guides structure, content, and quality. Also, please remember that the ArcheAge Unchained "class" system gives a lot of freedom when it comes to Build adjusting, feel free to modify our builds to your liking and let us know what you've set up differently.