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The Best Bard Raid Support Lost Ark Build

The Best Bard Raid Support Lost Ark Build

Optimal setup for Raiding as Bard Support character in Lost Ark online

Support Bard
PvE Raiding Build
for Lost Ark

Last Update: 10 March 2022



Bard is one of the two most-wanted classes in any Raid (the other one being Paladin) because she can provide her team with much-needed buffs and heals. Just like the Paladin, She excels at supporting her teammates. However, while the Paladin focuses on long-lasting but not immediately impactful helpful spells, She excels at burst healing and keeping her teammates alive. She can reduce the group's damage taken and increase everyone's attack speed. While She's much less durable than the Paladin, She offers a solid ranged damage potential and nice mobility in return. Bard's Gauge, called Serenade Meter, allows her to play one of two serenades - one is an Attack Power Buff (Serenade of Courage) and the other is an AoE Healing Ability (Serenade of Salvation). Thanks to this, Her Identity Skills are more flexible than Paladin's Holy Aura, however, managing Serenade Meter can be deceptively tricky. 

Unlike other Classes that heavily rely on their Class Engravings, Bards have a very flexible toolkit that can be mixed and matched based on the player's needs. Because of this, they are very versatile and can adapt to any Raid encounter. If you value adaptability and flexibility, you should pick Bard over Paladin. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Relatively easy to play and very versatile   Managing the Identity Gauge can be tricky 
 Welcome to every Raid group   Lacks mobility 
 Strong Heals and good self-protection   Good situational awareness is required to play Bard on a high level 
 Good DPS for a support class   The build isn't suited for solo play 

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Stat Priority

As a Support Class, Bard focuses on Specialization and Swiftness. The exact ratio of these two is up to one's preference and should mostly depend on the playstyle. The two most popular Stat builds for a Bard are as follows: 
  1. Cooldown Reduction Build - Stack Swiftness on everything except for the necklace. By doing so, you'll get high cooldown reduction, better mobility, and improved cast speed. This is the recommended way of allocating your stats for the currently available content (Tiers 1 through 3), as it will allow you to increase the uptime of your beneficial spells. 
  2. Specialization Build - This stat build focuses on Specialization to maximize the effectiveness of the Serenades. The most efficient way of running this is to stack as much Specialization as possible, with only the Necklace giving Specialization and Swiftness. This is a more niche stat build that will allow you to maximize your team's DPS during burst windows or to put out AoE burst healing more often, however, it's less reliable than the CD reduction one. 




Bard uses Her harp to fire an orb of light that explodes on impact, dealing moderate AoE damage. When upgraded with the Sacred ShockSacred Shock Tripod, Sound Shock becomes Bard's main debuff skill that increases damage taken by afflicted monsters by 10%. If you're starved for Skill Points (total Skill Point count ab below 300), this skill is not enough to keep the debuff up, thus you'll have to rotate it with StigmaStigma (in such a case you should use StigmaStigma instead RHAPSODY OF LIGHTRhapsody of Light). 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Maintained Explosion Maintained Explosion - Leaves behind debris where Sound Shock disappears for  2s. inflicting  +60.0% (level 5) Damage to foes. This adds nice damage over time component to the skill. 
  2. [Level II] Sacred Shock Sacred Shock  - Turns Sound Shock into a Holy Skill and makes it apply a +10% damage received debuff, called Note Brand, for 2 seconds. 
  3. [Level III] Rapid Fire Rapid Fire - With this Tripod, Sound Shock will fire twice. This effectively increases the uptime of the Sound Shock debuff, making it even stronger. 
  4. [RUNE] ConvictionConviction - This rune gives you a 30% chance to imbue yourself with a "Convitvion" effect for 3 seconds. when in "conviction" state. you can activate "Judgement" for an additional effect. 

Allows the Bard to call forth a fierce gale that deals moderate amounts of damage and pushes struck foes back. After the initial push, it spreads into a wide cone to inflict another hit to foes in an increased radius (by 1 meter). Thanks to Wind of ProtectionWind of Protection, this becomes Bard's main Shielding ability that creates a protective shield with 25% of Her Max HP for 4 seconds (which is very powerful). 

  • Attack Type: Back Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Quick Preparation Quick Preparation - Reduces the cooldown of Wind of Music by up to -4 seconds (at Rank 5). Considering the high base cooldown of the skill (18s), this is a must-have. With it, you'll be able to Shield your teammates from incoming damage much more often. 
  2. [Level II] Melody Increase Melody Increase  - Increases the amount of obtained Serenate Meter after Wind of Music is played. Thanks to this Tripod, you'll be able to use your Serenades more frequently. 
  3. [Level III] Wind of Protection Wind of Protection - Causes Wind of Music to apply a powerful Shield to all party members hit by it. The shield lasts for 4 seconds and can absorb Damage equal to up to 30% of Bard's Max HP (Rank 5). The Shield has only half its power in PvP. 
  4. [RUNE] WealthWealth - With this Rune, your Serenade Meter gain from using the ability will be increased by 30%. This might not sound like a lot, but it will enable you to sing Serenades more often. 
Allows the Bard to protect all party members within a 24 meters radius with a shield that reduces damage taken by 30% for 8 seconds. Thanks to the Endless ProtectionEndless Protection tripod, Guardian Tune also grants a shield with health equal to 15% of the Bard's Max HP for 8 seconds. The Shield activates once the damage resistance buff disappears which means that this skill offers 16 seconds of increased protection. This is a very powerful and very consistent defensive utility skill that allows the Bard to keep her allies from harm in a way unachievable to Paladin. 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Mind Enhancement Mind Enhancement - Reduces the mana cost of the skill by 50%, making it much more cost-effective. 
  2. [Level II] Endless Protection Endless Protection - Creates an additional Shield if the Guardian Tune expires after its full duration. The Shield has a capacity of 15% of Bard's max HP and lasts for 8 seconds. 
  3. [Level III] Wind of Protection Wind of Protection -  Allows Guardian Tune to also block 1 debuff attack. Blocking a debuff is generally better than removing a debuff, which makes this Tripod very solid (being proactive is almost always better in such cases). 
  4. [RUNE] FocusFocus - This Rune lowers the skill's Mana consumption by quite a lot, making it much more cost-effective. 

At its base, this is an AoE skill that deals moderate damage and applies an attack speed and mana recovery buff to all party members within 24 meters radius for 8 seconds. However, its tripods turn it into one of the most iconic buffs in the entire game. When fully upgraded, Heavenly Tune gives +16% Attack Speed, +40% Mana Recovery, and +15% of the Bard's Attack Power to all party members. You should cast this as often as possible. Also, make sure that every party member is in range before using it. 

  • Attack Type: Back Attack 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Quick Preparation Quick Preparation - Reduces the skill's Cooldown by up to -6 seconds (Rank 5). Heavenly Tune has a long cooldown of 30 seconds, so this is a must-have. 
  2. [Level II] Tough Tune Tough Tune - With this Tripod, HEavenly Tune grants an additional 8% Attack Speed, for a total of 16%. 
  3. [Level III] Intense Tune Intense Tune - In addition to existing effects, all party members' Atk. Power is increased by +15.0% of Bard's default Attack. Power. This Tripod also raises overall Attack Power by +6.0%. 
  4. [RUNE] FocusFocus - This Rune lowers the skill's Mana consumption by quite a lot, making it much more cost-effective. 

Bard lifts foes at the target location, inflicting minor Damage, and then slamming them back onto the ground, inflicting moderate damage. This skill's melody lingers for 3 seconds, inflicting extra Damage over Time. When upgraded with the Brilliant WaveBrilliant Wave Tripod, this skill becomes Bard's second offensive buff that increases the Attack Power of all affected party members by 15% of Bard's total Attack Power for 2 seconds after entering the Sonic Vibration area. This is a ground-based AoE - you should cast it in a way that will allow as many of your Teammates to stay inside of it for as long as possible. 

  • Weak Point: Level 2 
  • Stagger: Mid 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Tenacity Tenacity - Grants Push Immunity while using Sonic Vibration. 
  2. [Level II] Brilliant Wave Brilliant Wave - Converts Sonic Vibration's Damage type to Holy. When any party members enter the Sonic Vibration area of aftermath area, Attack Power +15.0% of the caster's basic Attack Power, raising the overall Attack Power by +6.0% for 2 seconds. 
  3. [Level III] Wide-Angle Attack Wide-Angle Attack - Increases the Sonic Vibration's AoE radius by 40%. This is a must-have as it makes it much easier to use the skill effectively as a buff. 
  4. [RUNE] JudgementJudgement -  Has a 30% chance to remove "Conviction" from you and increase your Combat Resource recovery and reduce Skill Cooldown for 6 seconds. 

Bard fires a blinding beam of light for 3 seconds, attacking all affected enemies 10 times to inflict damage every 0.3 seconds. The direction of the light beam can be changed, but the channeling will stop if Bard moves. This Skill serves as your main Offensive Skill and its main purpose in this build is to help your teammates with difficult Stagger checks during some encounters. For encounters that don't have these, you can take out points from this skill and invest them into PRELUDE OF STORMPrelude of Storm and SONIC VIBRATIONSonic Vibration to max them out. Moreover, you can then replace SOUNDHOLICSoundholic with Rythm BuckshotRythm Buckshot, which is a Counter skill that has more utility (it can shut down certain boss moves) and does not require too many skill points to be effective. 

  • Stagger: Mid 
  • Attack Type: Back Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Sound Concentration Sound Concentration - Allows the skill to deal more damage with each consecutive hit, increasing its overall damage by quite a lot. 
  2. [Level II] Sustain Enhancement Sustain Enhancement  - Increases the channeling duration and the number of hits (+1.5 seconds and +5 hits), but increases the skill's Cooldown. At Rank 5 the cooldown does not increase anymore. 
  3. [Level III] Focus Fire Focus Fire - The direction can no longer be changed. Duration -50%. Hit amount decreases to 5. On attack, Damage inflicted +700.0%. With Sustain Enhancement, the hit amount decreases to 7. This turns SOUNDHOLICSoundholic into a powerful burst damage skill. 
  4. [RUNE] OverwhelmOverwhelm - A rune that makes the Skill deal +30% Stagger Damage. This will help you help your team with stagger checks. 

Bard plays a powerful tune to call forth a thunderstorm that deals moderate damage and stuns all affected foes for 3 seconds. This is a nice AoE skill that allows you to help your teammates with trash mob packs. Moreover, it helps you to generate your Serenade Meter much more rapidly, thanks to the Melody IncreaseMelody Increase Tripod. You should try to use this on Cooldown - remember to get close to the boss before doing so. 

  • Attack type: Back Attack 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Quick Preparation Quick Preparation - Reduces the skill's Cooldown by up to -3 seconds (at Rank 5). This makes a big difference in your ability to generate Serenade Meter. 
  2. [Level II] Melody Increase Melody Increase  - Improves your Serenade Meter gains when the Skill hits an enemy (up to +225% at Rank 5). With this, Prelude of Storm becomes your main Meter-generating skill. 
  3. [Level III] Powerful Prelude Powerful Prelude - Reduces the Stun duration by 1 second but adds a damage over time component to the skill, increasing its overall damage by a lot and making it synergize better with Melody IncreaseMelody Increase
  4. [RUNE] WealthWealth - With this Rune, your Serenade Meter gain from using the ability will be increased by 30%. This might not sound like a lot, but it will enable you to sing Serenades more often. 

A channeling skill that allows the Bard to send forth beautiful sound waves that deal moderate Holy damage every 1.5 seconds for 4.5 seconds. Channeling cancels if the Bard moves. Thanks to the Shining ProtectionShining Protection Tripod, this is actually the most powerful of Bard's protective skills - it can shield your allies with a barrier that reduces their damage taken by 75% for 3 seconds and engulf them with a shield that absorbs 10% of Bards Max HP. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Quick Preparation Quick Preparation - Reduces the skill's Cooldown by up to -5 seconds (at Rank 5). Being able to cast a life-saving ability more often is priceless. 
  2. [Level II] Stabilized Light Stabilized Light  - Grants Push Immunity while channeling the Skill. This ensures that your channeling won't get interrupted by enemies who try to push you (being pushed obviously counts as moving and breaks casting). 
  3. [Level III] Shining Protection Shining Protection - While Channeling, outgoing and incoming damage are reduced by 50%. Damage taken by party members within range is reduced by 75% for 3 seconds and a shield that absorbs 10% of Bard's Max HP is created around them. This Tripod makes this ability what it really is - a powerful life-saver. 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. This will allow you to channel RHAPSODY OF LIGHTRhapsody of Light faster. 

Bard rises into the air and plays in an ensemble with angels, granting a shield for every ally within 12 meters, which absorbs Damage equal to 100% of Her Max HP for 10s. Inflicts high amounts of damage to foes. Foes' Attack Power is lowered by 30%, foes' Attack Speed is lowered 20%, and foes' Move Speed -is lowered by 40% for 10s. Bard gains 1 Serenade Bar instantly. When played at a right time, this skill can easily save a boss attempt from a wipe. Because of this, you should learn the mechanics and always use the Serenade when it's needed the most. Moreover, you can use it to pump up your Serenades as it gives 1 Serenade Bar instantly. 

  • Stagged: Mid 
  • Super Armor: Push Immunity, Debuff Immunity 


Priority List/ Skill Usage

  1. Use SYMPHONIASymphonia during periods where your whole team is bound to receive high sustained damage. 
  2. Use RHAPSODY OF LIGHTRhapsody of Light if your teammates are at risk of dying. 
  3. Use WIND OF MUSICWind of Music and GUARDIAN TUNEGuardian Tune to keep your teammates alive. Remember that WIND OF MUSICWind of Music has a limited AoE range - stay close. 
  4. Use SOUND SHOCKSound Shock to apply the Sacred Shock debuff on the boss. If you're also using StigmaStigma, rotate it with SOUND SHOCKSound Shock to maximize the debuff's uptime (they don't stack!). 
  5. Use Serenade of Salvation to Heal up your allies if needed. Using this with 1 Serenade Bar results in the highest heal efficiency if you're using Desperate SalvationDesperate Salvation Engraving. 
  6. Use SONIC VIBRATIONSonic Vibration and HEAVENLY TUNEHeavenly Tune to buff up your allies. These two don't stack - rotate between them and never overlap them unless your allies are forced to move out of Sonic Vibration's AoE. 
  7. Use Serenade of Courage when you manage to save up at least 2 Serenade Meter bars and the current encounter period allows your teammates to deal their optimal damage to the boss. AP buff and the duration scale with the number of bars, so casting this with 1 bar is a waste. 
  8. Use PRELUDE OF STORMPrelude of Storm on Cooldown to generate Serenade Meter quicker. 
  9. Use SOUNDHOLICSoundholic to generate more Serenade Meter. Prioritize this step if there's a Stagger check going. 


Recommended Engravings

  1. AwakeningAwakening - Reduces the Cooldown of your Awakening Skill. This is, by far, the most important Engraving for the Bard, as it lets you use Symphonia more often. Thanks to this, you can not only protect your teammates with very powerful Shields more often, but you can also generate your Identity Gauge more reliably. You should have this on Level 3 - Core Engraving.
  1. Desperate SalvationDesperate Salvation (Class Engraving) - This gives a 24% Max HP recovery effect to each of your Heals. With this Engraving, Bard's healing capabilities simply skyrocket. You should have this on Level 3 - Core Engraving.
  1. ExpertExpert - This improves your shielding and healing capabilities and thus should be picked up as your 3rd engraving. It has an increased effect on allies below 50% Health. 
  1. Heavy ArmorHeavy Armor - Improves Survivability by increasing your Defense. The armor gained from this Engraving is not affected by armor shedding debuffs, which helps when you get caught off-guard by certain mechanics. 
  1. Spirit AbsorptionSpirit Absorption - Increases Attack Power and Movement Speed by (Level 1 - 3%, Level 2 - 8%, Level 3 - 15%). This is useful, especially for Bards who run a lot of Specialization as it can compensate for their lack of Swiftness. Also, keep in mind that there's a speed cap using this Engraving on a Swiftness-heavy build is a waste of valuable resources.
  1. Increased Max MPIncreased Max MP - This Engraving offers a boost to your Mana pool (Level 1 - 5%, Level 2 - 15%, Level 3 - 30%). It's not really necessary but can come in handy if you've gone for a Swiftness build because of the higher overall mana consumption caused by reduced cooldowns. 


Gear Sets, Gems, Cards, etc.

  • Gear Sets - As a Support Class, you're not interested in offensive Set bonuses. this means that you should go for the 2/2/2 Set Bonus approach to maximize your movement speed. In other words, use 3 different gear Sets, two parts from each, to get their Attack and Movement Speed Bonuses.
    • The above-mentioned approach will work for Tiers 1 and 2. In Tier 3, you won't have another option, but to go for the full Abyssal Dungeon Set. 
  • Gems - You should use Cooldown Reduction Gems on every Skill except Sound ShockSound Shock and SoundholicSoundholic, as you won't use these two on Cooldown anyway. 
  • Cards - You should try to increase your Max HP with these, as your Heals' healing amount is calculated as a portion of your Max HP. There are two Card Sets that will increase your Max HP: 
    • Field Boss II Set - Increases your Max HP by +4% (this is 2, 4, and 6 Set Bonus). 
    • Farewell, Weapon Set - Increases your Max HP by +4% (this is 2, 4, and 6 Set Bonus). 
      • You can mix and match these two to get +12% Max HP in total. 



This is the initial version of our Lost Ark Raid Support Bard Build, where we tried to include all of the important information on how to set up this character while keeping the guide as compact as possible. If we've missed something of importance, please let us know! 

If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to cover your most requested builds in the future! Also, we hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG