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Pistoleer Deadeye Raiding Build for Lost Ark

Pistoleer Deadeye Raiding Build for Lost Ark

Beginner-friendly build that utilizes Pistols to deal high sustained damage

 Pistoleer Deadeye
PvE Raiding Build
for Lost Ark

Last Update: 08th April 2022



Deadeye, just like Gunslinger - his female counterpart, is a versatile and very mobile ranged DPS Class that utilizes a total of three ranged weapons: a pistol, a shotgun, and a rifle. Unlike Gunslinger, however, Deadeye prefers his Shotgun offer the Rifle. There are two main Deadeye PvE Raiding Builds, both based on one of His Class Engravings: PistoleerPistoleer and Enhanced WeaponEnhanced Weapon. The featured build is based on the former. 

Pistoleer Deadeye offers a much simpler, pistol-based, gameplay compared to the stance-dancing Enhanced Weapon build. He makes use of the low-cooldown Pistol skills to deal consistent damage from a distance without the need to attack his targets from the back. Because of this, the featured build is easy-to-learn and easy to do well with, however, its damage ceiling is relatively low in the two initial Tiers and he doesn't deal much Stagger Damage. Only at Tier 3, there's enough Specialization to go around in gear to make Pistoleer Deadeye truly competitive. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Good Ststained DPS, especially at Tier 3   Mediocre DPS at Tiers 1 and 2 
 Easy-to-play: only uses Pistols  Low Stagger Damage 
 Few positional requirements on skills   Rather Squishy 
 Good Mobility   

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Stat Priority

Pistoleer Deadeye should prioritize Specialization and Crit, but the exact ratios will depend on the Tier you're currently progressing through. In the late game, Swiftness also becomes viable. 
  1. Tier 1 and Tier 2 - To achieve optimal results, you should split your stats 50/50 between Specialization and Crit. Just keep in mind that the Enhanced Weapon build for Pistoleer performs better in these two Tiers. 
  2. Tier 3 - At this point, Specialization becomes Pistoleer Deadeye's main stat and you should have it on all of your accessories. The choice of the secondary stat from the necklace is up to you - you can choose either Crit for some extra Damage, or Swiftness for better mobility, attack speed, and cooldown reduction. 




Deadeye throws a spinning handgun at the target location within 10 meters from her, dealing moderate damage over 15 hits. 

This is a relatively powerful low-cooldown skill that can be spammed whenever it's ready, to fill the gaps in your rotation. 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Swift Fingers Swift Fingers - Increases the skill's Attack Speed by up to +35% (at Rank 5). This helps to reduce the skill's animation time by a lot, which is extremely helpful considering its low cooldown and spammy nature. 
  2. [Level II] Focus Shot Focus Shot  - Increases the damage dealt to the enemy at the center of the skill's attack circle by up to +70% (at Rank 5). This makes Spiral TrackerSpiral Tracker deal more damage to Bosses, effectively. 
  3. [Level III] Heavy Duty  Heavy Duty - With this, the skill can be stacked up to 2 times, and having 2 uses is better than having just one. 
  4. [RUNE] ConvictionConviction - This rune gives you a 30% chance to imbue yourself with a "Convitvion" effect for 3 seconds. When in a "conviction" state. you can activate "Judgement" for an additional effect. 

Deadeye throws a grenade at the target location within 10 meters of him, dealing moderate amounts of damage. 

This neat AoE ability is your team synergy skill; Thanks to the Weakness ExposureWeakness Exposure Tripod, it can apply a Crit Resistance debuff, to an enemy, that can be exploited by the whole party. Thanks to the low Cooldown, you can maintain this debuff for the whole duration of a fight. 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Weakness Exposure Weakness Exposure - With this, the Grenade will apply a -10% Crit Resistance debuff for 8 seconds to all enemies damaged by it.  
  2. [Level II] Enhanced Grenade Enhanced Grenade - Increases the Grenade's outgoing Damage by up to +80% (at Rank 5). This pairs well with the skill's low Cooldown. 
  3. [Level III] Internal Ignition Internal Ignition - With this, the Grenade will also ignite the enemies for 3 seconds and make them receive an additional 100% of the skill's Damage after that period. This also pairs well with the skill's low Cooldown. 
  4. [RUNE] BleedBleed -  This Rune makes AT02 GRENADEAT02 Grenade inflict all enemies hit with a Bleeding effect for 6 seconds. Thanks to AT02 GRENADEAT02 Grenade's low cooldown, Bleed provides a nice boost to DPS, especially against trash mobs. 

Deadeye fires a volley of bullets into the air, then he controls them to crash into the target location, inflicting high amounts of damage and launching enemies into the air. 

This is one of your main offensive skills. It deals decent damage and can help you during Stagger checks. Moreover, it's quite dynamic and can ignore a portion of the target's defense. It has a rather long Cooldown, however. 

  • Stagger: Mid 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Weak Point Detection Weak Point Detection - Increases the damage dealt to Push-Immune enemies by up to +45% (at Rank 5). This makes the skill hit harder against bosses, as they dent to be push-immune. 
  2. [Level II] Piercing Explosion Piercing Explosion - With this, METEOR STREAMMeteor Stream will ignore up to 70% (at Rank 5) of the target's defense. 
  3. [Level III] Meteor Fall Meteor Fall -  This makes the skill fire a single shining Starlight Bullet into the air which quickly falls back down. It increases Attack Speed by 20% and outgoing Damage up to +95% (at Rank 5). 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster, making it less awkward to use. 

Deadeye fires her handgun across a broad area, dealing moderate amounts of damage to all enemies who find themselves in range. 

This is a powerful offensive skill, but it has a Back Attack requirement so you'll have to position yourself correctly if you want to fully utilize its potential. It also applies a nice DoT. 

  • Attack Type: Back Attack 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] High-Speed Shot High-Speed Shot - Increases the skill's Attack Speed by up to +27% (at Rank 5). This is taken to minimize the downside of the Decimation Shot Decimation Shot from the next row. 
  2. [Level II] Decimation Shot Decimation Shot - Decreases Rapid Fire's range. Increases its attacking time. Damage boosted up to +95.2% (at Rank 5). This trades the skill's attack speed for additional damage, which is worth it. 
  3. [Level III] Burn Effect Burn Effect - On hit, sets the target on fire, inflicting Fire Damage every second for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 7 times. 
  4. [RUNE] JudgementJudgement - Has a 30% chance to remove "Conviction" from you and increase your Combat Resource recovery and reduce Skill Cooldown for 6 seconds. 

Deadeye fires 2 times, dealing moderate amounts of damage. This skill can be used up to two times in a row. 

This is a handy ability that deals very solid damage and can be used to exploit the enemy's Weak Spots when you take the Final Light Final Light Tripod. To utilize its full potential, you'll have to position yourself behind the enemy, however. 

  • Attack Type: Back Attack

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Swift Fingers Swift Fingers - Increases the skill's Attack Speed by 20%. This shortens the skill's animation. 
  2. [Level II] Initiate Shot Initiate Shot  - Increases the skill's total Damage output by boosting the first Chain Attack hit's damage by up to +100% (at Rank 5). 
  3. [Level III] Final Light Final Light - Increases the skill's cooldown by 12 seconds, but you now become immune to Paralysis on your second shot. Moreover, the skill gains Weak Point Level 1 and its Damage is increased by up to +780% (at Rank 5). 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster, making it less awkward to use. 

Deadeye fires his handgun 6 times, inflicting moderate amounts of damage, followed by one final shot that deals high amounts of damage. 

This fun-to-use multi-hit skill is one of your most powerful offensive abilities. With the Rapid Fire Enhancement Rapid Fire Enhancement Tripod, Cruel TrackerCruel Tracker can pepper the target with multiple hits. 

  • Attack Type: Back Attack 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Swift Fingers Swift Fingers - Increases the skill's Attack Speed by 15%, shortening its animation. 
  2. [Level II] Rapid Fire Enhancement  Rapid Fire Enhancement  - Increases the number of Rapid Fire Attacks by +3 and the skill's total Damage by 50%. 
  3. [Level III] Quick Draw Quick Draw - Charges skill to Combo Mode. The last attack has increased speed and can be used twice. Outgoing Damage is increased by up to +78% (at Rank 5). 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster, making it less awkward to use. 

Deadeye moves 6 meters as she glides and fires her handgun 4 times to inflict moderate amounts of Damage to nearby enemies. This Skill can be used up to two times in a row. 

This is primarily a mobility skill that can be used to dodge telegraphed attacks and to reposition. Thanks to the fact that you can use it two times in a row, it can be utilized to cover a lot of ground in a short time. 

  • Attack Type: Back Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 8

  1. [Level I] Agile Movement Agile Movement - Increases the skill's Attack Speed by up to +18% (at Rank 5). This makes the DEXTEROUS SHOTDextrous Shot even better as a mobility skill. 
  2. [Level II] Excellent Mobility Excellent Mobility  - Increases the skill's move distance, making it more useful as a mobility tool. 
  3. [RUNE] RageRage - Gives you a chance to gain an Attack Speed/Move Speed buff for 6 seconds when DEXTEROUS SHOTDextrous Shot is used. This Rune will help you increase the speed of your rotation. 

Deadeye dashes 5 meters forward, delivers an upper kick, and performs a head attack to deal moderate amounts of damage. Then, he rapid fires his handgun 8 times, ridding the enemy with holes. The handgun barrage keeps the pushed enemies airborne. 

This is your second mobility tool with utility similar to the DEXTEROUS SHOTDextrous Shot, but on a bit longer cooldown. 

  • Attack Type: Back Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 7

  1. [Level I] Light Footwork Light Footwork - With this Tripod, Upper Kick will no longer knock enemies into the air, but will instead Paralyze them. The speed of the Upper Kick is increased by 20%. 
  2. [Level II] Tenacity Tenacity - Gives you Push Immunity while using the skill. 
  3. [RUNE] ProtectionProtection - When the skill is used, gain a Shield with HP equal to a percentage of your Max HP. 

Deadeye throws multiple explosives around and then burst-fires his handgun at them to inflict high amounts of damage in addition to the devastating explosion Damage. The explosion also launches enemies into the air. 

We pick this one over the Bursting FireBursting Fire because it's easier to use effectively (Bursting FireBursting Fire has to be aimed more carefully) and it has a shorter startup animation. 

  • Stagger: Mid-High 


Priority List/ Skill Usage

Pistoleer Deadeye uses many low-cooldown abilities and you will sometimes have multiple of them ready to use at any given time. Because of this, to maximize DPS, you will be using a Priority List instead of a standard Rotation. 

  • DEXTEROUS SHOTDextrous Shot and ENFORCE EXECUTIONEnforce Execution are your mobility skills - use them to reposition yourself and to avoid any telegraphed attacks. 
  • AT02 GRENADEAT02 Grenade is your team synergy skill, you should try to keep it active at all times. 

Your Priority List looks more or less as follows: 

  • Use skills that are higher on the list first and work your way down if they're on Cooldown. 
  1. Keep the Weakness ExposureWeakness Exposure debuff from AT02 GRENADEAT02 Grenade applied to the main target. 
  2. Use EquilibriumEquilibrium if ready
  3. Use Quick ShotQuick Shot if ready 
  4. Use Cruel TrackerCruel Tracker if ready 
  5. Use Meteor StreamMeteor Stream if ready 
  6. Use Spiral TrackerSpiral Tracker to avoid downtime if ConvictionConviction Rune gets activated, follow up with EquilibriumEquilibrium


Recommended Engravings

  1. PistoleerPistoleer (Class Engraving) - Increases Damage Dealt to Enemies by )(Level 1: 20%, Level 2: 30%, Level 3: 40%), but prevents you from using Rifle and Shotgun stances. 

This is the core and build-defining Engraving of this build. You want to get it to Level 3 as soon as possible, as it provides the highest DPS boost you can get without any drawbacks (except locking you to Pistols, but the build is created around this fact so it's not a real drawback at this point). 

  1. AdrenalineAdrenaline - When using skills other than mobile and basic attacks, attack power increases by (Lv. 1: 0.3%, Lv. 2: 0.6%, Lv. 3: 1%) for 6 seconds (stacks up to 6), and when this effect reaches its maximum stack, critical hit rate increases by an additional (Lv. 1: 5%, Lv. 2: 10%, Lv. 3: 15%). This effect is applied after the skill ends if the cooldown time reduction due to skill cancellation is applied. 

Thanks to the number of spammable Pistol Skills you have access to (that are worth using) with this build, AdrenalineAdrenaline is a perfect choice - you should be able to stack it up with ease. It will provide you with extra Crit Rate and Attack Power, both of which are extremely valuable to you. 

  1. Precise DaggerPrecise Dagger  - Increases critical hit rate by (Level 1: 4%, Level 2: 10%, Level 3: 20%), but reduces critical damage by 12%. 

This amazing Engraving makes your Critical Strikes much more consistent. Moreover, it kind of makes up for the lack of Crit stat from accessories (you should stack Specialization in the late game) and it's well worth the drawback. With it, you will be able to increase your Crit Rate to decent levels. 

  1. GrudgeGrudge - Increases your Damage Dealt to Bosses (Level 1: +4%, Level 2: +10%, Level 3: +20%), but makes you take 20% more damage from them. 

This Engraving is extremely powerful, but it will punish you if you make a mistake. If you can live with the downside, it will serve you as an unconditional damage increase. Pick it up only if you feel like you can avoid most (or all) avoidable damage during boss encounters. If you're still learning mechanics, you'll be better off skipping it for the first two Tiers (it's only worth using at Level 3 and only becomes necessary for Tier 3 content, anyway). 

  1. Cursed DollCursed Doll - Increases Attack Power at the cost of reduced 25% Healing Received (does not affect natural Health recovery (Level 1 - +3% Attack Power, Level 2 - 8% Attack Power, Level 3 - +16% Attack Power).

This Engraving can boost your offensive power rather significantly, but the tradeoff is painful. Only pick it if you know encounter mechanics very well; If you lack experience, skip it. Also, using this at Levels 1 and 2 is not worth the risks involved (so, use it at Level 3 or don't use it at all). 

  1. Keen Blunt Weapon Keen Blunt Weapon - Increases your Crit Damage (Level 1: +10%, Level 2: +25%, Level 3: +50%) but also gives your attacks a chance to deal 20% Reduced Damage. 

The more Critical Chance you have, the more beneficial this is. It's a safe alternative to some of the more risky Engravings (GrudgeGrudge, Cursed DollCursed Doll) but it won't be as effective, especially if you consider Pistoleer Deadeye's rather low crit rate and reliance on short-cooldown low-damage skills. 

  1. Raid CaptainRaid Captain + Spirit AbsorptionSpirit Absorption: 
    • Raid CaptainRaid Captain - Increases Damage Dealt by a percentage (Level 1: +10%, Level 2: +22%, Level 3: +45%) of basic Move Speed Bonus. 
    • Spirit AbsorptionSpirit Absorption - Increases Attack Power and Movement Speed by (Level 1 - 3%, Level 2 - 8%, Level 3 - 15%). 

Raid CaptainRaid Captain paired with Level 3 Spirit AbsorptionSpirit Absorption and a total Movement Speed of 140% will give you ~+18% increased damage. If you decide to go for this, you should also wear a Necklace with Swiftness on it and take the Quick PaceQuick Pace Tripod for Spiral TrackerSpiral Tracker

Note: This is a budget option that should only be considered for alts. If you're looking to optimize your damage via Engravings, these two are definitely not worth going for. 


Gear Sets, Gems, Cards, etc.

  • Gear Sets - As a DPS Class, Pistoleer Deadeye wants his set to boost his offensive capabilities as much as possible. Here are the optimal Sets for each Tier: 
    • Tier 1: Seraphic Oath Set (Epic); Boisterous Elemental Set (Legendary) 
    • Tier 2: Marvelous Earth Set (Epic); Unyielding Will Set (Legendary) 
    • Tier 3: Twisted Dimensional Set (Epic); Preordained Diligence Set (Legendary) 
  • Gems -  With these, you can apply a Cooldown Reduction or Bonus Damage to your Skills. There is a limit of 11 Gems; you should distribute them in the following way: 
    • You should use Cooldown Reduction Gems on the following Skills: AT02 GrenadeAT02 Grenade, EquilibriumEquilibrium, Meteor StreamMeteor Stream, Cruel TrackerCruel Tracker, Quick ShotQuick Shot
    • You should use Attack Gems on the following Skills: Spiral TrackerSpiral TrackerAT02 GrenadeAT02 GrenadeEquilibriumEquilibriumMeteor StreamMeteor StreamCruel TrackerCruel TrackerQuick ShotQuick Shot 
  • Cards - Depending on your budget, you should go for one of the following Card Sets: 
    • Light of Salvation Set - A Full set offers +30% Dark Damage Reduction, changes your Damage type to Holy, and increases your Holy Damage dealt by 15%. 
    • Lostwind Cliff Set - A Full set offers +25% Dark Damage Reduction and +7% Critical Rate. This one is the budget Card Set choice. 



This is the initial version of our Pistoleer Deadeye Raiding Build for Lost Ark, where we tried to include all of the important information on how to set up this character while keeping the guide as compact as possible. If we've missed something of importance, please let us know! 

If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to cover your most requested builds in the future! Also, we hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG