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Perfect Suppression Shadowhunter Build for Lost Ark

Perfect Suppression Shadowhunter Build for Lost Ark

Complete DPS setup for the Shadowhunter that utilizes the Perfect Suppression Engraving

 Perfect Suppression Shadowhunter
PvE Raiding Build
for Lost Ark

Last Update: 13th May 2022



Shadowhunter is a relatively mobile and very bursty melee fighter capable of engaging enemies from a surprisingly long range. During a fight, she utilizes her demonic powers to enhance her combat capabilities. She can do that in two ways: Embrace her inner demon by using the Demonic ImpulseDemonic Impulse Engraving or focus on her human form skills by activating Perfect SuppressionPerfect Suppression and channeling the demonic energy into them. The following build revolves around the latter option. 

Perfect Suppression Shadowhunter takes advantage of vastly improved "regular" skills at the cost of a completely disabled Demon Form. She utilizes a builder-spender rotation that revolves around building up her Shadowburst Meter to then spend it on powerful Skills, like Cruel CutterCruel Cutter and  Demolition Demolition. While relatively simple, this playstyle has some downsides: There is some Skill Downtime without sufficient Swiftness and the mobility is nothing to boast about. 

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 Pros  Cons
 Good Burst Damage   Mediocre Mobility 
 Solid Stagger   Long Cooldowns 
 Easy to Gear Up   Without enough Swiftness, you'll have to use Auto Attacks to avoid downtime 
 Solid Team Synergy   Relies on Skill Points 

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Stat Priority

Perfect Suppression Shadowhunters benefit from high Swiftness and Crit, as these two stats increase their offensive capabilities the most. Specialization is of little value to them as their Demonic Form is completely disabled. The exact Stat Build you'll want to go for will change depending on the Tier you're currently at: 

  • On Tiers 1 and 2, you should aim for a 60/40 Crit/Swiftness Stat Distribution. However, if you want the Build to feel a bit more dynamic, feel free to invest some more into Swiftness. 
  • On Tier 3, you will have two options: 
    • 75% Crit + 25% Swiftness - A burst damage Stat Build with lowered Sustained Damage. 
    • 70% Swiftness + 30% Crit - An universal build that ensures that you never run out of skills to use. It will result in Low Cooldowns, high Movement Speed, and increased Sustained Damage. If you go for this one, make sure that you make up for the lacking Crit with Gear Sets and Engravings. 




Shadowhunter tosses her weapon and wipes out enemies in front of her, dealing high amounts of Damage as she moves forward. Airborne enemies are launched back in the air when hit. 

This is one of your Spender Skills. It consumes the Shadowburst meter (thanks to the Encroachment ReleaseEncroachment Release Engraving) in exchange for highly increased Damage. It deals very decent Stagger Damage, especially with the appropriate Rune. 

  • Stagger: Mid 
  • Attack Type: Back Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Magick Control Magick Control - Reduces the skill's Mana Cost by up to -67% (at Rank 5). 
  2. [Level II] Earth Attack Earth Attack  - Changes the skill's Element to Earth. Reduces Weapon Move Speed by 20% and Max Range by 8 Meters, but Increases Damage to Push-Immune Enemies by up to + 94.8% (at Rank 5). This will make the Skill hit much harder against Bosses. 
  3. [Level III] Encroachment Release Encroachment Release - Makes the Skill Consume 20% of your  Shadowburst Meter for +190.4% Damage (at Rank 5). Cannot be activated if there is no Shadowburst Meter. 
  4. [RUNE] OverwhelmOverwhelm - A rune that makes the Skill deal +30% Stagger Damage (Legendary). This will help you help your team with stagger checks. 

Shadowhunter uses a burst of her weapons' powers to pull enemies close, dealing moderate amounts of damage before quickly retreating to evade any counterattack and inflict another hit on the enemies.

This Skill can be set up in two very different ways: You can use it as a Shadowburst Meter Generator by picking up the Encroaching PowerEncroaching Power Engraving or make it deal massive Burst Damage with Spectral ExplosionSpectral Explosion Engraving but without any Shadowburst Meter generation. 

  • Stagger: Mid 
  • Attack Type: Back Attack 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Swift Thrust Swift Thrust - Does a stabbing attack along with an explosion attack. This makes THRUST IMPACTThrust Impact faster, which smooths out the rotation a bit. 
  2. [Level II] Deep Thrust Deep Thrust  - Stabs the Shadowblades in front for a moment and explodes to inflict up to +95.2% (at Rank 5) Damage. This Tripod offers the highest DPS increase out of the three available Tier 2 upgrades. 
  3. [Level III] Spectral Explosion Spectral Explosion - Increases the SKill's Cooldown by 5 Seconds and disables its Shadowburst Meter Generation. To compensate, it also increases the skill's Damage by up to +190% (at Rank 5). If your Shadowburst Meter generation is too low, pick Encroaching PowerEncroaching Power instead. 
  4. [RUNE] OverwhelmOverwhelm - A rune that makes the Skill deal +30% Stagger Damage (Legendary). This will help you help your team with stagger checks. 

Shadowhunter darts forward with crossed weapons to deal moderate amounts of Damage. Using the skill again will make her quickly perform 2 slashes that inflict two additional hits. Using the skill for the third time will result in a powerful weapon swing that pushes enemies away. 

This is one of your most powerful Skills that, however, requires Shadowburst Meter to work properly. It deals a lot of Stagger Damage. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1 
  • Stagger: Mid-High 
  • Attack Type: Back Attack 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Weak Point Detection Weak Point Detection - Increases the Damage Dealt to Push-Immune Enemies by up to +60% (at Rank 5). With this, the skill will effectively deal more Damage to Bosses. 
  2. [Level II] Wave Attack Wave Attack - Increases the number of Slashes from Slashing Attacks by 3 and makes the Skill inflict 83% Increased Damage (at Rank 5). 
  3. [Level III] Encroachment Release Encroachment Release - Makes the Skill Consume 20% of your  Shadowburst Meter for +189% Damage (at Rank 5). Cannot be activated if there is no Shadowburst Meter. 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster. 

Shadowhunter gathers her demonic powers to summon a pair of giant demon arms and perform a rapid forward swing with them, dealing high amounts of damage.

This is a high damage, high Cooldown Skill that generates a lot of Shadowburst Meter and greatly increases your Burst Damage potential. 

  • Attack Type: Back Attack 
  • Super Armor: Pasalysis Immunity 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Quick Preparation Quick Preparation - Reduces the Skill's Cooldown by up to -5 seconds (at Rank 5). This helps a lot as the build suffers from long Cooldowns. 
  2. [Level II] Weak Point Detection Weak Point Detection  - Skill deals +94.8% (at Rank 5) more damage to enemies immune to Stun and Knockback effects. With this Tripod, Decimate will deal much more damage to Bosses as they are the main type of Stun and Knockback-immune enemies you'll be facing against. 
  3. [Level III] Cruel Hand Cruel Hand - After slamming down with the claws, a surge of dark energy bursts forth dealing 120.0% (at Rank 5) Skill Damage. This adds an additional powerful hit to the skill, which also results in a higher Shadowburst Meter generation. 
  4. [RUNE] WealthWealth - With this Rune, your Identity Meter gained from using the ability will be increased by another 30% (with Epic Rune). 

Shadowhunter moves 9 meters forward while quickly spinning, dealing high amounts of damage. Collision with normal monsters is ignored during the skill motion. 

This is a solid offensive skill that really starts to shine when you have a high Crit Rate (it has increased Crit Damage from Tripods and offers a +30% Crit Rate by itself). 

  • Stagger: Low 
  • Attack Type: Back Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 11

  1. [Level I] Enhanced SlashEnhanced Slash - No longer pierces while spinning. Damage up to +45% (at Rank 5). 
  2. [Level II] Vertical SlashVertical Slash  - The Skill now does a vertical Spin Attack with AoE Radius reduced by 60% but Damage increased by up to +95% (at Rank 5). 
  3. [Level III] Critical CutCritical Cut - Increases the Skill's Crit Rate by 30% and its Crit Damage by up to +160% (at Rank 5). 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster. 

Shadowhunter dashes forward and deals minor amounts of damage. Then, she hits her enemies with an uppercut, launching them into the air and dealing moderate amounts of damage. 

This is your only Counter Skill as you don't have access to the Demonic Form. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1 
  • Stagger: Low (Mid with a Tripod)
  • Attack Type: Front Attack 
  • Counter: Yes 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Naively Honest Naively Honest - Grants you Paralysis Immunity while using the skill. 
  2. [Level II] ConcussionConcussion  - Increases the Skill's Stagger Level to Mid. 
  3. [Level III] Grasp of Death Grasp of Death - Launch the Target airborne and grasp them to inflict +120% Damage (at Rank 5). 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster. 

Shadowhunter gathers Her demonic powers and lets out a cry that deals AoE damage to all nearby enemies, inflicting them with Fear for 2 seconds.

With appropriate Tripods, this Skill becomes a very potent Shadowburst Meter generator that also applies a debuff that causes affected targets to receive 12% increased Damage for a short duration. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1 
  • Attack Type: Back Attack 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Quick Preparation Quick Preparation - Reduces the Skill's Cooldown by up to -6 seconds (at Rank 5). This helps to increase the Scream of Fury Scream of Fury uptime. 
  2. [Level II] Encroaching Power Encroaching Power  -  Increases Shadowburst Meter gain from the skill by up to +150% (at Rank 5). 
  3. [Level III] Scream of Fury Scream of Fury - On hit, Damage to enemies from all Party Members +12.0% for 6.0 seconds. This Tripod will allow you to contribute to your team's burst damage potential by a lot. 
  4. [RUNE] OverwhelmWealth - With this Rune, your Shadowburst Meter gain from using the ability will be increased by another 40% (with a Legendary Rune). This Rune works extremely well with HOWLHowl's high base Identity Gauge generation. 

Shadowhunter dashes forward to deal moderate amounts of damage three times before swinging her demonic weapon for an additional powerful hit.

You will use this skill mainly for mobility as it not only moves you forward but also provides a movement speed buff. Sadly, you won't have enough Skill Points to pick up the Chain ChargeChain Charge which would vastly improve the skill's overall usefulness. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1 
  • Attack Type: Back Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 7

  1. [Level I] Excellent Mobility Excellent Mobility - Increases the move distance of the skill by up to +3 meters (at Rank 5). With this, dodging the boss's mechanics with Demonic Slash becomes considerably easier. 
  2. [Level II] Nimble MovementNimble Movement  - After using the Skill, you'll gain a 20% movement speed buff for 6 seconds (at Rank 5). This solidifies Demonic Slash's utilitarian/mobility nature.  
  3. [RUNE] Quick RechargeQuick Recharge - Gives a chance to reduce all Cooldowns on skill use. 

Shadowhunter unleashes her demonic powers to open up the gates of hell, spilling hellish energy across the area, dealing very high amounts of AoE Damage, and inflicting Fear to all affected enemies for 4 seconds. The skill's dark energy pulsates, dealing additional damage over time and eventually exploding to deal a massive hit and knock enemies away.

This is the only Awakening Skill you have access to with this build. It generates a lot of Shadowburst Meter, but its damage is spread across multiple hits which can result in some of the damage missing and thus lowering the overall Shadowburst Meter gains (it can miss if the enemy moves away).

  • Stagger: Highest 
  • Super Armor: Debuff Immunity, Push Immunity 


Priority List/ Skill Usage

Perfect Suppression follows a rather simple builder-spender rotation that revolves around generating the Shadowburst Meter with builder skills to then spend it Cruel CutterCruel Cutter and DemolitionDemolition, the build's two most powerful offensive skills. 

  • DEMONIC SLASHDemonic Slash is your main mobility skill - use it to close your distance to the enemy. 
  • To maximize your Damage Output, you should use HOWLHowl before using your main damaging skills (Cruel CutterCruel Cutter, DemolitionDemolition, and THRUST IMPACTThrust Impact). 
  • Rising ClawRising Claw is your Counter Skill.  
  • Try to use your Awakening Skill (Gate of EruptionGate of Eruption) on Cooldown as it generates a lot of Shadowburst Meter. Follow it up with Cruel CutterCruel Cutter and DemolitionDemolition

Your Standard DPS Rotation looks as follows: 

  1. Use DEMONIC SLASHDemonic Slash to get into position and gain Nimble Movement Nimble Movement  
  2. Use Gate of EruptionGate of Eruption to fill up your Shadowburst Meter. If it's on Cooldown, skip this step 
  3. Use HOWLHowl to debuff the target with Scream of Fury Scream of Fury 
  4. Use Cruel CutterCruel Cutter 
  5. Use THRUST IMPACTThrust Impact 
  6. Use Decimate Decimate 
  7. Use Sharpened Cut Sharpened Cut 
  8. Use Demolition Demolition 
  9. Rinse and Repeat 


Recommended Engravings

  1. Perfect SuppressionPerfect Suppression (Class Engraving) - Increases Normal Skill Damage by (Level 1: 20%, Level 2: 25%, Level 3: 30%) and Shadowburst Meter Generation for all Skills by +50%, but also disables Demonize. 

This is the core Engraving of the build, but you want it at Level 1 (at least initially) as the Damage difference between its levels is not that high and the Shadowburst Meter bonus, it provides, is flat. That bonus is also the reason why you don't want any Specialization from gear. 

  1. Master of AmbushMaster of Ambush  - Increases the damage you deal with Back Attacks (Level 1 - +5%, Level 2 - +12%, Level 3 - + 25%). You should get this at Level 3 (which could amount to 25% increased DPS if you're perfect at performing back attacks). 

Most of the attacks you will be using have the Back Attack modifier. Because of this, Master of AmbushMaster of Ambush Engraving is an excellent choice. Also, it will encourage you to pay more attention to your positioning as missing Back Attacks while you have it active will make you lose even more potential DPS than otherwise. 

  1. GrudgeGrudge - Increases your Damage Dealt to Bosses (Level 1: +4%, Level 2: +10%, Level 3: +20%), but makes you take 20% more damage from them. 

Grudge is one of the most powerful offensive Engravings, but it comes with a severe drawback that may get you killed. With Grudge, all incoming attacks become 20% more lethal. Perfect Suppression Shadowhunter is rather squishy and doesn't really have the mobility to compensate, so pick it up if you know the encounters very well. Also, remember that it's only worth using at Level 3, so never use it at level 2 and especially 1 (unless you want to take 5% more damage for every 1% increase in your own DPS). 

  1. Cursed DollCursed Doll - Increases Attack Power at the cost of reduced 25% Healing Received (does not affect natural Health recovery (Level 1 - +3% Attack Power, Level 2 - 8% Attack Power, Level 3 - +16% Attack Power).

This Engraving can increase your overall DPS rather significantly, but the tradeoff is painful. Only pick it if you are able to avoid most of the incoming damage; If you lack experience, skip it. Also, using this at Levels 1 and 2 is not worth the risks involved (so, use it at Level 3 or don't use it at all). 

  1. Keen Blunt Weapon Keen Blunt Weapon - Increases your Crit Damage (Level 1: +10%, Level 2: +25%, Level 3: +50%) but also gives your attacks a chance to deal 20% Reduced Damage. 

The more Critical Chance you have, the more beneficial this is. If you go for the Crit Build at Tier 3, you should definitely use this one. If you went for Swiftness, consider something else. 

  1. AdrenalineAdrenaline - When using skills other than mobile and basic attacks, attack power increases by (Lv. 1: 0.3%, Lv. 2: 0.6%, Lv. 3: 1%) for 6 seconds (stacks up to 6), and when this effect reaches its maximum stack, critical hit rate increases by an additional (Lv. 1: 5%, Lv. 2: 10%, Lv. 3: 15%). This effect is applied after the skill ends if the cooldown time reduction due to skill cancellation is applied. 

This Engraving's effectiveness is heavily reliant on your ability to spam Skills. It works exceptionally well with the high Swiftness stat build, but won't be as effective if you stack Crit instead. 

  1. Raid CaptainRaid Captain - Increases Damage Dealt by a percentage (Level 1: +10%, Level 2: +22%, Level 3: +45%) of basic Move Speed Bonus. 

This Engraving is great because you will have a high movement Speed with Tier 3 Gear no matter which Stat Build you go for (you'll have some Swiftness anyway). Of course, if you go for high Swiftness Build, it will get even better. 

  1. Increases MassIncrease Mass - Increases your Attack Power by (Level 1: +4%, Level 2: +10%, Level 3: +18%) at the cost of 10% reduced Attack Speed. 

This is a solid choice for the high Swiftness version of the build. Just keep in mind that it does not work too well with the Cursed DollCursed Doll (the separate bonuses do not multiply, unfortunately - pick one). 


Gear Sets, Gems, Cards, etc.

  • Gear Sets - As a DPS Class, Shadowhunter wants Her set to boost her offensive capabilities as much as possible. Here are the optimal Sets for each Tier: 
    • Tier 1: Seraphic Oath Set (Epic); Boisterous Elemental Set (Legendary) 
    • Tier 2: Marvelous Earth Set (Epic); Unyielding Will Set (Legendary) 
    • Tier 3: Twisted Dimensional Set (Epic); Preordained Diligence Set (Legendary) 
  • Gems -  With these, you can apply a Cooldown Reduction or Bonus Damage to your Skills. There is a limit of 11 Gems; you should distribute them in the following way: 
    • You should use Cooldown Reduction Gems on the following Skills: HowlHowlSharpened CutSharpened CutDemolitionDemolitionDecimateDecimateThrust ImpactThrust ImpactCruel Cutter Cruel Cutter 
    • You should use Attack Gems on the following Skills: Sharpened CutSharpened Cut, DemolitionDemolition, DecimateDecimate, Thrust ImpactThrust Impact, Cruel Cutter Cruel Cutter 
  • Cards - Depending on your budget, you should go for one of the following Card Sets: 
    • Light of Salvation Set - A Full set offers +30% Dark Damage Reduction, changes your Damage type to Holy, and increases your Holy Damage dealt by 15%. This is the most powerful option. 
    • Thre Umar Families Set - A Full set offers -7.5% Damage from Guardians during Guardian Raids, +12% Back Attack Damage to Enemies, -5% Elemental Damage Received, +2% Elemental Damage Dealt, a chance to gain +24% Elemental Damage dealt for 8 seconds after a successful attack. This Set works very well on a Shadowhunter. 
    • Lostwind Cliff Set - A Full set offers +25% Dark Damage Reduction and +7% Critical Rate. This one is the cheapest of the recommended three. 



This is the initial version of our Perfect Suppression Shadowhunter Raiding Build for Lost Ark, where we tried to include all of the important information on how to set up this character while keeping the guide as compact as possible. If we've missed something of importance, please let us know! 

If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to cover your most requested builds in the future! Also, we hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG