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New Items and Changes In Path of Exile's Patch 3.0.2

New Items and Changes In Path of Exile's Patch 3.0.2

Find out what are the upcoming changes and new items in Path of Exile's patch 3.0.2

New Items and Changes In Path of Exile's Patch 3.0.2

It has been a while since the Fall of Oriath went live in August, and its' hype is steadily deflating. The timing was just about right for Grinding Gear Games to introduce and to showcase new content in the upcoming patch 3.0.2. We would like to present some of the new items that will be coming to Wraeclast, as well as some other important gameplay mechanics changes.

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1. New Unique Items in Patch 3.0.2

(Body Armour) Dialla's Malefaction Sage's Robe (Int-based) The armour itself looks rather interesting, it provides a lot of utility stats and bonuses to socketed gems, which is a completely new item design. However it does not provide any defensive/offensive stats at all, and it might be hard to find any actual use for this armour. At the first look, it might seem like a leveling item, or possibly a gear piece used to level up gems quickly. Well, we will see eventually.
Dialla's Malefaction Requires Level 37104 Int
3% reduced Movement Speed (Hidden)
Gems can be socketed in this item ignoring socket colour
Gems socketed in red sockets have +1 to level
Gems socketed in green sockets have +10% quality
Gems socketed in blue sockets gain 25% increased experience
has no attribute requirements

(Gloves) Malachai's Mark Murder Mitts (Dex/Int based) - the second item presented by GGG again introduces some new mechanics. It gives the player one of the unique buffs that change every 6 seconds. These are:

  1. Malachai's Endurance - which gives a chance to generate Endurance Charge on kill
  2. Malachai's Frenzy - which gives a chance to generate Frenzy Charge on kill
  3. Malachai's Power - which gives a chance to generate Power Charge on kill

This item can be extremely powerful for certain builds, that utilize all of the charge's types. The first things that come to mind are the Discharge spell-based builds that deals spell damage based on the number of all charge type the player has. This item also provides decent energy shield on kill bonus, that can clearly indicate it's the caster-type of an item. This item is very interesting and we will make sure to follow it after 3.0.2 Patch.

Malachai's Mark Requires Level 67, 51 Dex, 51 Int
82% increased evasion and energy shield
+61 to maximum life
+23 energy shield gained on kill
Grants Malachai's Endurance, Frenzy, and Power for 6 seconds each, in sequence

2. Spectres and Auras persistence changes

Grinding Gear Games has announced this minor change to be a part of the 3.0.2 content update. This is a very long-anticipated change in Path of Exile that will appeal to all Spectre-summoners and multi-aura support characters. If you are familiar with the Summon Spectre mechanics, you have to Raise them everything you log out from game, and since Spectres inherit the monster level and abilities of the corpse they are risen from, you have to go to the location (usually high-level map) where you can find the Spectre you want to raise. Meaning you have to kill them or summon their corpses with the Desecrate spell. This is extremely annoying and made the players forfeited using this interesting and powerful minion spell. Because of these changes, we will be introducing a budget-friendly Spectre-based Starter build for the next League :)

Risen Solar Guards
Witch/Necromancer raising an "army" of 4 Solar Guards

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3. Bug fixes

As most of the patches, 3.0.2 will also contain a number of bug fixes. This includes fixing:


  1. a bug where bleeding immunity flasks would not remove bleeding from the Crimson Dance keystone
  2. a bug where the Brutal Fervour passive would not remove bleeding from the  Crimson Dance keystone
  3. a bug where increases and reductions to the effect of Bubbling flasks were also added to their instant recovery effect (which caused problems when the value exceeded 100%)
  4. a bug where flasks of Animation were healing minions for more life than intended
  5. a bug where flask recovery modifiers were multiplicative, instead of being additive
  6. a bug where Atziri's Flameblast would deal its' damage in incorrect locations
  7. a bug where Arcane Surge would not trigger from channeled spells
  8. a rare bug where Cemetery maps would generate "unwalkable" terrain

4. New Path of Exile Xbox version Microtransactions

With the 3.0.2 content update, Xbox players will have new Microtransactions available found below. We have to admit the Purple Necrotic Armour and the Lightning set both look amazing.

Arcane Lightning Armour
Arcane Lightning Armour
Bleached Bone Demon Armour
Bleached Bone Demon Armour
Purple Necrotic Armour
Purple Necrotic Armour

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We will be updating the thread as soon as new information is revealed. And which change do you think might get new players to start playing Path of Exile? Or maybe return to the game to start the adventure all over again in the upcoming League?

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Grinding Gear Games.

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