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Magicka Warden PvE DPS ESO build

Magicka Warden PvE DPS ESO build

Solid spell-caster build for solo play and mid-tier group activity

Magicka Warden
PvE DPS build
[Wrathstone/Update 21]

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Warden Icon ESO

Warden Class

Build Overview

Magicka Warden is a very solid spell-caster class based on Elemental Damage and Pets. Our build revolves around Eternal Guardian Ultimate and Master Architect set for maximum DPS. Magicka Warden requires more experience and understanding the rotation to dish out decent DPS, but in good hands, this build truly shines. Warden on average will deal less damage than other Magicka classes but provides very high Magicka pool, good self-sustain, self-healing, and a fresh and unique playstyle. When it comes to picking your Race, both Breton and High Elves will do the job just fine. Both these Races affect your Magicka, and while Breton will provide slightly better defensive utility, High Elves should be used by players that are focused on maximizing their DPS.

Below you will find our recommended Skills and Sets for the Eternal Guardian variation of this build. 

 Pros  Cons
 Well-rounded toolkit  Hard to reach competitive DPS levels
 Good AoE Damage  Difficult rotation
 Good self-sustain  
 Vast Magicka pool  


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Attributes Priority

  1. Magicka - Primary attribute required for this build. Spend approximately 90% of your Points here (depending on your playstyle it may be even closer to 100%)
  1. Health - a few points spent in Health is advised. If you plan to do Trials and Dungeons you should have at least 17k Health after food buffs
  1. Stamina - no points should be spent here


Primary Skillset
[Fire Staff -  for general usage and your primary DPS]

Winter's Revenge Winter's Revenge (Warden: Winter's Embrace, morphed from Impaling Shards) - your core AoE DoT which deals very nice damage for a Frost spell. It also has a chance to apply Minor Maim to all targets in its radius. It lasts for 12 seconds and should be kept up at all times both during single-target and AoE fights
Elemental Weapon Elemental Weapon (Guild: Psijic Order, morphed from Imbue Weapon) - grants increased damage on your next Light Attack and causes Elemental ailment to be inflicted on your target. It's a very solid single-target DPS spell
Fletcher Infection Fletcher Infection (Warden: Animal Companions, morphed from Swarm) - very strong single-target DoT. It deals higher damage with ever cast making it shine in longer fights
Blue Betty Blue Betty (Warden: Animal Companions, morphed from Betty Netch) - very useful buff which helps with Magicka resource management. It restores Magicka for 25 seconds and also increases your Spell Damage
Inner Light Inner Light (Guild: Mages Guild, morphed from Magelight) - Passively increases your Magicka and Spell Critical rating. Also can be activated to reveal invisible enemies which can be useful during some encounters
Eternal Guardian Ultimate: Eternal Guardian (Warden: Animal Companions, morphed from Feral Guardian) - Pet skill which summons a powerful Bear to aid you in combat. Used in combination with Master Architect set, it grants you terrific DPS and makes up for this builds high potential for Trials and Dungeons. As a Pet skill, it has to be socketed on both your skill bars


Secondary Skillset
[Fire Staff - crowd-control and secondary DoT DPS]

Elemental Blockade Elemental Blockade (Weapon: Destruction Staff, morphed from Wall of Elements) - insane DoT and extra crowd-control. One of the core spell for pretty much every Magicka build. Also provides decent group utility by increasing the damage all your group members deal to affected enemies
Deep Fissure Deep Fissure (Warden: Animal Companions, morphed from Scorch) - the deadliest weapon in Magicka Warden's kit. It can potentially deal insane damage and also reduces affected enemies Spell Resistance, but at the same time, it's hardest to master and aim correctly. It will damage and apply a debuff to enemies in front of you after a three-second delay
Harness Magicka Harness Magicka (Armor: Light Armor, morphed from Annulment) - grants a protective shield which absorbs damage and restores Magicka. A must-have for this build since Magicka Warden has very defenses
Channeled Acceleration Channeled Acceleration (Guild: Psijic Order, morphed from Accelerate) - a very powerful buff which increases your Critical Damage and Movement Speed for 36 seconds
Inner Light Inner Light (Guild: Mages Guild, morphed from Magelight) - in order to benefit from the Passive effect it has to be socketed on both your skill bars
Eternal Guardian Ultimate: Eternal Guardian (Warden: Animal Companions, morphed from Feral Guardian) - which has to be socketed also on the secondary bar 


Notable Passive Skills

Below you will find a list of the most important Passive Skills for this build. Character composition in ESO is very flexible so don't worry if you have taken a slightly different path. Also, we do not plan to include all the Passives as we encourage you to experiment with your build and find out more suitable solutions based on your personal preferences
Savage Beast Savage Beast (Warden: Animal Companions) - grants you Ultimate whenever you damage an enemy with an Animal Companion ability
Flourish Flourish (Warden: Animal Companions) - increases your Magicka Recovery
Advanced Species Advanced Species (Warden: Animal Companions) - increases your damage by 3% for each Animal Companion ability slotted, and you have at least two in each of the skill bars
Piercing Cold Piercing Cold (Warden: Winter's Embrace) - increases your Magicka and Frost Damage
Evocation Evocation (Armor: Light Armor) - increases your Magicka recovery by 2% for every piece of Light Armor equipped, and reduces the cost of your Magicka-based abilities by 4%
Prodigy  Prodigy (Armor: Light Armor) - increases your Spell Critical rating when you have at least 5 pieces of Light Armor equipped
Concentration Concentration (Armor: Light Armor) - increases your Spell Penetration
Spell Warding Spell Warding (Armor: Light Armor) - grants increased Spell Resistance
Might of the Guild Might of the Guild (Guild: Mage's Guild) - grants a chance to increase your next Light Damage attack whenever you cast a Mage's Guild ability
Tri Focus Tri Focus (Weapon: Destruction Staff) - increases the damage you deal with fully-charged Heavy Attacks
Penetrating Magic Penetrating Magic (Weapon: Destruction Staff) - grants Spell Penetration with Destruction Staff Spells
Ancient Knowledge Ancient Knowledge (Weapon: Destruction Staff) - increases your single-target DPS
Concentrated Barrier Concentrated Barrier (Guild: Psijic Order) - grants a protective shield whenever you block with a Psijic Order ability socketed



Recommended Items and Sets:
Chest: Necropotence
Type: Light Trait: Divine Glyph: Magicka
Legs: Necropotence
Gloves: Light Trait: Divine Glyph: Magicka
Gloves: Necropotence
Type: Light Trait: Divine Glyph: Magicka
Boots: Necropotence
Type: Light Trait: Divine Glyph: Magicka
Belt: Necropotence
Type: Light Trait: Divine Glyph: Magicka
Head: Zaan Monster Set
Type: Medium Trait: Divine Glyph: Magicka
Shoulder: Zaan Monster Set
Type: Heavy Trait: Divine Glyph: Magicka
Necklace: Master Architect
Type: Jewelry Trait: Arcane Glyph: Spell Damage
Ring 1: Master Architect
Type: Jewelry Trait: Bloodthirsty Glyph: Spell Damage
Ring 2: Master Architect
Type: Jewelry Trait: Bloodthirsty Glyph: Spell Damage
Weapon 1: Master Architect
Type: Fire Staff Trait: Precise Glyph: Fire
Weapon 2: The Maelstrom's Inferno Staff
Type: Fire Staff Trait: Infused Glyph: Absorb Magic
Sets used in this build:

Necropotence: a Light Armor set which is very popular for characters that use Pets. It grants a very high maximum Magicka bonus. It can be acquired from Rivenspire in the Overland content or purchased from other players.

  1. (2 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  2. (3 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  3. (4 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  4. (5 items) While you have a pet active, your Maximum Magicka is increased by 3150

Zaan: Monster Set which grants Spell Critical rating and high Damage over Time when you hit an enemy with a Light or Heavy Attack. You can get the Shoulders by using Undaunted key on Urgalarg Chief-Bane's chest and the Helmet is a guaranteed drop from veteran mode Scalecaller Peak.

  1. (1 item) Adds 833 Spell Critical
  2. (2 items) When you deal damage with a Light or Heavy Attack to a nearby enemy, a beam of fire will connect you to your enemy. The beam deals 3440 Flame Damage every 1 second for 5 seconds. Every second, this damage increases by 50%. The beam is broken if the enemy moves 8 meters away from you. This effect can occur every 15 seconds.

Master Architect: the recommended Set for this build which greatly increases your Pets DPS. If you do not plan to use the Eternal Guardian Ultimate you can change this Set to Mantle of Siroria of Burning Spellweave. Master Architect is a Trial set found in Halls of Fabrication in Vvardenfell. All parts are bound on pick up.

  1. (2 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  2. (3 items) Gain Minor Slayer at all times, increasing your damage done to Dungeon and Trial Monsters by 5%
  3. (4 items) Adds 129 Spell Damage (5 items) When you use an Ultimate ability, you and the closest 2 allies within 28 meters of you gain Major Slayer for 10 seconds, increasing your damage done to Dungeon and Trial Monsters by 15%

The Maelstrom's Inferno Staff - grants very high bonus damage to all enemies you block inside your Wall of Elements. It can be obtained from veteran mode Maelstorm Arena

  1. (1 item) Your Light and Heavy Attacks deal an additional 1341 damage to enemies in your Wall of Elements


Champion Points

High priority
The Steed: Ironclad
The Lover: Arcanist
Medium priority
The Apprentice: Elemental Expert, Elfborn
The Atronach: Master-at-Arms
The Lady: Elemental Defender, Hardy, Thick Skinned
The Ritual: Thaumaturge
The Shadow: Shadow Ward, Tumbling
The Lover: Tenacity
The Tower: Warlord
The Steed: Spellshield
Low priority
The Atronach: Staff Expert
The Apprentice: Spell Erosion

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This is our premiere version of Magick Warden build. We will surely try to spend more time on this build to have it updated as it felt like one of the most interesting builds we have tested. Make sure to leave your feedback if you decide to try it out.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Bethesda Softworks