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Lone Knight Gunlancer Build for Lost Ark

Lone Knight Gunlancer Build for Lost Ark

A Gunlancer DPS build that sacrifices his survivability for extra DPS and Stagger Damage

 Lone Knight Gunlancer
PvE Raiding Build
for Lost Ark

Last Update: 17th May 2022



Gunlancer is a heavily-armored fighter who excels at damage mitigation. He is currently one of two Classes with access to a full immunity counter stance skill (Counter GunlanceCounter Gunlance). In combat, he's not only great at soaking up damage but also at supporting teammates by providing damage resistance buffs, shielding them, and lowering the enemies' armor. Moreover, Gunlancer is the only Class that can interrupt boss mechanics, thanks to his Shout of HatredShout of Hatred Taunt Skill, and save his teammates that way. There are two Raiding builds for the Gunlancer, both based on his Class Engravings: Combat ReadinessCombat Readiness and Lone KnightLone Knight. The following build makes use of the latter. 

Lone Knight Gunlancer sacrifices some of his survivability in exchange for increased DPS, Stagger Damage, and Weak Point Damage. Thanks to the power of the Lone KnightLone Knight Engraving, He also offers solid Burst Damage right from the start. If you want to make the most out of this offensive power, however, you have to pay close attention to positioning as most of the build's attacks have positional requirements. Despite being less durable than his Combat ReadinessCombat Readiness-based counterpart, Lone Knight Gunlancer still is more resilient than most other Classes. The build's main weakness is the awkward spacebar dodge that moves you backward (which actually says quite a lot about the build's strength...). 

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 Pros  Cons
 Great Survivability   But lower than the Combat Readiness Build's 
 Solid Stagger Damage   Lacks Mobility, so you have to think ahead 
 Good Team Utility with Shields and Damage Reduction buffs   Positional Requirements for Offensive Skills 
 Good Burst Damage right from the Early Game   Spacebar Dodge moves you backward... 

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Stat Priority

Lone Knight Gunlancer lacks innate Crit Rate, so the best way to improve his Damage output is to simply stack Crit. Out of the other two Stats, Swiftness is the one to go for, as Lance SKills do not scale with Specialization. The two main ways of building a Lone Knight Gunlancer are as follows: 

  • Crit Build - You stack Crit to maximize the Damage output and use 1 or 2 Swiftness Accessories to get some extra mobility (~550 Swiftness is enough). 
  • Swiftness Build - You do the opposite of the above: You Stack Swiftness and wear a Necklace and a Ring with Crit on them. If you go for this option, you'll also have to run Crit Gear Set and Engravings that provide you with Crit Rate. 




Gunlancer performs a shelling attack at enemies at close range, dealing moderate amounts of Damage. 

This is a solid offensive skill with a very short base cooldown of just 7 seconds (it becomes even lower with Gems and high Swiftness). Thanks to the Luck ChanceLucky Chance Tripod, you can sometimes spam it a few times in a row. It synergizes extremely well with the Quick RechargeQuick Recharge Rune. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1 
  • Stagger: Mid 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Luck ChanceLucky Chance - On Hit, you have a 50% chance to reduce the skill's Cooldown by up to -4.9s (at Rank 5). With enough Swiftness, this will basically refresh the skill. 
  2. [Level II] Enhanced Strike Enhanced Strike - Increases the Skill's Outgoing Damage by up to +50% (at Rank 5). 
  3. [Level III] Attack Creation Attack Creation - The Skill now bombards 2 times in a row, dealing +95% total Damage (at Rank 5). Enemy push distance of the last attack is also slightly increased. 
  4. [RUNE] Quick RechargeQuick Recharge - Gives a chance to reduce all Cooldowns on skill use. This is a perfect Rune for this skill as it has an extremely low effective Cooldown. 

While in a defensive stance, Gunlancer focuses his energy and thrusts the spear in front of himself. He can slowly change the direction of the attack while focusing the energy. Damage varies according to the charge stage: Low when uncharged, moderate when charged to level 1, and high when Overcharged. 

This is a very powerful charging skill that deals decent amounts of Stagger Damage. While a bit clunky at first, it becomes much more dynamic with the Super Charge Super Charge Engraving and the GalewindGalewind Rune. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1
  • Stagger: Mid 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Weak Point Detection Weak Point Detection - Increases Damage Dealt to Push-Immune Enemies by up to +45% (at Rank 5). With this, CHARGED STINGERCharged Stinger will deal more damage to bosses and other Push-Immune enemies. 
  2. [Level II] Charge Enhancement Charge Enhancement - Increasing Charge Level now also increases Attack Power by up to +30% (at Rank 5). 
  3. [Level III] Last Charge Last Charge - Charge Level +1. Overcharge increases move distance +2 meters. Outgoing Damage +70.8% (at Rank 5), and enables you to bombard foes, knocking them back for +30% Damage.
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster, making it less awkward to use. 

Gunlancer performs a vicious thrusting attack to deal moderate amounts of Damage and focus energy at the tip of his gunlance. The energy draws enemies towards him, damaging them further. When the energy is charged enough, Gunlancer fires a shell to inflict another hit on the enemies and launch them into the air. 

This is a solid offensive skill that deals good amounts of damage. To improve it a bit, we pick up the Close ExplosionClose Explosion Tripod that changes it to Charging mode. Thanks to this, it can benefit from the Super Charge Super Charge Engraving. 

Note: Gunlance ShotGunlance Shot can be replaced with Counter GunlanceCounter Gunlance if you need some extra defenses and/or you don't have enough Skill Points to unlock all of its Tripods. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1
  • Stagger: Low 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] Nimble Movement Nimble Movement - Increases the Skill's Attack Speed by up to +27% (at Rank 5). 
  2. [Level II] Weak Point Detection Weak Point Detection - Increases Damage Dealt to Push-Immune Enemies by up to +45% (at Rank 5). With this, GUNLANCE SHOTGunlance Shot will deal more damage to bosses and other Push-Immune enemies. 
  3. [Level III] Close Explosion Close Explosion -  Changes to Charge mode. Charge Level 2 Damage +52.5% (at Rank 5), Overcharge Damage +150.1% (at Rank 5). Damage -2.4% at Charge Level 1 (at Rank 5). 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster, making it less awkward to use. 

Gunlancer compresses the energy using the exploder on his weapon, then he propels it out in front of him. If the energy is not fully compressed, this skill deals moderate amounts of damage. If the energy is fully compressed, it deals high amounts of damage and knocks the enemies back. 

This powerful charging skill deals tremendous amounts of Stagger Damage. With the OverchargeOvercharge Tripod, it becomes a charging skill that benefits from the Super Charge Super Charge Engraving which makes it even better. It's your main offensive ability that will serve you well during the regular rotation as well as during stagger checks. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1 
  • Stagger: Highest 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack 
  • Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity 

Level 12

  1. [Level I] High Explosive Shot High Explosive Shot - The bombarding attack immediately fires one more projectile that travels 2 meters forward and causes a circular explosion. This additional projectile creates the Weak Point Lv. 1 effect. Skill deals +95.0% more damage to enemies Rare and above (at Rank 5). 
  2. [Level II] Overcharge Overcharge - Changes the Skill to Charging Type. Charge Lv. 1 deals the Perfect Zone damage. Overcharge damage is increased by +95% (at Rank 5). 
  3. [Level III] Focus Fire Focus Fire - The Skill Bombards enemies in front of you 4 times in rapid succession. Total Damage increased by 83% (at Rank 5). 
  4. [RUNE] GalewindGalewind - Increase the skill's casting speed. With this, the Skill's animation becomes much faster, making it less awkward to use. 

Gunlancer advances 3 meters forward, shrinking enemies with his gunlance to deal moderate amounts of damage and launching them into the air. When the skill is used again, Gunlancer fires a shell to inflict an additional powerful hit. 

This is your main Counter Skill that also deals relatively high Stagger Damage. 

  • Weak Point: Level 1 
  • Stagger: Mid-High 
  • Attack Type: Frontal Attack 
  • Counter: Yes 

Level 11

  1. [Level I] Ready Attack Ready Attack - With this, the first attack of the sequence will also increase your Attack Power by up to +23% (at Rank 5) for 4 seconds. 
  2. [Level II] Weak Point Detection Weak Point Detection  - Increases damage dealt to push-immune enemies by up to + (70%). This Tripod will greatly increase DASH UPPER FIREDash Upper Fire's Damage dealt to bosses. 
  3. [Level III] Extra Shell Extra Shell - Bombarding Attack deals an additional Hit, increasing the total damage it deals by up to +160% (at Rank 5). 
  4. [RUNE] OverwhelmOverwhelm - A rune that makes the Skill deal +30% Stagger Damage (with a Legendary Rune). This will help you help your team with stagger checks. 

Gunlancer lets out a fierce roar, inflicting moderate amounts of damage to all enemies within 8 meters radius. Non-player enemies are taunted for 5 seconds, and certain skills on them are disabled. Monsters of Challenge or higher difficulty cannot be taunted again for a set period of time. 

This Skill is what makes Gunlancer truly unique, as it's currently the only one in the game that can interrupt many boss mechanics. Besides that, it also generates a lot of Identity Gauge, when used outside the Defensive Stance, and provides a party-wide DPS buff against affected enemies. 

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Quick Preparation Quick Preparation - Reduces the skill's Cooldown by up to -6 seconds (at Rank 5). This will allow you to generate your Identity Gauge much faster. 
  2. [Level II] Shield Shield - Creates a shield for 41.0% (at Rank 5) of Max HP for 3.2s. This pairs extremely well with the skill's Taunt component of the skill. 
  3. [Level III] Open Weakness Open Weakness - On hit, Shield Meter restored +20%. Weakness is exposed and outgoing Damage from all party members +3.0% for 12.0s. Frontal attacks and back attacks from all party members +9.0%. 
  4. [RUNE] FocusFocus - This Rune lowers the skill's Mana consumption by quite a lot, making it much more cost-effective. 


Gunlancer lets out an inspiring roar and surrounds all party members within a 24 meters radius with a shield that reduces their damage taken by 25% for 6 seconds. 

This is a powerful defensive skill that lets you protect your party members from a considerable portion of the incoming damage. Moreover, with the SurviveSurvive Tripod, NELLASIA'S ENERGYNellasia's Energy also creates a Shield around everyone. It is best used to protect your group against attacks that can't be interrupted with Shout of HatredShout of Hatred

Level 10

  1. [Level I] Quick Preparation Quick Preparation - Reduces the skill's Cooldown by up to -8 seconds (at Rank 5). This Skill has a long base cooldown (40 seconds), so this is a must-have. 
  2. [Level II] Effectiveness  Effectiveness  - Increases the skill's Damage Reduction by an extra -35% (at Rank 1). 
  3. [Level III] Survive Survive - Creates a shield for 24.0% (at Rank 1) of Max HP around all party members within 24 meters for 6.0 seconds. 
  4. [RUNE] FocusFocus - This Rune lowers the skill's Mana consumption by quite a lot, making it much more cost-effective. 

Gunlancer performs a powerful shield attack that inflicts moderate amounts of damage and stuns enemies for 3 seconds. 

This is a very versatile ability that not only debuffs the target (-12% defense for 10 seconds) but also provides you with a self-buff (considerable Attack Power increase for 5 seconds). It also deals very high Stagger Damage which makes it perfect as an opener during Stagger Checks. 

  • Stagger: High 
  • Attack Type: Front Attack 
  • Counter: Yes 

Level 7

  1. [Level I] Armor Destruction Armor Destruction - Makes you apply a -12% Defense debuff for 10 seconds when you Bash an enemy. This turns Bash into a party-wide DPS increase. Also, this lasts for the duration of Bash's Cooldown, so you can potentially maintain it 100% of the time. 
  2. [Level II] Ready Attack Ready Attack - With this, Bashing an enemy will also give you a considerable boost to Attack Power for 5 seconds (+25% at Rank 1). 
  3. [RUNE] BleedBleed -  This Rune makes Bash inflict all enemies hit with a Bleeding effect for 6 seconds. Thanks to Bash's low cooldown, Bleed provides a nice boost to DPS, especially against trash mobs. 

When using this Skill, Gunlancer recovers 100% of his Identity Gauge and releases a protection aura within a 10 meters radius. Enemies within the aura take high amounts of damage and become stunned for 4 seconds. All party members within the aura take 40% less Damage and become immune to Debuffs and Push mechanics. 

This powerful Awakening skill allows you to instantly fill up your Shield Meter to enter the Defensive Stance immediately. Moreover, it can save your party members' lives thanks to its high and long-lasting damage reduction effect. 

  • Stagger: High 
  • Super Armor: Push Immunity, Debuff Immunity 


Priority List/ Skill Usage

Lone Knight Gunlancer is a bit more complicated to play than the Combat Readiness-based version, as it can't rely on the Defensive StanceDefensive Stance as much which forces you to be more deliberate and manage your Shield Meter more carefully. Still, you can soak up a lot of damage before you fall over, so you can employ quite a relaxed playstyle. 

  • BashBash is your team synergy and self-buffing Skill. You should use it at the start of every rotation.
  • Use DASH UPPER FIREDash Upper Fire to Counter Attack the Boss. BashBash can also be used for this purpose Counter Attack bosses. 
  • BashBash and Surge CannonSurge Cannon are your best Stagger Damage dealers. 
  • Use SHOUT OF HATREDShout of Hatred strategically to counter the most annoying/disrupting of the Boss's abilities. Remember to turn off the Defensive StanceDefensive Stance before using it or it won't generate any Identity Gauge. 
  • Using Surge CannonSurge Cannon in the Defensive Stance is a good idea as the skill doesn't have innate Push Immunity. Doing so will ensure that it goes off uninterrupted. 
  • Fire Bullet Fire Bullet can potentially be spammed to fill any gaps in your rotation. 
  • NELLASIA'S ENERGYNellasia's Energy Is your party-wide lifesaver that can be used to shield your teammates from the incoming damage. 

Your optimal damage rotation looks as follows: 

  1. Use BashBash to apply its effects 
  2. Activate Defensive StanceDefensive Stance (optional) 
  3. Use Surge CannonSurge Cannon 
  4. Deactivate Defensive StanceDefensive Stance (if applicable) 
  5. Use DASH UPPER FIREDash Upper Fire 
  6. Use Fire Bullet Fire Bullet 
  7. Use Charged StingerCharged Stinger


Recommended Engravings

  1. Lone KnightLone Knight (Class Engraving) - Increases Gunlance Skill Crit Rate by (Level 1: +5%, Level 2: +10%, Level 3: +15%). Increases Crit Damage by (Level 1: +30%, Level 2: +40%, Level 3: +50%). Prevents you from using Battlefield Shield and increases consumption of the Shield Meter during the Defensive StanceDefensive Stance by 100%. 

This powerful Engraving gives your Lance Skills a lot of extra Crit Rate and Crit Damage, however, it prevents you from using your Battlefield Shield. Having this at Level 3 as soon as possible is key to optimizing your DPS. 

  1. Super Charge Super Charge - Increases the Charging Speed and Damage of Charging Skills (Level 1: +8% Speed, +4% Damage; Level 2: +20% Speed, +10% Damage; Level 3: +40% Speed, +20% Damage). 

As the description suggests, this Engraving will make your charging skills better, so use it if you want to improve your Charged StingerCharged Stinger, Gunlance ShotGunlance Shot, and Surge CannonSurge Cannon

  1. GrudgeGrudge - Increases your Damage Dealt to Bosses (Level 1: +4%, Level 2: +10%, Level 3: +20%), but makes you take 20% more damage from them. 

This Engraving is extremely powerful, but it will punish you if you make a mistake. If you can live with the downside, it will serve you as an unconditional damage increase. Gunlancer is probably the easiest Class for running GrudgeGrudge, as he boasts the highest defenses and can shrug off the additional incoming damage with relative ease. Also, this is only really worth using at Level 3 and becomes very powerful when you reach Tier 3 content. 

  1. Master BrawlerMaster Brawler - Increases Head Attack Damage by (Level 1: +5%, Level 2: +12%, Level 3: +25%). 

The majority of the Lone Knight Gunlancer's attacks have the Head Attack modifier, so this Engraving is a great choice. It will increase your damage output without making you suffer any drawbacks. Run it at Level 3 (it should be quite cheap as it's not a very popular Engraving). 

  1. Cursed DollCursed Doll - Increases Attack Power at the cost of reduced 25% Healing Received (does not affect natural Health recovery (Level 1 - +3% Attack Power, Level 2 - 8% Attack Power, Level 3 - +16% Attack Power).

This Engraving can boost your offensive power rather significantly, but the tradeoff is quite painful. Only pick it if you know encounter mechanics very well; If you lack experience, skip it. Also, using this at Levels 1 and 2 is not worth the risks involved (so, use it at Level 3 or don't use it at all). 

  1. AdrenalineAdrenaline - When using skills other than mobile and basic attacks, attack power increases by (Lv. 1: 0.3%, Lv. 2: 0.6%, Lv. 3: 1%) for 6 seconds (stacks up to 6), and when this effect reaches its maximum stack, critical hit rate increases by an additional (Lv. 1: 5%, Lv. 2: 10%, Lv. 3: 15%). This effect is applied after the skill ends if the cooldown time reduction due to skill cancellation is applied. 

This engraving is very effective if you've chosen the High Swiftness Stat Build. Cooldown Reduction provided by Swiftness should allow you to maintain the buff with relative ease. Also, the more Cooldown Reduction Gems you run, the more reliable this Engraving becomes. 

  1. Precise DaggerPrecise Dagger  - Increases critical hit rate by (Level 1: 4%, Level 2: 10%, Level 3: 20%), but reduces critical damage by 12%. 

This Engraving is worth taking if you went for the high Swiftness Stat Build as it kind of makes up for the lack of Crit stat from accessories. It should make your Critical Strikes much more consistent and it is well worth the drawback. 

  1. Spirit AbsorptionSpirit Absorption - Increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed by (Level 1 - 3%, Level 2 - 8%, Level 3 - 15%). 

Gunlancer moves like a tank and tanks are not really known for their dynamics, so any boost to mobility is welcome. With this Engraving at Level 3, you'll move significantly quicker and your skill animations will become much faster. In other words, pick this engraving if you want your Gunlancer to become more dynamic. 


Gear Sets, Gems, Cards, etc.

  • Gear Sets - As a DPS Class, Gunlancer wants His set to boost his offensive capabilities as much as possible. Here are the optimal Sets for each Tier: 
    • Tier 1: Seraphic Oath Set (Epic); Boisterous Elemental Set (Legendary) 
    • Tier 2: Marvelous Earth Set (Epic); Unyielding Will Set (Legendary) 
    • Tier 3: Twisted Dimensional Set (Epic); Preordained Diligence Set (Legendary) 
  • Gems -  With these, you can apply a Cooldown Reduction or Bonus Damage to your Skills. There is a limit of 11 Gems; you should distribute them in the following way: 
    • You should use Cooldown Reduction Gems on the following Skills: Gunlance ShotGunlance Shot​​​​​​, Surge CannonSurge CannonCharged StingerCharged StingerDash Upper FireDash Upper Fire
    • You should use Attack Gems on the following Skills: Gunlance ShotGunlance Shot, Nellasia's EnergyNellasia's Energy, Shout of HatredShout of Hatred, BashBash, Dash Upper FireDash Upper Fire, Charged StingerCharged Stinger, Surge CannonSurge Cannon 
  • Cards - Depending on your budget, you should go for one of the following Card Sets: 
    • Light of Salvation Set - A Full set offers +30% Dark Damage Reduction, changes your Damage type to Holy, and increases your Holy Damage dealt by 15%. 
    • Lostwind Cliff Set - A Full set offers +25% Dark Damage Reduction and +7% Critical Rate. This one is the cheaper of the recommended two. 



This is the initial version of our Lone Knight Gunlancer Raiding Build for Lost Ark, where we tried to include all of the important information on how to set up this character while keeping the guide as compact as possible. If we've missed something of importance, please let us know! 

If you have any Build requests, please post them in the Comments section below. We will be happy to cover your most requested builds in the future! Also, we hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Also, we will be happy to receive constructive criticism that will help us improve our future work, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback. 

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG