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Holy Priest PvE/Raid Healer build

Holy Priest PvE/Raid Healer build

One of the best Raid Healers in WoW: Battle for Azeroth and Patch 8.2

Holy Priest Raid Healer Build
Odealo's Pocket Guide
Updated for Patch 8.2.0

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Spec Overview

Holy Priest is one of the best healers for Raids and PvE in WoW. Holy Priests truly shine in reactive healing with a bunch of powerful cooldowns and very good AoE and single-target healing spells. Priest is a very classic healing spec with a wide variety of direct healing and healing over time spells. The following build should be a good base for players that are just about to start raiding, and will give you a basic insight into the Holy spec, its skills and healing "rotation".

 Pros  Cons
 Great for both single-target and AoE healing  Bad mobility, with most skills requiring to stand still
 Amazing flexibility with various direct healing and healing over time spells  Lacks instant cast skills
 Team utility cooldowns for both health and mana restoration  Low defenses
 Performs well in all scenarios including Raids and Dungeons  No battle res

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Statistics Priority

  1. Intellect - primary attribute for all healer and spell caster specializations. It increases your spell power and hence your healing capabilities
  1. Mastery - Priest's Mastery: Echo of LightMastery: Echo of Light adds healing over time to all your direct healing spells. The Mastery secondary attribute increases the effectiveness of this HoT mechanic, which can also stack on the same target with each consecutive heal
  1. Critical Strike - which is as important as Mastery attribute. It increases your chance to double the effect of your healing, which also affects the healing over time from Echo of Light
  1. Versatility - increases all your healing done, and reduces damage taken
  1. Haste - increases your cast speed and reduces all global cooldowns. Higher Haste can also increase the number of ticks and healing of RenewRenew


The Best Talent Choices

Level 15: Recommended choice - Enlightenment
EnlightenmentEnlightenment is the best talent choice for this tier. It increases your mana regeneration rate which is essential for Raiding, and useful in pretty much every other scenario including Dungeons and leveling.
Trail of LightTrail of Light is also a viable option for Dungeons. It increases your healing done by HealHeal and Flash HealFlash Heal spells. The last possible option, Enduring RenewalEnduring Renewal shouldn't be considered. Its effect is usually wasted and results in overhealing
Angelic Feather
Level 30: 
Recommended choice - Angelic Feather
Angelic FeatherAngelic Feather - amazing utility/mobility skill which can be used to plant up to three feathers in targeted locations. The first ally that walks through it will have greatly increased movement speed for a short duration
Angel's MercyAngel's Mercy reduces the cooldown of Angel's MercyDesperate Prayer based on the amount of damage you have taken recently. It's a decent defensive Talent which can be considered in some encounters. PreserverancePerseverance is also defensive Talent which adds a skill that reduces your damage taken by 10% when you heal yourself with RenewRenew.
Cosmic Ripple
Level 45: 
Recommended choice - Cosmic Ripple
Cosmic RippleCosmic Ripple - greatly helps with healing five injured allies when your Holy Word: SanctifyHoly Word: Sanctify or Holy Word: SerenityHoly Word: Serenity expire. This is the best Talent for this tier and provides the most healing in Raids
Guardian AngelGuardian Angel is the recommended choice for Mythic+ Dungeons where more focused healing is required, allowing you to cast Guardian SpiritGuardian Spirit more frequently. AfterlifeAfterlife is less likely to be useful than the other two Talents in this tier and should not be considered a viable option
Psychic Voice / Censure / Shining Force
Level 60: 
Recommended choice - any of the three
All the Talents in this tier provide different crowd control effects. They are situational and you should pick one that is the most suited for your team composition or specific encounter. Psychic VoicePsychic Voice reduces the cooldown of Psychic ScreamPsychic Scream - which is a great utility spell that causes nearby enemies to flee and disorients them for 8 seconds. CensureCensure grants a very powerful stun by enhancing Holy Word: ChasticeHoly Word: Chastise and Shining ForceShining Force is an instant cast spell which knockbacks all enemies near your target and slows them down by 70%
Circle of Healing
Level 75: 
Recommended choice - Circle of Healing
Circle of HealingCircle of Healing is a solid AoE heal, which is the best option for this Tier and healing in Raids. It's also one of the few instant casts in Holy Priest's arsenal
Surge of LightSurge of Light is a decent pick for dungeons and lower tier content. It lets you save some mana by occasionally making your Flash HealFlash Heal cost no mana. Binding HealBinding Heal can be also considered a viable pick for Raids and Dungeons as it heals three allies simultaneously and reduces the cooldowns of Holy Word: SerenityHoly Word: Serenity and Holy Word: SanctifyHoly Word: Sanctify. 
Level 90: 
Recommended choice - Halo
HaloHalo - which grants a great Raid healing utility. It creates a ring of holy energy that spreads up to 30 yards and heals all enemies inside it.
BenedictionBenediction makes your Prayer of MendingPrayer of Mending to have a 30% chance to place Renew on your target. And while it provides decent additional healing, it requires to recast Prayer of Mending which is not the most reliable Holy Priest healing spell. Divine StarDivine Star is a decent instant cast spell that heals your allies in a path in front of you twice in short succession by creating a ball of holy energy that travels back and forth from your location. 
Holy Word:Salvation
Level 100: 
Recommended choice - Holy Word: Salvation
Holy Word:SalvationHoly Word: Salvation - is the best pick for this tier. It's a very powerful raiding AoE heal which replenishes the life of all your allies in 40 yards and applies RenewRenew and two stacks of Prayer of MendingPrayer of Mending to each. Holy Word: Salvation has a cooldown of 12 minutes but it's decreased by 30 seconds every time you use Holy Word: SerenityHoly Word: Serenity or Holy Word: SanctifyHoly Word: Sanctify
SerenityLight of the Naaru reduces the cooldowns of your Word spells when you cast the relevant spells. It's an easy and straightforward way to increase your overall healing. ApotheosisApotheosis, on the other hand, is a very powerful cooldown. It greatly reduces the cooldowns of your Holy Words and their mana cost for 20 seconds. It's also a viable choice for this tier.


The Basic Rotation

Healers, in general, have no set rotations. Most of the spells are used in reaction to occurrences during different encounters and are situational. Which spells you use depend on the damage your team takes and how you should respond to it. In order for you to become a good healer we have decided to list up all the spells that are the disposal of a Holy Priest, and in which situations you should use them.

Healing spells
  1. Heal is a slow and very powerful single-target healing spell. It's best to time it well when you know your tank is going to be hit hard and you need to get him back up quickly. Triggers Holy WordsHoly Words which reduces the cooldown of Holy Word: SerenityHoly Word: Serenity
  1. Flash Heal quicker version of Heal which is best used in emergency situations. It also triggers Holy WordsHoly Words
Flash Heal
  1. Renew weak direct heal with small healing over time effect. It also reduces the cooldown of Holy Word: SanctifyHoly Word: Sanctify
  1. Holy Word: Sanctify strong AoE heal which works best when healing stacked groups of players
Holy Word: Sanctify
  1. Holy Word: Serenity very strong direct heal. It should be used on allies on very low health
Holy Word: Serenity
  1. Prayer of Healing expensive multi-target heal that restores the life of your target and four additional nearby allies
Prayer of Healing
  1. Prayer of Mending unusual healing spell which heals your target when it received damage and then bouncing off to another ally. It can jump up to five times
Prayer of Mending
  1. Divine Hymn - large radius AoE cooldown that heals all team members in 40 yards radius. It also increases all healing done to affected allies by 10% for 8 seconds
Divine Hymn
  1. Holy Word: Salvation extremely powerful AoE heal which replenishes the life of all your allies. It's perfect for encounters where the entire Raid is damaged badly and need to recover Life very fast
Holy Word: Salvation
Utility spells
  1. Holy Word: Chastise a powerful stun if you have taken the CensureCensure Talent. Also deals moderately high damage to the target
Holy Word: Chastise
  1. Symbol of Hope a very powerful utility cooldown which greatly increases mana regeneration rate of all healers in your party
Symbol of Hope
  1. Fade - which removes all threat for 10 seconds. Extremely useful when you get targeted during encounters
  1. Guardian Spirit - which increases the healing received by your target and when it takes lethal damage it's healed to 40% instead and ending the effect
Guardian Spirit
  1. Mass Dispel - extremely useful utility spell which removes all debuffs from up to 5 players with the radius
Mass Dispel
  1. Spirit of Redemption - a Passive skill which allows you to continue healing for short duration even after death. Spell cast during the effect cost no mana
Spirit of Redemption


Tips and Tricks for Improving your Gameplay

  1. Always use your Power Word: FortitudePower Word: Fortitude when entering a Raid or Dungeon. It's a buff that works on every team member and increases their Stamina by 10% for one hour
  1. Casting RenewRenew frequently is usually the main cause for mana-related issues. Mana management as Holy Priest is extremely important, and using more efficient spells like Circle of HealingCircle of Healing or HaloHalo is advised 
  1. A good habit that may help you with mana management is making sure that your mana is draining at the same pace as the Bosses' life
  1. Timing your HealHeal shortly before your tank is getting a bit hit from Boss is a good idea. It then gets followed up by Holy Word:SerenityHoly Word: Serenity  which should quickly heal your tank to nearly full life in an instant

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This is the basic version of our Pocket Guide for Raid Healer as the Holy Priest specialization. Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below. While we appreciate all the feedback, keep in mind that this guide is intended as a pocket version that covers up only the most important aspects of healing in Raids as Holy Priest spec and is intended to be an introduction for beginning players.

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