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Fallout 76 - The Best Perk Cards in FO76 - Odealo

Fallout 76 - The Best Perk Cards in FO76 - Odealo

Find out what are the best Perk Cards for any Fallout 76 character

Fallout 76
The Best Perk Cards in FO76

General information

Fallout 76 introduced a very unique and interesting character customization system. On top of the SPECIAL Points that include Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, and Luck, players randomly draw five Perk Cards after they reach certain levels (level 4, 6, 8, 10 and then after every 5 levels gained). You can pick one of the available cards every time you level up. All the chosen cards become available for you and you can allocate them under the corresponding attribute. 

Below you will find the best Perks for each of the SPECIAL attributes listed. We have decided to include only well-rounded Perks that you can, and should, use regardless of your character build. 

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The Best Perks in Fallout 76


Strength is one of the most important SPECIAL attributes in Fallout 76. The biggest concern of Fallout players is the limited carry weight that everyone has to struggle with. Strength increases your maximum carry weight, melee damage, and allows you to use a big number of useful defensive and utility Perks.

Strength Perks primary bonuses:

  1. Melee Damage
  2. Carry Weight
  3. Damage Reduction
  4. Heavy Guns/Shotguns/Explosives

The Best Strength Perks:

Barbarian Perk
Barbarian is one of the best defensive Perks for any player that decides to spend a couple points on STR and does not use a Power Armor

BlockerBlocker another amazing defensive Perk that is useful for any character regardless of the build and equipped items
Pack Rat
Pack Rat reduces the weight of all junk items allowing you to carry much more stuff
Sturdy Frame
Sturdy Frame reduces the weight of your armor

Perception is a SPECIAL attribute strongly connected to rifles and V.A.T.S targeting system. If you aren't using guns in general, you won't find much use for Perception at least for a couple of useful Perks listed below.

Perception Perks primary bonuses:

  1. Rifle/Guns Accuracy
  2. V.A.T.S Damage
  3. Lockpicking skill

The Best Perception Perks:

Awareness is one of the best DPS-wise perks when using V.A.T.S. It lets you determine enemies weak spots

Fortune FinderFortune Finder a very useful Perk which allows you to easily locate Caps Stash
Picklock allows you to open safes and locked doors. Extremely useful when playing solo and for players that want to fully explore Appalachia
Tank Killer
Tank Killer is one of the best Perception Perks for Riflemen. While it only benefits this type of weapon, it's truly exceptional in that

Endurance determines your maximum Health, resistance to Radiation and mutation, and your thirst and hunger in general. It is one of the least popular SPECIAL attributes in Fallout 76 as it only benefits very niche builds and specific types of playstyle. There are a couple of useful Perks though which we recommend getting regardless of your character's statistics.

Perception Perks primary bonuses:

  1. Health
  2. Health Regeneration
  3. Radiation and damage resistance
  4. Thirst and Hunger
  5. Effect of Food/Drinks and Chems

The Best Endurance Perks:

Adamantium Skeleton
Adamantium Skeleton which makes you ignore limb damage completely. Extremely useful but it does not work with Power Armors

HomebodyHomebody grants you Health Regeneration while in your camp or workshop. It lets you easily regenerate life without spending excessive stimpacks and food
Revenant grants one of the highest DPS bonuses out of all Perks. It's obviously recommended for team players only
Ironclad the best damage and energy resistance Perk for anyone not using a Power Armor

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Charisma is one of the most important Perks in Fallout 76. While it was a very niche attribute in previous Fallout games, for an MMORPG this is just natural that interaction with other players is essential. High Charisma allows you to share a selected Perk with your party members, and grant very high bonuses when playing in a team. Also, most of the team bonuses that Charisma Perks grant, are active even if you are far away from your teammates. You can simply invite random people that are playing on the same world and you will gain all the benefits as if you were actually teamed up.

Charisma Perks primary bonuses:

  1. Team bonuses
  2. Reviving and healing
  3. Experience gained
  4. Vendor prices

The Best Charisma Perks:

Bodyguards which grants a high defensive bonus for each of your teammates

Magnetic PersonalityMagnetic Personality is one of the most important Charisma Perks in the game. While playing in a team it basically lets you use additional Charisma Perk for free
Squad Maneuver
Squad Maneuver grants you increased run speed while playing in a team
Suppressor which is a very useful Perk, both while being a member of a team and playing solo

Intelligence is another very important SPECIAL attribute. Even if you plan to build a brutal Melee Character, you will need to spend at least a few points in Intelligence. Intelligence is important for Power Armor users, crafters, enhances your healing and allows hacking terminals. 

Intelligence Perks primary bonuses:

  1. Power Armors
  2. Crafting
  3. Healing
  4. Hacking

The Best Intelligence Perks:

Hacker allows you to hack terminals. It will help you enter locked out areas and open locked containers and safes. Also, successfully hacking a terminal grants experience points

First AidFirst Aid increases the amount of Health restored by stimpacks. And everyone uses them regardless of your build
Nerd Rage!
Nerd Rage! is a very useful Perk which grants amazing bonuses to your damage, damage reduction, and AP regeneration while you are low on Life
Scrapper is one of the best Perks for Looters, Scavengers, and Crafters. It grants you an insane amount of additional crafting materials and costs only 1 Point on INT

Agility is related to your Action Points and their regeneration rate. This means it's very important for versatile Melee characters that need to sprint in order to engage their targets as soon as possible, as well as Snipers and Riflemen that utilize V.A.T.S. Regardless of your build, you should always get a few points in Agility to get the Action Boy/Girl Perk which increases your AP regeneration

Agility Perks primary bonuses:

  1. Action Points
  2. V.A.T.S
  3. Damage
  4. Damage mitigation

The Best Agility Perks:

Action Boy
Action Boy/Girl is one of the most essential Perks in Fallout 76. The number of available Action Points determines what actions you can take in combat

AdrenalineAdrenaline greatly increases your damage (by up to a total of 60%) for every consecutive kill
Evasive is one of the best defensive Perks in the Agility "tree" as long as you are not using Power Armors
Ammosmith extremely useful Perk. It can either help you maintain your ammunition or earn you a lot of money by selling excessive rounds

Luck is another important SPECIAL attribute in FO76. It has a very high impact on nearly all aspects of your character regardless of your build. It can either increase your DPS, crafting results, save your Life or add a little twist to your adventure. It's also best to invest some Points in Luck if you want to earn more Caps while on your adventure.

Luck Perks primary bonuses:

  1. Damage
  2. Crafting Results
  3. Damage reduction

The Best Luck Perks:

Serendipity grants you a very high chance to ignore incoming damage while below 30% Health

Starched GenesStarched Genes is a very useful end-game Perk. Mutations can have very powerful effects on your character, and only with Rank 2 Starched Genes, you are certain you will not have them removed
Super Duper
Super Duper is another extremely useful Perk related to crafting. It grants you a chance to double your crafting outcome
Mysterious Saviour
Mysterious Saviour is a great way to cheat your death while playing solo. Mysterious Saviour will occasionally appear and revive you

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If you have any suggestions related to this article or you think we should add different Perks in specific categories, let us know in the comments below.

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