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Fallout 76 Power Armor Locations - an in-depth Guide

Fallout 76 Power Armor Locations - an in-depth Guide

Find out where to find all the Power Armor parts in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Power Armor Locations
an in-depth Guide on Where to find all PA Parts

Table of contents:

  1. General information
  2. Power Armor types
  3. Power Armor locations

General information

Power Armor is the most peculiar item in Fallout 76. It's one first items that every Vault 76's dweller will seek for after leaving the Vault. Power Armor provides the highest defensive bonuses out of all Armors in the game, and it's natural eventually you will want to have one as well. It also increases your Strength, Endurance, Carry Weight and makes you immune to falling damage. Power Armors also provide a lot of customization options which may further increase your damage reduction, damage, carry weight, speed, and more.

Power Armors are fueled by Fusion Cores, which are required to sprint, aim in V.A.T.S., and use power attacks.  Fusion Cores can be found in Generators like the one on the screenshot below (as a side note, there is one easily accessible generator inside the Bleeding Kate's Grindhouse, just east of Riverside Manor. It's an outdoor location guarded by just a few Wasps, and the generator is just a few steps from the checkpoint location)

Fusion Core Generator

One of the most important things that you may not be aware of as a beginner in Fallout 76, is the fact that any Power Armor consists of a separate Frame and its components. You can find a Power Armor Frame very early in the game, which you can enter right away as it is not level-restricted. However, you won't be able to use all the parts; Helmet, Torso, Arms, and Legs that grant the extra damage reduction. Raider Power Armor, which is of the lowest Tier, requires a minimum of level 15 to use. 

  • Very high protection bonuses against ballistic, energy, and radiation damage
  • Increased carry weight
  • Increased Strenght and Endurance
  • Increased sprint speed
  • Immunity to falling damage
  • A vast amount of customization options to increase all your stats even further
  • Additional resistance to airborne and waterborne hazards
  • Head-mounted flashlight
  • Some Power Armors allow you to breathe underwater
  • Each component has limited durability and can't be used when broken
  • Requires Fusion Cores to use
  • Can only be repaired at a Power Station
  • While wearing a Power Armor you can't use crafting stations, workbenches, and unarmed weapons


Power Armor types

Below you will find all the available types of Power Armors briefly described. Keep in mind that you can find different Tiers of Power Armors. For example, Raider Power Armor's level ranged between 15 and 45, in increments of 5 levels. 

Raider Power Armor
Raider Power Armor

The most basic (but not exactly common) Power Armor in Fallout 76. It can be equipped starting at level 15 and is usually worn by Raider Bosses. It's the only Power Armor that requires Steel only for repairs.

Excavator Power Armor
Excavator Power Armor

Unique Power Armor designed for mining purposes. It increases your carry weight and yield from mining ores. It can be obtained from a quest at Garraghan Mining Headquarters which requires you to be level 25.

 T-45 Power Armor
T-45 Power Armor

The most commonly found Power Armor in FO76. It offers good defensive bonuses and together with the T-51 and T-60 it's not tied to any specific locations. It can randomly spawn in most of the Power Stations found in the wastes of Appalachia

T-51 Power Armor
T-51 Power Armor

Another popular Power Armor. It is a major upgrade to the T-45 in pretty much every aspect. It has a minimum level requirement of 30. It's one of the most cost-effective Power Armors intended for regular usage

T-60 Power Armor
T-60 Power Armor

One of the best Power Armors in the game that offers very high Ballistic and Radiation resistance. However, it costs significantly more to maintain than T-51 while only offering about 10% stat increase, which makes it an unpopular choice for casual players.

X-01 Power Armor
X-01 Power Armor

A highly advanced and rare Power Armor. It offers very high Energy and Radiation resistance, making it a perfect pick for fighting the Scorchbeast and raiding nuke zones. It requires level 40 to use. It is a quest reward for joining the Enclave.

Ultracite Power Armor
Ultracite Power Armor

The best and the most technologically advanced Power Armor in Fallout 76. It requires level 50 to use, offers the highest Ballistic protection. It requires a rare material for repairs, which can be usually found in green mining zones near Fissures

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Power Armor Locations

Map with the most popular Power Armor locations

Fallout 76 Power Armor Locations

  1. Arktos Pharma - found on the upper floor behind a security door
  2. Morgantown - there are few Power Armor stations around Morgantown. One of them can be found in Mama Dolce's Food Processing, another one in an abandoned warehouse to the southwest  
  3. Morgantown Trainyard - found inside a green wagon with "USA Star" sign on it
  4. Eastern Regional Penitentiary - found in the prison's yard, inside a warehouse right in the middle. The area is usually full of low-level Super Mutants
  5. Clarksburg - a Raider Power Armor can be found in a small engine repair shop
  6. Black Bear Lodge - Power Armor can be found inside a red barn
  7. The Crosshair - found in the narrow hollow above the cooking station
  8. Aaronholdt Homestead - Power Armor is located in the granary and requires a key to access it. The key is on the body of Lowell Aaronholt nearby
  9. WV Lumber CO. - found in the large warehouse
  10. Wade Airport - can be found either inside a booby-trapped blue trailer or in the corner of the last hangar
  11. Mount Blair - found by the rusty pickup outside
  12. Hornwright Industrial Headquarters - which can be found on the bottom of the basement stairs
  13. Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - found in the workroom in the plant's basement
  14. Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant - found in the sunken loading dock
  15. The Burning Mine - found inside the mine
  16. Garrahan Mining Headquarters - there are several Power Armor Stations inside. Excavator's Power Armor can be obtained there via Miner Miracles questline
  17. Billings Homestead - T-45, T-51 or T-60 Power Armor can be found inside a metal shed
  18. Silva Homestead - found inside the silo barn
  19. Point Pleasant - found inside a garage below the ruined bridge
  20. Watoga - can be found on the rooftop of an emergency building or near the ruined vertibird
  21. Grafton Dam - found inside a shed at the back
  22. Camp Venture - in the yard of the camp
  23. Drop Site V9 - stands outside of the Drop Site
  24. Gorge Junkyard - one of the locations where you can find the Raider Power Armor
  25. Big Bend Tunnel - one of the Power Armors can be found to the west of the tunnel nearby a derailed military wagon, and the other one is inside the tunnel, inside a locked warehouse
  26. Lewis and Sons Farming Supplies - Power Armor can be found in the tractor barn
  27. Survey Camp Alpha - found in a Power Armor Station under the canopy
  28. Pleasant Valley Cabins - located inside the arena on the right after entering the outpost

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