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Fallout 76 - Looter/Crafter Gunslinger build - Odealo

Fallout 76 - Looter/Crafter Gunslinger build - Odealo

A perfect build for making farming Caps by looting, crafting powerful rifles and energy weapons or selling ammo

Gunslinger (solo version)
Fallout 76 Build

General information

This Looter/Crafter is one of the best characters to make Caps in Fallout 76. While you may be unable to explore high-level areas right away, you will be able to get a lot of money and crafting materials by looting low and mid-tier zones. On top of getting an increased amount of loot, Caps, and crafting materials, you will have enough resources to build a big Camp that can produce purified water and food. Crafting also grants experience points, so you can level up pretty fast even if you may be unable to clear the entire Whitesprings resort all by yourself. Trading is still pretty young in Fallout 76, but I predict that players that will be able to craft all the end-game weapons and mods, will eventually make a lot of money in the game. 

I have decided to build it around non-automatic Pistols, but that is entirely optional. You may as well use any other Gun since there aren't many DPS Perks used. Also, using a Power Armor is mandatory. There is only one defensive Perk taken, and if you want to visit higher-level areas this is a must.

Below you will find all the recommended Perks for each of the SPECIAL attributes and a brief introduction to this build's equipment, consumables, and mutations.

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SPECIAL Attributes and Perk Cards




Take 45% less damage from your opponents' melee attacks

Pack Rat

The weight of all junk items is reduced by 75%

Sturdy Frame

Armor weighs 50% less than normal

Strength attribute increases your maximum carry weight which is essential for a Looter/Crafter. However, you can't afford to spend more than 8 points on STR unless you want to go melee



Concentrated Fire

V.A.T.S. now targets limbs. Focus fire to gain high accuracy and damage per shot

Crack Shot

All pistols now have 30% more range and more accuracy when sighted

Fortune Finder

You hear directional audio when in range of a Caps Stash


Gain +1 lockpicking skill, and the lockpicking 'sweet spot' is 10% larger

Expert Picklock

Gain +1 lockpicking skill, and the lockpicking 'sweet spot' is 10% larger

Master Picklock

Gain +1 lockpicking skill, and the lockpicking 'sweet spot' is 10% larger

Perception is quite important in this build. Your ability to take down enemies comes from the Concentrated Fire, Crack Shot and V.A.T.S. On top of that, I have decided to upgrade lockpick to level 3 so that you can open all doors and safes whenever you are exploring. I just find it a natural choice for a Looter/Scavenger type of character




Gain improved health and limb regeneration while in your camp or workshop

Assuming you will spend more time in your camp or workshop, this Perk is very useful



Lone Wanderer

When adventuring alone, take 10% less damage and gain 10% AP regen


Hard Bargain

Buying and selling prices at vendors are now much better

Charisma is mainly used by team players so you shouldn't focus on it. But taking a Rank 1 Lone Wanderer is very helpful, and you should "level up" Hard Bargain Perk to level 3 and use it whenever you are selling your items to vendors (if you do at all)




Crafting workshop items now costs 25% fewer materials


Guns break 50% slower and you can craft Tier 5 guns. (Plans required)

Portable Power

All Power Armor parts and chassis weights are reduced by 75%


You can craft Rank 1 energy gun mods. (Plans required)

Science Expert

Crafting energy guns now costs fewer materials

Science Master

Your crafted energy guns have improved durability

Intelligence is the most important attribute for crafters. Intelligence increases the durability and conditions of the items you craft, and also increases the number of materials you receive from scrapping



Action Boy

Action Points regenerate 45% faster


Gain +6% (max 36%) damage for 30s per kill. Duration refreshes with kills




Your non-automatic pistols now do +20% damage

Agility passively increases your maximum AP and its regeneration. Also, it allows you to use the Ammosmith Perk which can help you make a lot of money by selling ammo to other players



Cap Collector

You always find more bottle caps when opening a caps stash

Lucky Break

Slight chance your equipped armor will repair itself when struck


While below 30% health, gain a 45% chance to avoid damage

Super Duper

When you craft anything, there is a 30% chance you'll get double results!

Luck is the second most important attribute in terms of earning Caps in Fallout 76. It greatly increases the number of Caps you find, as well as may double your crafting results. On the other hand, Serendipity is one of the best defensive Perks for this build. Cap Collector works great in combination with the Fortune Finder Perk

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ARMOR: Power Armor is mandatory in this build. Also, you should use mods that increase your carry weight on as many parts as possible

WEAPON: This build uses non-automatic pistols, but you are free to choose your own weapon type. Just remember to adjust the Perks you are using. Western Revolver is the best regular pistol, and if you have a higher level character you can use Ultracite Laser Gun or Plasma Gun (both deal Energy Damage as well)

CHEMS: It may be good to use Barry Mentats before crafting end-game equipment which greatly increases your Intelligence attribute. Increasing the condition it ends up with may earn you a lot of money


There are only two beneficial mutations for a Looter/Crafter. Though I would not force myself to get any of them

  1. EggHead - greatly increases your Intelligence but lowers your Strength and Endurance. While this is perfect for the crafting part, it will greatly lower the difficulty of areas you can easily explore
  2. Marsupial - if you focus mainly on looting and exploration, this Perk is perfect for you. It will reduce your maximum Intelligence by 4 (hence reducing crated items condition) but increases your maximum carry weight and movement speed
  3. Speed Demon - another interesting mutation for looting and exploration. It increases your reload and movement speed at the cost of increased drain rate of thirst and hunger

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If you have any suggestions related to this build or you have a suggestion for our future build, let us know in the comments below.

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