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Fallout 76 Caps Stash farming in Whitespring guide - Odealo

Fallout 76 Caps Stash farming in Whitespring guide - Odealo

Learn about the best way to farm Caps in Fallout 76

Caps Stash Farming guide
Whitespring Resort

General information

Farming Caps Stashes is the most efficient way to get a lot of Caps in Fallout 76. With Bottle Collector Perk you can get an average of 70-80 Caps per Stash and knowing the exact spots where Stashes are found, can make you nearly 1000 Caps in 10 minutes. The only downside to it is the number of players already farming Stashes on most servers. If you enter a new game and you see a lot of players roaming around Whitespring, the chance is high that they have already looted some, if not all of them. 

First of all, you should be aware of how dangerous Whitespring is. It is filled with level 40+ Ghouls, Zombies and a lot of other randomly spawned enemies. This is one of the most popular areas and a lot of Legendary enemies may be encountered there. The density of monsters may even cause FPS drops and lags, greatly reducing your overall combat performance or the ability to run away to safety. In order to efficient farm Whitespring Caps stashes you should:

  1. Be at least level 30, but preferably even higher;
  2. Wear a Power Armor, or at least have a few defensive Perks active;
  3. Carry around a bunch of Stimpacks and a lot of Rad-aways since there are a lot of Ghouls and glowing enemies in Whitespring Resort and around the Gold club area;
  4. Take enough ammo to deal with tons of enemies, or be an efficient melee fighter since a lot of the Stashes are inside buildings filled with monsters;
  5. Try to stash your junk once in a while to not lose too much of it. You may find yourself in a spot where recovering your loot will be impossible.

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Whitespring  Resort Caps Stash locations

Winterspring Caps Stashes
  1. This Caps Stash is located in a cabin nearby the Whitespring Bunker entrance. It should be in a dust bin near the desk

  2. This Stash can be found inside a white booth near one of the exits from the cubby

  3. This Stash can be found in a bathroom on the lower levels of the building. It's below the mirrors. You may find another Stash in one of the lockers on the lower level as well. Watch out when traveling to this location. It's usually full of Ghouls, you may even encounter a Glowing one or the Wendigo.

  4. This is another location with two Caps Stashes. First one is located inside the bus right next to the entrance, below a seat on the left side. The other one is in the bower, next to the cooler.

  5. Cap Stash can be found on a porch right next to the Greenbrier Hotel building

  6. Cap Stash can be found below a white table with a lamp on top of it. It's located outside the building

  7. Cap Stash is located inside Studio 58 behind the register right next to the vendor

  8. Stash is located inside Greenbrier behind a bell stand. It's behind the Level 3 Locked doors

  9. Found inside of Bespoke behind the register

  10. This Stash Tab is located not far from the service exit. There is a line of tables outside, it's beneath one of them

  11. Stash is located by the service doors on the roof of the building above the entrance to the Whitespring bunker

  12. There are two stashes here. Both are near the service exit. One of the can be found inside a booth, and the other one in the van nearby. Take caution as there is an explosive trap inside the van.

  13. Stash is found inside one of the booths. Stash is hidden near the desk

  14. Stash can be found on a porch right next to a broken chair

  15. Cap Stash should be located beneath a char on the porch

  16. Found on the second story of the building, on a shelf near the back door

  17. Cap Stash can be found in a cabin near the exit

  18. Found in the bathroom behind the laundry

  19. Last of the Stashes can be found on the right side of the door leading to the porch

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