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Fallout 76 2H Melee Power Armor Team build - Odealo

Fallout 76 2H Melee Power Armor Team build - Odealo

One of the best Team DPS builds for Fallout 76

Two-Handed Melee
Power Armor/Team
Fallout 76 Build

General information

This is one of the best Team DPS characters that rely on powerful Two-Handed Weapons and Power Armors. Using Power Armor is mandatory because of its terrific defenses and additional Strenght bonus. This build doesn't use excessive defensive Perks as it was mainly destined to be a Glass Cannon melee DPS. 

Below you will find all the recommended Perks for each of the SPECIAL attributes. Sadly, we can't give you any more detailed information about equipment at this point, as too many things about the game are yet to be discovered, including the best Legendary items.

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SPECIAL Attributes and Perk Cards



Blocker Perk

Take 45% less damage from your opponents' melee attacks


Your melee weapons ignore 75% of your target's armor

Martial Artist

Your melee weapons weigh 60% less, and you can swing them 30% faster


Your two-handed melee weapons now do +20% damage

Expert Slugger

Your two-handed melee weapons now do +15% damage

Master slugger

Your two-handed melee weapons now do +10% damage

Strength is the most important attribute for a melee character. It increases your melee damage and maximum carry weight which is also very important in Fallout 76. 15 Points in strength is mandatory



Glow sight

Deal +60% damage to glowing enemies

Whether to upgrade Glow Sight to Rank 3 or keeping it at Rank 1 and spending extra Points in Endurance on Charisma, should be your personal preference. On higher levels you will encounter a lot of Glowing Monsters, so the damage bonus will surely come in handy




You gain increased benefit from being Well Fed or Well Hydrated


Gain a +50% damage bonus for 2 minutes when a player revives you

Endurance is mainly used to increase your maximum Health and grant survivability bonuses. Since this build is fully oriented on DPS we have decided not to invest too many Points on the Endurance attribute




Gain 12 Damage & Energy Resist (max 36) for each teammate, excluding you


Reduce your target's damage output by 30% for 2 seconds after you attack

Squad maneuver

Run 20% faster when part of a team

Strange in numbers

Positive mutation effects are +25% stronger if teammates are mutated too

Charisma should be one of your primary attributes if you are planning on playing this game with other people. It grants very high bonuses when you are part of a team, and it also allows you to share a Perk with your team members



Weapon artisan

You can repair any weapon to 200% of normal maximum condition

Which Perk you pick under the Intelligence attribute is up to you. You can use either Weapon Artisan, Power Patch, Power User or First Aid, depending on your personal preference



Action Boy

Action Points regenerate 45% faster


Sprinting consumes 40% fewer Action Points


Gain +6% (max 36%) damage for 30s per kill. Duration refreshes with kills

Born suvivor

Falling below 20% health will automatically use a Stimpak, once every 20s

Agility is mainly used for AP and its regeneration. Also, it allows you to use one of the best offensive Perks in the game - Adrenaline. It grants up to 36% bonus damage for just one point



Bloody mess

15% bonus damage means enemies may explode into a gory red paste

Class freak

The negative effects of your mutations are reduced by 75%

Critical savvy

Critical Hits now only consume 55% of your critical meter


While below 30% health, gain a 45% chance to avoid damage

Starched genes

You will never mutate from rads and Radaway will never cure mutations

Luck affects nearly every action you take. It will grant you greatly increases DPS and also an extremely efficient defensive mechanic with the Serendipity Perk. Also, Starched Genes is mandatory if you get any of the beneficial mutations for a melee fighter


ARMOR: Power Armor is a must-have for this build. It grants terrific defensive utility, increases your maximum carry weight and grants bonus Strength. Without a Power Armor, you will most likely die too fast to display the full potential of this build

WEAPON: Super Sledge, All Rise (modified Super Sledge) and basically any high-level Two-Handed Weapons is recommended

CHEMS: Psychobuff (bonus Damage, Strength, Endurance and maximum Life) and Fury (30% Bonus Melee Damage) make you a real monster. If you use Chems all the time you should consider taking the Chem Resistant Perk on Rank 2


Mutations are extremely powerful for Strength/Melee based characters. If you manage to get any of the mutations below you should focus on getting Starched Genes as soon as possible. If you are not level 31 yet, you can simply ignore your radiation. If it gets too high and you can't ignore it anymore, simply die. Some of the radiation will be removed, but you will still have your mutation

  1. Twisted Muscles - increases your Melee Damage and grants a higher chance to cripple limbs. It also reduces your Weapon Accuracy, but with Class Freak this is negligible
  2. Herd Mentality - increases all your SPECIAL stats by +2 when playing in a team. It's one of the best mutations for a team player
  3. Grounded - which grants 100 additional Energy Resistance, but reduces your Energy Damage by 20%. Very good defensive mutation with nearly no downside for this build

If you have any suggestions related to this build or you have a suggestion for our future build, let us know in the comments below.

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