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Best Undecember Builds and Class Guides

Best Undecember Builds and Class Guides

Comparison of all Classes in Undecember and list of Odealo's best Builds




Undecember offers a never before seen level of freedom regarding character progression. It lets you freely combine Gear, Skills, and Zodiac (a talent system) to create unique and exciting Builds. As a result, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of viable combinations, but, while we're as excited to try them all out as anyone, we also understand that it might get quite overwhelming for newcomers. To help you find yourself in the ocean of Undecember Builds, we've prepared a series of build guides in which we break them down in detail. You'll find them down below, separated into three categories: 

  • Strength Builds - These are mostly the builds that fit the "warrior" archetype. They use brute force to overpower the opposition in melee. 
  • Dexterity Builds - Builds focused on ranged physical damage, high crit chance, and subtlety. They often offer more flexibility than Strength Builds. 
  • Intelligence Builds - If you're looking for Caster Builds for Undecember, you'll find them in this section. They offer great offensive power, often at the cost of low defense. 

Important Note: If you want to find out more about how Undecember's Build system works exactly, check out the last section of this guide! 


Undecember Builds

Strength Builds

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Dexterity Builds
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Intelligence Builds
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Undecember Builds Explained

First of all, there are no Classes in Undecember which means that you are not funneled into any playstyle after you create a character. Instead, there are three main Attributes; Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence that promote different types of Builds (of course, nothing stops you from experimenting and mixing Strength with Intelligence, for example). The game's Zodiac system will allow you to further specialize your character after you've chosen its main Attribute. Another benefit of Undecember's Class-less system is that you can choose any of the Skills that are available, even if they don't correspond too well with your chosen progression path. 

As you can see, this system offers A LOT of possibilities but many of these possibilities are potential traps. To help you avoid these traps and improve your ability to create consistent Undecember Builds yourself, we'll break down the game's three main Archetypes: Strength Builds, Dexterity Builds, and Intellect Builds. But first, we'll explain the Gear, Runes, and the Zodiac System in a few words. 

  • Gear - Undecember offers seemingly unlimited options when it comes to gear creation and customization. You can freely change equipment's stats, bonuses, and grades through the enchanting system. To fuel your enchanting, however, you will need an increasing amount of materials that can be obtained from disassembling other gear pieces. Through the game's gear-making systems, you are able to create equipment that's perfect for your build (it may take a lot of attempts and re-rolls, though). Just prepare for quite a lot of grinding to get enough materials. 
  • Runes - Runes comprise Skill and Link Runes and they offer seemingly infinite possibilities when it comes to combining and modifying Skills. Skill Runes are used to unlock various powerful Skills and any Skill Rune can be used on any Character. Link Runes assist the effects of Skill Runes, improving and changing them in various ways. Runes can be equipped in a special space that's called the Rune Cast. Every Skill Rune can be upgraded with up to 6 different Link Runes. Link Runes come with different colors that match different edges of Skill Rune's border. Only Runes with matching colors can be linked together, however, multiple Skill Runes can be connected to the same Link Rune (there are also ways to change Runes' border colors to make different links possible). 
  • Zodiac System - This is Undecember's take on the talent trees known from other RPGs. At the base of the system, in the center of the Zodiac, you'll find three main attributes; Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Improving these attributes allows you to equip increasingly powerful equipment. As you progress, you will be also able to invest points into the skill constellations and unlock powerful modifiers for your character. Each Constellation offers a completely different set of bonuses and modifiers that can sometimes change your character's gameplay completely. 

Strength Archetype

If you like the path of brute forcing your way through hordes of enemies, you'll find Strength-based builds very appealing. They mostly specialize in close-quarters combat, usually have quite formidable defenses, and are relatively simple to learn. Many melee skills, recommended for Strength builds, deal large amounts of AoE damage which works extremely well with the Strength attribute as it provides a flat bonus to damage dealt. Strength Builds excel at dealing with large packs of weaker monsters, but they are not the best for fights against high-health enemies, like bosses, as they offer low crit chance and lack in terms of single-target DPS. 

Below, you'll find our Rune, Zodiac, and Gear recommendations for Strength Archetype Builds. 

  • Runes: 
    • Skill Runes: Whirlwind (a top-tier melee AoE ability), Strong Regenerative Power (great self-sustain ability), Quick Attack, Channeling Enhancement, Toxic Flame, and Fireball (the latter two are nice options if you want to diversify your damage types). 
    • Link Runes: Pick any Link Runes that increase Strength or improve the offensive power of your abilities. 
  • Zodiac: This might sound obvious, but prioritize Strength and avoid Dexterity. Intelligence becomes a great secondary stat at the later stages of the game. 
  • Gear: To maximize your DPS, you should use a 2-handed weapon. Elemental Damage bonuses also seem to work extremely well, with Poison being the top pick in our book. To increase defenses, you should have some Elemental Resistances and general survivability stats in your gear. Having boots with a high bonus to movement speed will greatly improve your mobility. 

Dexterity Archetype

Dexterity promotes ranged DPS builds, so players that usually main Archers, Hunters, and other similar characters will find the archetype very appealing. If you prefer to stay away from your enemies and pick them off one by one from a distance, you'll definitely find Dexterity to be up your alley. While Dex builds don't deal as much AoE Damage as Strength builds, they more than make up for it with large crits and outstanding Single-Target DPS. When it comes to defense, they value Dodge over Armor which makes them deceptively resilient (but they lack in the HP pool, so they are still quite squishy at the end of the day). Dexterity Builds also tend to be very dynamic and agile, which makes them fun to play but also rather difficult to master as making the most of the available mobility can be quite tricky. 

  • Runes: 
    • Skill Runes: Find Weakness (great for boosting your DPS against tougher opponents), Teleport (amazing mobility tools), Attack DMG Increase (powerful DPS booster), Toxic Flame, Piercing Arrow (great offensive skill), Illusion Arrow (nice utility ability), and Slaughter. 
    • Link Runes: As you can imagine, focusing on Dexterity increases is the most beneficial. Movement Speed is also nice to have. If you want some AoE, you could also add multishot. 
  • Zodiac: Dexterity is of the most importance and Strength comes second (as it will boost your overall DPS by quite a bit). Investing anything into Intelligence is a waste - don't do it. 
  • Gear: A solid Ranged Weapon should be your first goal. It should have as high  Attack Damage as possible. Other than that, you should stack Physical Damage, Crit Rate, Crit Damage (both Crit stats synergize very well with each other), and Speed. When it comes to defenses, mobility alone won't be quite enough so you should have some Resistance, Armor, and Dodge to increase your overall survivability. Armor with Resistances, Attack Damage, and Projectile Damage is a great balanced choice for Dex builds in general. 

Intelligence Archetype

Focusing your build on Intelligence will allow you to create a powerful Mage character. In comparison to Strength and Dexterity builds, Intelligence builds offer even more flexibility and the chosen Skill Runes play an even larger role in them. In general, you can go via one of two routes: you either create a flexible elemental caster who's a jack of all trades master of none, or you focus on a specific form of magic/spell to create a much more specialized but equally powerful build. As for defenses, you can rely on distraction and illusion spells to ensure that your enemies have other things to worry about while you scorch, freeze, or electrocute them from a safe distance. Another fun option is to utilize Spells that summon Minions; yes, a Summoner Mage is a real and powerful possibility in Undecember. 

  • Runes: 
    • Skill Runes: Flamethrower and Fire Ball (great for fire-themed builds), Teleport (great mobility tool), Channeling Enhancement (solid offensive utility), Multishot, Spell Damage Increase (powerful buff), Summon Abyssling (for those of you who like minions), Minion Armour (to bolster minion-based builds). 
    • Link Runes: With these, you should try to boost your Intelligence and Dexterity to improve your offense as well as defense. 
  • Zodiac: Intelligence is your top priority, however, both Strength and Dexterity can be useful. In general, we find Strength to be more beneficial. 
  • Gear: You should focus your equipment around magical damage increases to maximize your offensive power. Other than that, you should secure Elemental Resistances and Armor to improve your survivability. 



We hope this overview will help you make the right choice and contribute to your fun and progressive in-game experience. If you've found this guide useful and informative, don't hesitate to leave a comment below, it will motivate us to continue our work. If we've missed a piece of information that is important to you, please let us know! Also, if you have any build requests, don't hesitate to post them in the comments section. We will do our best to update our Build Database with them.