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Undecember Items

Power is what players desire when they play action RPGs. In most games, there is a limited amount of it a single character can have. This is because of the finite possibilities of build optimization, player skill, and gear upgrading. But, what if we've removed one of these limiting factors? Well, you can find out by playing Undecember! In this game, there are no limits to gear upgrades; your Undecember Items can be enchanted seemingly endlessly and they will make you more and more powerful with each successful enchanting attempt. As a result, the more you grind the more powerful you and your items become, which gives you a strong incentive to engage in the game's end-game systems. It is also one of the reasons why Undecember makes you feel more accomplished than other titles in the genre - you get a sense of reward and gratification much more often than in other aRPGs as you engage with gear upgrading much more often in general, and these are often the same items you've been working on for a long while now! As you can imagine after reading this brief introduction, familiarizing yourself with the game's enchanting system and all of the Undecember Items needed for gear upgrades is paramount. 

Undecember Crafting Materials

During your hunting sessions, you'll come across a plethora of materials used for crafting and enchanting your Undecember Items. Knowing what their purpose is will allow you to plan ahead and make your crafting and enchanting sessions more structured. It will also ensure that you collect everything that's of value to your progression and that you don't miss an opportunity to Sell Undecember Items on the auction house after they drop for you. Here is a breakdown of all the Undecember Crafting Materials, together with brief explanations of what they're actually used for: 

Crafting Essences - These Undecember Essences are used for pretty much everything that is associated with gear modification. They are used for crafting, enchanting, downgrading or upgrading quality, re-rolling affixes, adding/removing affixes, and more. Low Tier Crafting Undecember Essences are very common and you'll find a lot of them as you progress through the game. You should use them to familiarize yourself with the game's crafting systems right from the start. When it comes to the more powerful Essences, they can be extremely rare and you should definitely save them up for your end-game gear. 

  • Alyssa Essence - These powerful Undecember Essences re-imbue options to Rare gear of level 70+ and imbue high tier with an increased chance. 
  • Magic Imbue Essence - Randomly adds 1 additional option to a Magic Item. 
  • Suffix Option Removal Essence - Randomly removes 1 Suffix from a Magic or Rare Undecember Item. 
  • Prefix Option Removal Essence - Randomly removes 1 Prefix from a Magic or Rare Undecember Item. 
  • Legendary Enchantment Essence - Randomly adds 1 extra option to a Legendary Item. 
  • Legendary Rising Essence - Upgrades a Rare Item to a Legendary, preventing existing options from being enchanted again. These Essences are... essential for creating top-quality equipment for your character. 
  • Magic Birth Essence - Re-rolls options on a Magic Undecember Item randomly. 
  • Magic Upgrade Essence - Converts a Normal or a Magic item into a Magic item, resetting the max option count in the process. 
  • Magical Expansion Essence - Adds 1 extra option slot to a Magic grade Item, for a max of 3. 
  • Magical Transformation Essence - This essence re-rolls values of options on Magic grade Undecember Items. If you use enough of these on an equipment piece, you'll eventually get a nearly perfect roll... Prepare for a lot of attempts, though. 
  • Prefix Option Birth Essence - Re-rolls the prefix option of magic or a rare item. 
  • Quality Birth Essence - Re-rolls the quality of a Normal item without any Authority. 
  • Quality Modification Essence - Modifies the quality of an item by -5 to +10. Can be used once per item and only on items of at least +10 quality. These are very rare and expensive so if you're looking to Buy Undecember Items of this type, better start saving up in advance. 
  • Random Upgrade Essence - Changes Normal, Rare, or a Magic item into a Magic, Rare, or Unique item at random. If this Essence high-rolls, you can end up with an extremely powerful gear piece for yourself or for sale! 
  • Rare Upgrade Essence - Converts your magic Undecember Items into rares. 
  • Rare Birth Essence - Randomly re-adds options to Rare Items. 
  • Rare Upgrade Essence - Transforms a Magic Item into a Rare item. In the process, the Max option count can be increased up to 4-6. 
  • Rare Imbue Essence - Randomly adds 1 additional option to your Rare Undecember Items. 
  • Rare Expansion Essence - Increases the maximum option count of a Rare Item by 1. These can be used to max out the number of options on your Undecember Items. 
  • Reversion Essence - Downgrades a Magic, Rare or Legendary item to a Normal Item. Despite what you may think, these Essences may be useful if you low-rolled on an upgrade roll or the upgrade effect is not suitable for your build. 
  • Suffix Option Birth Essence - Randomly re-adds a Suffix option to a Magic or a Rare item. 
  • Disintegration Essence - Randomly removes a single option from a Rare item. 
  • Vesper Essence - Re-imbues tier to a Rare gear above Lv. 70 while maintaining the imbued options. At least 1 option will be imbued with the highest tier, including options where the highest tier is fixed. 

Rune Essences - These Undecember Essences may be used to alter your Link and Skill Runes. The impact of the changes their offer varies depending on their rarity. Common ones will randomly change the color, position, or number of the slots on the Skill Rune they're used on. Rared runes, however, have the power to add slots to Skill Runes or even bring the Runes to higher tiers. 

  • Link Rune Legendary Rising Essence - Improves the grade of a Link Rune from Rare to Legendary. 
  • Link Rune Magic Rising Essence - These Undecember Essences Improve the grade of Link Runes from Normal to Magic. 
  • Link Rune Rare Rising Essence - Improves the grade of a Link Rune from Magic to Rare. 
  • Rune Birth Essence - This Essence re-opens the previously connected slots. 
  • Rune Color Essence - Randomly changes the color of the connected slot, enabling you to make different Rune combinations. 
  • Rune Five Pointed Essence - Adds a rune slot to the chosen Skill Rune and changes it to 5 slots. 
  • Rune Link Essence - Changes the position of the connected slot at random. 
  • Skill Rune Legendary Rising Essence - Improves the grade of a Skill Rune from Rare to Legendary. 
  • Skill Rune Magic Increase Essence - These Undecember Essences Improve the grade of Skill Runes from Normal to Magic. 
  • Skill Rune Rare Rising Essence - Improves the grade of a Link Rune from Magic to Rare. 

With these Undecember Essences, players are able to customize their equipment and Skills in ways simply unavailable in other action RPGs. To make your characters as strong as possible, You will need a steady supply of them so either prepare for lengthy grind sessions or start looking for alternative ways of obtaining them right now! As it happens, we on Odealo might be able to help with the latter... 

Undecember offers something that every grinder RPG enjoyed will appreciate - an endless character development possibility through enchanting and farming. The game promises that there are no limitations to this system, so time investment will always result in a proportional power gain. While we definitely see that this system may appeal to the hardcore part of the player base and to people who have a lot of free time on their hands, we also understand that it may not be well-suited for those who have real-life obligations. There are players who love to spend hours upon hours grinding for their desired Undecember Items, even at the cost of sleep. If you're one of them, join us and turn your hobby into a profitable endeavor! However, if the mere thought of having to invest dozens of hours to obtain your desired Undecember Items makes you want to stop playing, or you simply don't have the time to spare, Odealo might just have a perfect solution. You can simply visit our player-to-player trading hub and Buy Undecember Items of all flavors, types, and rarities. Our storage is always filled to the brim with currency, mats, consumables, gear, and other useful stuff. In particular, you'll find that our stocks of Undecember Items needed for enchanting are always full. If you're looking for high-end equipment, just check the in-game assets we have available in our store - you'll definitely find something that suits your character's needs! Taking advantage of our diverse offer is the best way to save yourself a lot of time and effort – by spending a few moments browsing and purchasing everything you need on Odealo, you can save weeks of laborious grinding. If you consider the amount of time required to enchant every single one of your equipment pieces by yourself, it should be a no-brainer that simply choosing and buying what you need is a quicker and much more reliable idea! Undecember Items purchased via our web store will allow you to fully experience the game; the hardest content Undecember has to offer will become accessible to you much quicker if you take advantage of our services! Your character will become visibly stronger and you will shine in both solo and group content as well as in PvP and PvE. There is no safer place to Buy Undecember Items than Odealo. All our sellers were thoroughly verified by our staff, so you can be sure that your transactions, made with the help of our online store, will go smoothly and that you will get what you have ordered in a timely manner (if the buyer is online, completing the transaction usually takes less than 15 minutes!). We are pretty much guaranteed to have everything that you might ever need - just check our wide offer. If you'd like to Sell Undecember Items instead, we've got you covered as well! You can register on our site and create your own auctions after you've verified. That way you will quickly turn your In-Game Assets into Real Money. We guarantee full satisfaction from our services. Thousands of our current associates can testify to that. If you hesitate because of the mandatory verification - don't! It ensures that all buyers leave with what they've ordered and that all our sellers are all legit. Thus, it guarantees that everyone's satisfied with our website and we can provide the highest standard of services. After you verify, you will be free to create your own auctions and take full advantage of our rapidly-growing Undecember real money-trading platform. Don't miss out on the opportunity Odealo presents to you! 

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