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Star Citizen aUEC

aUEC is currently the primary in-game Currency in Star Citizen and is closely related to the UEC. The aUEC stands for "Alpha United Earth Credits" and as the name implies it is connected to the current Alpha Stage of the game. It is a temporary Currency used by players for various transactions and activities within the persistent universe of Star Citizen during its pre-release phase. It will quickly become your motivator and goal to earn as much aUEC as it is the fuel to all your core in-game activity! 

aUEC in Star Citizen can be used to purchase various items, equipment, and ships within the game's persistent universe during the alpha testing phase. Some of the things you can spend aUEC on include:

  1. Ships: You can use aUEC to buy different spaceships, ranging from small single-seater fighters to larger multi-crew vessels. Each ship has its own unique features and capabilities.

  2. Weapons and Equipment: You can purchase weapons, armor, and other gear to customize your character and enhance their combat abilities.

  3. Ship Components: Upgrading ship components, such as engines, weapons systems, shields, and more, can improve your ship's performance in various aspects.

  4. Hangars and Property: You may have the option to buy or rent hangars and properties where you can store your ships and equipment.

  5. Trade Goods: In the dynamic economy of Star Citizen, you can engage in trading activities by buying and selling commodities to make a profit.

  6. Missions and Services: Certain missions and services within the game may require a fee in aUEC to participate or access.

  7. Hangar Decorations: You might be able to decorate your hangar with various items and decorations.

It's important to remember that Star Citizen is an evolving project, and new features, items, and mechanics may be introduced over time. Additionally, during the alpha testing phase, the availability and pricing of items may be subject to change, and your aUEC balance could be reset during major updates. For the latest information on what you can spend aUEC on, I recommend checking the official Star Citizen website and community resources.

aUEC Wipes

It is worth noting that aUEC is reset periodically during the Alpha development of Star Citizen. This is done mainly due to the fact that the game is still in a test phase, and there is still a higher chance for exploits and bugs that can completely ruin the in-game economy if not addressed properly (on top of the basic need for resets to test the economy and player behavior itself). aUEC balance wipes are scheduled officially, so it should be taken into consideration when attempting to Buy it with real money.


Where to buy Star Citizen aUEC with real cash?

While the game is still in the Alpha phase, there is plenty of reasons players may want to progress faster in the game world, and nothing helps better than a high balance on your in-game aUEC account. Buying aUEC (or UEC post release) with real money is a common occurrence, and it's frequently done on marketplaces like Odealo. Buying with real money here is one of the safest solutions, and with numerous Sellers, you can expect fast delivery times, good prices, and 24/7 Support.


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