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10m RuneScape Gold(at least 300m per order)


Runescape 3
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Runescape is one of the most popular MMORPGs ever made, even being developed nearly 20 years ago, the player's interest in Runescape has not diminished over time. In order to enhance ones' gameplay experience, players need a vast amount of Gold to get the right equipment for leveling and training Skills. While Gold can be obtained while playing, for completing Quests, Tasks, selling Loot, and more, it's usually not enough for the most demanding players. Sometimes buying Runescape Gold with the use of real cash is the best and the fastest way to get what you need. It's the most convenient way of boosting your Character and Gear making the game so much more enjoyable. If you decide to buy Runescape Gold, you can always treat it as an investment. It's common knowledge that it's much easier to earn gold in Runescape (and pretty much any other MMO) if you have some initial cash injection. Most users that purchase Gold on Odealo, not only reported having had the quality of their game increased, but have also made a significant amount of Gold themselves, by farming higher Tier content. Odealo is a secure market for Runescape Gold, where all for sale offers are posted by regular players. On such a player-to-player marketplace, you are to expect the best prices, fast delivery times, and the highest quality of service.

The Timeless Sandbox

After all these years, it is safe to say that Runescape is the most successful Sandbox MMORPG to date. Even now, after the rise and fall of countless other titles, OSRS and Runescape 3 stand strong and hundreds of thousands of players log in every day to enjoy the freedom of gameplay that both versions of the game provide. To the surprise of those who don't know these titles very well, it is the classic version - OSRS - that attracts more attention, but more refined RS 3 holds strong as well. It is living proof that good-old hardcore gameplay formula never truly ages and hundreds of hours spent on skilling and farming Runescape Gold can be enjoyable to both casual and more dedicated players. This happens because games like these become very competitive over time - setting new Gold per hour or 0-99 skill records is an inherent part of both Runescape 3 and OSRS. Hardcore gamers come up with innovative farming and skilling methods to this very day, and the best of them are praised among the community. When we combine this with the true, player-driven, in-game economy, we end up with a formula that promotes thinking, cleverness, knowledge about the free market, and the ability to analyze - in other words, the formula best-suited for mature and experienced players; the kinds of gamers who understand, and know how to take advantage of, the market and are able to make tons of OSRS Gold or RS 3 Gold because of this. If you are such a player or have the ambition to become one, we invite you to join our rapidly growing Runescape community. Thanks to our website, you'll be able to Sell and Buy Runescape Gold for the best prices. With Odealo's help, you will kickstart your in-game endeavors or safely cash out R3/OSRS Gold that you already have. To ensure your absolute safety, we have set up a wide range of security measures, because our clients are our top priority. Don't take your chances on shady and questionable sites, pick the real deal, join Odealo and take your in-game experience to a completely new level. 

OSRS/RS 3 Gold making - a short breakdown

Gold Coins (aka Gold Pieces, GP, or simply Coins) are Runescape's main currency and the game's whole economy is based on them. They are necessary for character development (almost every way of improving a character costs gold - equipment, consumables, skilling, you name it) and can be gained through a variety of in-game activities, ranging from the simple mob-slaying to intricate grand exchange operations. Because Runescape 3 and OSRS have gone their separate ways, the best Gold Making Methods, with some exceptions, are quite different in these two game versions.

The most notable method, that works in both versions of the game, is Grand Exchange Flipping. If done correctly, it can provide you with astonishing profits for a relatively little time investment and without the need for any character skills. At its base, flipping is very simple: check margins to identify what to flip, and then buy low and sell high. In reality, it is much, much more complicated than that and making large amounts of Runescape 3 or OSRS Gold on the GE can be very tricky. If you want to try your hand in GE flipping, here are a few quick tips:

  • Learn the prices and follow the trends (there are some great GE tools on the internet - use them).
  • Join Friends Chats dedicated to flipping, they are a great source of knowledge for flippers. 
  • Try to focus on items that are in high demand, but their supply is limited, these kinds of assets usually have good margins.  
  • Check our GE Flipping Guide in the "Guides" section, it is one of the most comprehensive guides of this type available - use it to your advantage and learn how to make large amounts of Runescape Gold on the Grand Exchange. 

Exemplary OSRS Gold Making Methods

  • Tanning Dragonhides (low requirements) - Dragon Leathers are almost always in high demand, take advantage of this and tan Dragonhides for a nice profit. As a GE-based method, this will require some initial investment (you will have to buy Dragonhides if you don't want to farm them by yourself), so we advise you to check margins before you start. The method itself is one of the easiest ways of making OSRS Gold: buy Dragonhides, convert them into Dragon Leathers with the help of a tanner, and sell them on the GE at a profit. 
  • Humidifying Clay (high requirements) - Crafting is a very popular skill and leveling it up requires a lot of Soft Clay, which means that there is always a demand for it - meet it and make a good profit in the process. This method is very simple, but it is also micro-intensive (which means that there is a lot of clicking involved). You will need a lot of Clay, Astral Runes, Steam Battlestaff, and a clear inventory. To maximize your efficiency, set up appropriate hotkeys (to quickly open inventory and spellbook), and park your character near the bank to withdraw Clay and deposit Soft Clay quickly. If your APM is high enough, you should be able to make a good amount of OSRS Gold using this method. 
  • Pickpocketing Master Farmers (high requirements) - Thieving Skill can prove to be extremely profitable if one knows how to put it to good use. Master Farmers are widely regarded as the best NPCs to steal from, as farming seeds that they carry tend to sell well on the grand exchange. Very high Thieving skill is recommended for this method, but you can try it on skill level as low as 38 (for a much lower profit, of course). The best Master Farmer pickpocketing locations are located South of Varrock: Farming Guild, Draynor Village, North of East Ardoughe. To maximize OSRS Gold per hour gained with this method, you should invest in a full set of Rogue Equipment and complete the hard Ardoughe Diary quest. For a well-optimized and skilled character, this method can provide over 1.1kk Gold per hour, which makes it one of the best ones available. 

Exemplary Runescape 3 Gold Making Methods

  • Crafting Lava Runes (high requirements) - This combination Runes (fire and earth) are in very high demand, but their price is unstable as there are many players making and selling them (you can always craft different runes - Mud Runes for example - if margins on Lava are too low). Crafting a Lava Rune requires only 15 Runecrafting, but to make the whole process worthwhile you will need at least 90 Runecrafting (for double crafts), 93 Summoning (for Beast of Burden summons) and 75 Magic (for shortening the travel time between a bank and the altar with teleports). Crafting Lava  Runes requires some initial investment as you have to buy all the required ingredients (Pure Essences, Earth and Astral Runes, Pouches, Binding Necklaces, etc.), but it is one of the best investments you can make in RS 3.  
  • Collecting Cursed Energy (high requirements) - This method allows players to make a lot of RS3 Gold with the help of the Divination Skill in the level 25 Wilderness. This method is very easy but also associated with a risk as it can be performed in the Wilderness only (which means that PKers will be a constant threat), also, the Skill requirements are rather high (101 Invention - for Divine-o-Matic vacuum that negates the negative effects of the Cursed Energy by converting it into aa divine charge, 81 Summoning - for Nightmare Muspah summons, 71 Hunter - for an Imp-in-a-box, and 85+ Divination are recommended for this). If you meet all the requirements, all you need to do is go to the Wilderness volcano and start clicking on Cursed Wisps that live there to harvest the memories. After your inventory is full, head to the altar in the middle and convert collected memories into Cursed Energy. If you opt for this method, beware of PKers and always be prepared to run. 
  • Making Scentless Potions (high requirements) - Because of the fact that making Scentless Potions requires an untradeable ingredient, they tend to be very valuable, but gathering the required shadow vines (the said untradable ingredient) can be rather tedious. These potions are very popular among players that want to train their Hunter Skill quickly; help them by meeting the demand and make a good amount of RS 3 Gold in the process. This method requires you to have at least 71 Hunter (for Shadow Jadinkos hunting - this is how you get the Shadow Vines) and some spare time that you will have to spend farming the vines. To make potions themselves, you will also need 59 herblore. The bottleneck of this method is the Shadow Jadinkos hunting - if you are an efficient hunter, you can easily make around 2,5kk Runescape 3 Gold per hour. 

An old proverb says that you have to steal your first million and making further ones is just a matter of good investment. The situation is very similar in both Runescape titles; the best gold-making methods all require certain character skills (that are expensive-to-train) and/or a hefty initial investment. This means that it is quite hard to start your own RS3 or OSRS money-making enterprise from scratch if your character is not yet developed. If only there was a way of skipping the initial grind and going straight to the worthwhile activities... luckily, there is one! You can Buy Runescape Gold on Odealo and use it to your advantage. With our help, you will be able to quickly develop your character in a way that will allow you to make a good amount of GP very quickly. This is the kind of investment that you can't go wrong with - it will save you a lot of time and nerves, and the returns that you'll get will speak for themselves (just a little purchase can kickstart even the most ambitious undertakings). Thanks to our sellers you can Buy OSRS Gold for the best prices. If you are looking to Buy RS3 Gold, our sellers have got you covered as well. In order to guarantee the absolute safety of all transactions made under our agency, all players who advertise on Odealo have undergone a thorough verification process; our site is the safest Runescape Gold marketplace on the web. Don't take your chances on shady websites, join our rapidly growing Runescape community and take advantage of the best offers currently available. 

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