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★★★6Link Windripper [Random Roll] - Standard SC (5-10mins)★★★

★★★6Link Windripper [Random Roll] - Standard SC (5-10mins)★★★

Standard Softcore

★★★6Link Windripper [Random Roll] - Standard SC (5-10mins)★★★ - image
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  • 5 mins.
  • 20:07:47
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NOTE: Please trade me something in return for security reasons and don`t mention real money trading in game

I`m NOT a member of any company, i farm alone and i`m trying to be fast and efficient as best i can.

What can i provide to my customers?

1. Competitive prices compared to all other sellers

2. Fast and smooth trade with professional approach, don`t expect excessive talking ingame,

trading will be done in the most professional way i can offer.

3. Delivery time: My delivery time is usually 5-15 minutes when i`m online. If i`m not online i will make a delivery as soon as i come online

===Please leave a feedback after i fully deliver you the product that you purchased===

Thanks for buying from me.

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