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✅Immortal Build Detonate Dead CwS - All Content / T17 / Autobomber - Mageblood Setup [Necropolis SC]

✅Immortal Build Detonate Dead CwS - All Content / T17 / Autobomber - Mageblood Setup [Necropolis SC]
Necropolis - Softcore
✅Immortal Build Detonate Dead CwS - All Content / T17 / Autobomber - Mageblood Setup [Necropolis SC] - image
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Walking simulator 0 button Autobomber build: Detonate Dead of Chain Reaction Chieftain

Focus on playing, not building.
Purchase the pack and get everything you need to start enjoying the gameplay immediately.

Check out the gameplay video to see the build in action:
Simulacrum wave 30:
T17 map:

Fast and Reliable Service:

  • Unlimited post-purchase support. I'll answer any questions and guide you on build usage, atlas tree, and farming strategies until you're satisfied.
  • Safe trading guaranteed. This build is hand-crafted with in-game currency I grinded myself, no RMT, no bots.
  • Get a custom Path of Building (POB) for your purchased build based on your current level (after order placement).
  • Receive build items within 1 hour if I'm available, or upon my return (indicated by "Shop Closed" status).
  • Clear communication throughout the transaction.
  • Over 3,000 successful sales and 7+ years of service on many platform


  • Unmatched boss slaying: Melt the Uber bosses with insane damage output.
  • Stress-free mapping: Cruise through maps with smooth clear speed

This build offers:

  • Defensive with ward and capped resistances for good survivability.
  • Top-tier gear with perfect socket colors and optimized enchantments.
  • Level 20, 20% quality gems (including Awakened!) for maximum power.
  • 100 Chaos Orbs & 100 Orbs of Regret to personalize your skill tree.

Don't waste time crafting and min-maxing. Buy this build and enjoy pure gameplay fun from the moment you enter Wraeclast!

Message me today to discuss your options!

P.S. Looking for a different build? Let me know, and I'll create a customized solution for you!

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