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Combat gear in Elder Scrolls Online often comes in pieces that match each other and provide additional bonuses if you collect several parts. These matching pieces are called ESO Sets. They can be obtained from Trials, Dungeons, PvP, Crafting, and from random drops. Some of them, like Lord Warden, Stormfist, Zaan, Fortified Brass, Torug's Pact, Night's Silence, Hunding's Rage, Velidreth, Briarheart, Mother's Sorrow, Silks of the Sun or Grothdarr can be bought from other players. If you are looking for a safe place to Buy ESO Sets, look no further because you have found the best one. We can offer you all the Craftable, Overland and Monster Sets available in the game, for the cheapest price. All our offers come from verified sellers, so you can be sure of your safety during transactions. Buying Cheap ESO Sets is a great way to boost your character's power level and prepare for the first steps in trials. With our help, you will be able to explore vast ESO end-game content without the fear that you might be too weak for challenges that await you in dark dungeons of Tamriel. If you are an experienced player, bored with your current setup, Buy ESO Sets suited for a different build and try something new. With our site, you can assemble competitive Stamina DPS, Magica DPS, Healing, and Tanking gear with ease, and try other character builds that will keep your in-game experience fresh and enjoyable.

ESO promotes fashionable attire

In Elder Scrolls Online, putting random gear pieces on your character not only looks bad but also doesn't really work. In other MMOs, bonuses provided directly by gear heavily outweigh the ones granted by matching equipment pieces. In ESO, the situation is different; it is the ESO Sets that grant the most power to a player. This is why you should always aim to assemble complete sets of equipment (with few exceptions, of course), and wait till you have enough pieces before you switch your battle-worn monster set to, potentially more powerful, trial one. The word "potentially" was used there on purpose, because some BoE ESO Sets are almost as powerful as their BoP Trial equivalents (Mother's Sorrow is a great example of such). This means that you can Buy ESO Sets that will make you very powerful, even before you start your trial runs. This is why we have prepared a list of the most powerful BoE Elder Scrolls Online sets that are definitely worth your while:

  • Mother's Sorrow - We start with the most widely used set of them all. It provides a lot of extra Spell Critical, that makes it work very well in combination with Spell Strategist and Mantle of Siroria. Mother's Sorrow is widely known as one of the best choices for both AoE and Single-Target DPS. It is an overland set that can be dropped in Deshaan, which makes it quite easy to get (the high demand makes it also very expensive, so farming it for profit is a good idea).
  • Spinner's Garments - This ESO Set will allow you to reach spell penetration cap when you are playing without any support, which makes it good for solo adventurers. The fact that spell penetration is more impactful than spell damage when it comes to DPS, makes this set one of the top choices for solo play. It can be found in Malbal Tor (Overland drop).
  • New Moon Acolyte - This easy-to-obtain set of equipment gives you whooping 481 Spell Damage and Weapon Damage. To balance this DPS boost, it also increases your active ability costs by 5% (because of this, expensive abilities are usually put on the back bar together with an armament that does not match the set which deactivates both bonus and penalty). If you know how to sustain yourself during a fight, this is a great choice. You can Buy ESO Sets of this type from other players or craft them by yourself in the Fur-Forge Cove, located in Southern Elsweyr.
  • Mechanical Acuity - This set focuses on maximizing player's critical damage, which makes it great for short engagements and burst damage. If you are looking for explosive critical damage streaks, this is the way to go. It can be bought from other players or crafted at the Pavillion of Artifice crafting location, found in the Clockwork City.
  • Law of Julianos - Great choice for all newly level-capped players that want to play as Magicka-based DPS. It provides a lot of Spell Critical and Spell Damage, which makes it very powerful. The Law of Julianos can be crafted west of Wrothgar (in the Boreal Forge), so it is one of the easiest sets to obtain. It is definitely one of must-have ESO Sets for less experienced players.
  • Hunding's Rage - Provides respectable 300 Weapon Damage in addition to nice stamina and weapon critical boosts. All aspiring Stamina-based DPS players should have one of these in their kit. It can be crafted in The Rift or in Reaper's March, or bought from other players. The fact that Hunding's Rage is a part of the base game makes it one of the most widely used sets in ESO. Its power level is comparable to Briarheart's
  • Briarheart - A part of the Orsinium DLC and a very strong Stamina set. Briarheart considerably increases the player's weapon damage and provides a minor healing effect that can be life-saving in some circumstances. Weapon Damage buff provided by the set can be further increased by modifiers, like Brutality. Briarheart drops in Wrothgar and is one of the most powerful BoE ESO Sets.
  • Spriggan's Thorns - Easy-go-obtain overland set that is widely used by players that don't have access to more powerful trial sets yet. It provides good boosts to maximum Stamina, Weapon Damage, and Physical Penetration. Spriggan's Thorns can be dropped in Bangkorai or bought from other players directly or through a guild trader.

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