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Trove Flux Farming Guide: Best ways to obtain Flux - Odealo

Trove Flux Farming Guide: Best ways to obtain Flux - Odealo

Find out what are the best ways to farm Flux in Trove

TROVE Flux Farming Guide
The best ways to obtain Flux

In this guide, we will present the best and the most efficient ways to farm Flux in Trove. We have also included tip & tricks for the newest Content Update - Geode, which introduced a new profitable method to earn a lot of Flux.

This guide is focused mainly on beginners, but as a more advanced player, you may also find here some valuable information. 

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Flux is the main currency item in Trove. It is used to purchase Items, Crafting Materials, and Dragon Mounts on the Marketplace. Flux is also used to forge and leveling up Shadow gear and Chaos Forging equipment in Trove. It's essential for players on all levels to gather Flux for their necessary expenses. 

Farming Trove Flux 

  1. Mining - Mining Ores is one of the easiest ways to obtain Flux in the game. It is available for players right after starting the game, even during the initial Tutorial. However, you won't be able to access Market and offer your Ore for sale until you reach Mastery Level 20 anyway. 
    Projected income:
    Shapestone OreShapestone Ore - most common Ore found in every Biome. You can Mine it during the tutorial as well. Sells for about 3 Flux per unit 
    Formicite OreFormicite Ore - found in Biomes on any difficulty level. Sells for 6 Flux per unit
    Infinium OreInfinium Ore - commonly found in Cursed Vale areas. Sells for 6 Flux per unit
    Primordial FlamePrimordial Flame - can appear in any Biome. It is quite rare and usually appears next to other types of Ores in small quantities. Best to be farmed in Dragonfire Peaks zone. Sells for about 50 Flux per unit
  2. Radiant Shards Farming - can be found by completing Dark Heart Lairs in Sky Realm and Cursed Skylands Adventure worlds. Radiant Shards also drop from slain Radiant Giants. 
    Projected income:
    Radiant ShardRadiant Shard - sells for about 4.2 Flux per unit
  3. Sunlight Bulbs Farming - one of the best ways to farm Flux for beginners. Sunlight Bulb is a common crafting material used in Gardening. It can be found in Peaceful Hills Biome near sunflower monuments. High jumping skill is recommended, which will let you collect all the bulbs from the top of the monument. 
    Projected income:
    Sunlight BulbSunlight Bulb - sells for about 9 Flux per unit. Approximately 100 of them can be found on each sunflower monument
  4. Farm Glim and Bombs - you can find both in grass everywhere in Trove universe. Simply move over grass and flowers to destroy it and find the loot inside. Some Dungeons in Fae Wilds and Medieval Highlands are filled with grass, which makes them the best spot to farm Glim and Bombs. You can also find Glim by Loot Collecting fish. Both are quite popular merchandise on the Market.
    Projected income:
    GlimGlim - Sells for about 0.9 Flux per unit
    BombBomb - Sells for about 23 Flux per unit
    Super BombSuper Bomb - Rare and more powerful version of regular Bombs. Sells for about 180 Flux per unit
  5. Farming Shadow Shards - common item acquired from enemies in the Shadow Tower. Shadow Shards are used to craft mounts and equipment. 
    Projected income:
    Shadow ShardShadow Shard - sells for 40 Flux per unit

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  1. Geode - farming Flux Geode become possible just recently with the Geode Content Update. It's one of the best and most efficient ways to farm Flux in Trove even for new players. You can make money in Geode by mining Ore on Tier 3 and higher level. New players may suffice with Cave Kelp, and Common Ore found on lower levels as well. 
    Projected income:
    Cave KelpCave Kelp - found on any Tier in Verdant caves. Sells for 70 Flux per unit
    BuilderiteBuilderite - can be found on Tier 3 and above of any Geode cave. Sells for 100 Flux per unit
    QuirkstoneQuirkstone - can be found on Tier 3 and above of Moonglow Grotto. Sells for 170 Flux per unit
    SparkziteSparkzite - can be found on Tier 3 and above of Sunken Temple. Sells for 170 Flux per unit
    ChronozineChronozine - can be found on Tier 3 and above of Verdant Caves. Sells for 170 Flux per unit
  2. Get a Tome - investing 15 Hearts of Darkness in Eye Encyclopedia or Tentacle Tract Tomes is a very good way of making extra money. These Tomes, when fully charged, will grant you 15 Eyes of Q'bthulhu  (Eye Encyclopedia) or 1 Tentacle of Q'bthulhu (Tentacle Tract). Unlike Legendary Tomes, they don't have any cooldown and can be used as much as you like, making them a great tool for Flux grinding.
    Projected income:
    Eye of Q'bthulhuEye of Q'bthulhu - sells for 1.5 Flux per unit
    Tentacle of Q'bthulhuTentacle of Q'bthulhu - sells for 50 Flux per unit
  3. Loot Collecting Shadow gear - Loot Collecting Shadow gear is a great way of making money. You can get Forged Shadow Souls that way, which are very rare crafting materials used to upgrade high-level Shadow and Radiant equipment
    Projected income:
    Twice-Forged Shadow SoulTwice-Forged Shadow Soul - used to level up Shadow level 2 equipment. Sells for 50 Flux per unit
    Thrice-Forged Shadow SoulThrice-Forged Shadow Soul - used to level up Shadow level 3 equipment. Sells for 80 Flux per unit
    Quad-Forged Shadow SoulQuad-Forged Shadow Soul - used to level up Shadow level 4 equipment. Sells for 200 Flux per unit
    Penta-Forged Shadow SoulPenta-Forged Shadow Soul - used to level up Shadow level 5 and Radiant equipment. Sells for 1,400 Flux per unit
  4. Farming Hearts of Darkness - which is a rare crafting material found inside Shadow Caches. Shadow Caches are obtained by defeating a Shadow Titan in the Shadow Tower or they can also be crafted with Shadow Shards. 
    Projected income:
    Heart of DarknessHeart of Darkness - sells for 2,800 Flux per unit
  5. Farming Dragon Eggs - in order to Loot Collect them. A very profitable activity, however, it's only available to the more experienced players. One of the best picks would be farming Thallasion in Open Water Biomes for Deep Sea Dragon Egg Fragments. Since world bosses have higher Life and Damage compared to regular Dungeon bosses, it's advised to approach them with a group of players
    Projected income:
    Deep Sea Dragon EggDeep Sea Dragon Egg - Loot Collect it for 400 Flux
  6. Market flipping - usually the most profitable way in any game. The basic idea is to buy something cheap and resell it for more. This can be achieved in several ways:
    Refreshing search results for popular and rare items if someone did not list them for way below the market value
    Having in-depth knowledge about the game and upcoming Updates and Patches. Demand on certain items raise significantly after Patches and Updates and buying it in large quantities before that happens, is the way to go. Usually, you can predict how can market react to a new update just by reading the Patch Notes. I can't give you exact examples which may work right now or in close future for more or less obvious reasons, but I just wanted to introduce you to the basic mechanic of Market flipping.

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We hope this gives you an insight on how to efficiently farm Flux in Trove. If this information is not enough for you, or you are unable to cover up your personal needs for Flux, you can always visit our market section and buy Flux with real cash from other players. Also, if you think there are other methods that should be mentioned here, feel free to leave a comment below.

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