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The Best Tier X Tanks in WoT - an in-depth comparison

The Best Tier X Tanks in WoT - an in-depth comparison

The best Tier X World of Tanks Vehicles by global win percentages, excluding premium and reward tanks

The Best Tier X Vehicles in World of Tanks
By global win rate


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How to determine which tank is better than the other? The answer seems simple; just compare them, and the one with a better combination of armor, firepower, mobility and gun handling will turn out to be better. This is, however, not the case. There are A LOT of things that just can't be deduced from raw statistics: 

1. Durability and placement of crew and modules
2. The relative size of the tank (smaller tanks are generally harder to hit)
3. A shape, and effectiveness of the armor (on paper, Ferdinand has better frontal armor than Object 430U... no more explanation is required I think)
4. General "feel" of the tank; I know that this is a bit elusive, but when you play a tank, you get to feel its performance. The more rewarding and enjoyable a gameplay is the more focused you are, and the more focused you are, the better results you get.

With all that in mind, I have decided to use a global win rate to determine how good certain tanks are. This, again, is not that simple. To see why, let us take a Seal Clubbers favorite, The T 67, a Tier V American Turreted Tank Destroyer as an example; its global win rate is about 51.5% which seems pretty high, but in reality, experienced players achieve about 65-70% win ratio quite easily with this tank. This happens because of few reasons, the main being:

1. Skill ceiling of T 67 is very high, and not every player is able to exploit its capabilities
2. It is a Tier V TD, which makes it easily accessible for the new players (and new players typically don't know what they are doing, and can't afford additional equipment)

Taking this into account we can deduce that global win ratio gets more accurate as a power level determiner, the higher up the tech tree we get. So its quite safe to say, that five tanks described below are the best machines in World of Tanks.

Without further ado, here are the five best Tier X World of Tanks vehicles by global win rate.


Progetto M40 mod. 65
Position 5
Tank name Progetto M40 mod. 65
Global win percentage 51,5%
Firepower and Gun Handling - Progettos main armament is a well rounded 105mm cannon with good accuracy (0.33), aim time (2.10),  penetration (APCR 268mm, HEAT 330mm, HESH 105mm), and 9° of gun depression. Standard Armor Piercing Composite Rigid ammunition gives it very high shell velocity, largely improving long range accuracy. Autoreloader system gives a lot of flexibility and high clip potential (1760 dmg over 7.50 seconds with 4 shell clip), but heavily limits DPM (2160 with 3 shells loaded, and only 1350 when the clip is empty!). It's worth noting that Progetto, as autoreloader can mount a Gun Rammer.
Armor - Hull armor, while very thin (F 50, S 40, R 25), can still bounce an odd shell because of very good frontal plate angling. Lower plate, however, is very weak and can be penetrated easily, even by stock T VIII tanks. Turret, while nicely angled, does not offer any real protection (F 120, S 40, R 30), except for an ability to bounce shells impacting at a very steep angle. It is important to note, that rear armor of the Progetto is VERY thin, and can be overmatched by pretty much every gun it faces.
Mobility -  Good power to weight ratio (18.75), top speed (64 km/h forward, 23 km/h reverse), and effective track traverse on all surfaces give Progetto very good mobility, comparable to Leopard 1 (even soft stats on both tanks are the same, however, Leo has 2 more HP/ton). All in all, you will not have any problems getting yourself into position early, or to plug a gap in a flank.
Other features - 1900 hit points, on par with Obj. 140 and AMX 30B, and 100 more than Bat Chat 25 t is a fair amount for a Tier X medium. 400 meters view range is nothing to ring home about but it gets the job done.
Performance - Progetto M40 mod. 65 excells as mid to long-range sniper, and a support tank in the early game, and should be played with caution. HP preservation is the key because, with more and more tanks sent to the garage, opportunities for assassinations start to appear. While Progetto isn't as good of an assassin as Bat Chat 25 t, its average clip damage of 1440 still poses a great threat to wounded enemy tanks. You should remember that Progetto's global win rate statistics are probably inflated, because the tank is relatively new, and played mostly by very skilled players.


Type 5 Heavy
Position 4
Tank name Type 5 Heavy
Global win percentage 51,6%
Firepower and Gun Handling - Type 5 Heavy has a choice of two guns... who am I kidding, the 15 cm HE  gun (HE 1100damage, HE 1400damage) is the one and only choice for this tank, and the main reason for the hatred that Type 5 Heavy inspires among WoT community. For one it will always do damage when it hits, limiting skill required to be competitive with it to a minimum, and secondly... premium High Explosive shells have 300 more average damage, so the best Type 5 Heavy tactic is to throw your wallet at an enemy. The rest of the gun stats are typical for howitzers; bad aim time, terrible dispersion, low rate of fire, and they do not really matter because of High Explosive mechanics.
Armor - One of the most heavily armored tanks in the game with no frontal weak spots (Hull: F 270, S 160, R 150; Turret: F 280, S 210, R 200). Penetrating it from the front with standard ammunition is practically impossible. Premium ammo will frequently bounce as well (with exception of the highest pen TD guns in the game). Lower tier tanks will have problems damaging Type 5 Heavy even from the sides and rear. Top of the tank is 75 mm thick, which limits damage suffered from artillery hits, and makes it impossible to be overmatched.
Mobility - Type 5 Heavy is for all intents and purposes a moving bunker, very slow, yet unstoppable (25 km/h forward, 11 km/h reverse). Hull traverse is as slow as expected for a tank this big.  Thanks to its mass (over 150 tons), and powerful engine (1200HP), it can push other tanks, and wrecks easily.
Other features - 400 meters view range is adequate. 2900 hp is the second highest in the game (Maus has 100 more). 10° of gun depression help on ridgelines and in close quarters combat, but low profile tanks can still avoid being hit by side hugging you. Overall one of the most feared and heated tanks in the game - a priority target when spotted.
Performance -  Despite being slow and lumbering, Type 5 Heavy is definitely a force to be reckoned with. It's powerful HE gun poses a great threat to every tank in the game, and  VERY thick armor ensures good protection from almost every standard round that is fired at it. Thanks to above-mentioned features "Godzilla" is a very low skill cap tank, and even the most casual players will perform well in it.


WZ-111 model 5A
Position 3
Tank name WZ-111 model 5A
Global win percentage 52,1%
Firepower and Gun Handling - WZ's Main armament, the 130 mm 59-130TA gun combines high DPM (2625 - among the highest of any heavy tank) with good alpha damage (490), decent penetration (AP 250mm,  HEAT 340mm,  HE 65mm) and workable 7° of gun depression (better than other fast heavies, like IS7 and Obj. 277). Aim time is also acceptable at 2.5 seconds, and 0.39 dispersion at 100 meters is average for this type of gun.
Armor - Great frontal hull (F 140, S 120, R 60), and turret (F 300, S 180, R 60) armor, especially for a highly mobile heavy tank. Turret cupolas are quite small and difficult to hit. The lower plate is rather weak and must be covered to avoid taking consistent damage. Overall, hull down WZ 111 5A is a really tough nut to crack, and the help of artillery or other High Explosive using tanks might be necessary to dig it out.
Mobility - One of the best in its class (50km/h forward, 15km/h reverse). Good power to weight ratio (15 HP/ton) combined with low ground resistances results in an almost medium tank-like mobility. WZ will have no problems reaching key map areas, and relocating if needed. It can even keep up with medium tank wolf packs, providing heavy fire support.
Other features - Somewhat low amount of hit points (2200; 200 less than IS7), compensated by mobility, armor, and damage per minute. 400 meters view range is adequate. Good camo rating for a heavy tank, thanks to a low profile.
Performance - WZ-111 model 5A is regarded as the best tier X heavy tank in the game, and so its win rate is a bit inflated. A deadly combination of speed, firepower, and armor makes this tank a formidable opponent on the battlefield.  It is not, however, an easy tank to play, and making good use of its features requires some experience.


Object 430U
Position 2
Tank name Object 430U
Global win percentage 52,3%
Firepower and Gun Handling - Low DPM (2588),  bad accuracy (0.40), high aim time for a medium tank (2.30s), and low standard shell velocity (940m/s) coupled with below average standard round penetration (AP 252mm, HEAT 340mm, HE 68mm). As you have probably already guessed Object 430U's armament isn't its best feature. However, high alpha damage (440 - tied best of its class) somewhat compensates for the rest of statistics.  The 430Us gun is designed for close quarters combat.
Armor - What it lacks in firepower, Object 430U compensates in armor protection. Upper glacis (F 160, S 90, R 45) and turret front (F 300, S 195, R 65)are insanely strong. Effective frontal hull armor reaches 320mm, making many Heavy Tanks look like they are made out of paper. Lower plate, however, is quite large and can be penetrated easily. All in all, a hull down Object 430U has better armor than many tier X heavies and can shrug off unbelievable amounts of punishment.
Mobility - One would expect, that so well armored medium tank will be slow, and sluggish. This is not the case for 430U. Top speed of 50km/h is descent. You may look at low (14.29km/ton) power to weight ratio and say that it will struggle to reach its top speed, but don't be fooled! Thanks to insanely good soft stats Object 430U is actually very agile. 
Other features - Below average view range (400m). 2000 hit points, only 50 less than E 50 M. Thanks to high agility, lower glacis is hard to hit when the tank is moving at full speed. One of the best camo ratings among all tier X mediums.
Performance - Long story short - this tank makes the existence of many Heavy Tanks questionable. The only thing holding it back is low damage per minute. Taking all of the above into account, an incoming nerf is likely.


Object 268 Version 4
Position 1
Tank name Object 268 Version 4
Global win percentage 54,1% (please note that this is after the nerf)
Firepower and Gun Handling -  Before the nerf "Bobjects" gun was a snap shooting monster with close to no aim time for its caliber, and great soft gun stats, with the only limiting factor being somewhat low DPM (2294). You might argue that 0.42 dispersion was a limiting factor as well, but when played properly this didn't matter (you won't miss if you stick a gun in your opponents face). After the nerf its armament looks a lot less impressive, but still gets the job done. Aim time was raised from mere 2s to 2.5s, and the soft stats were adjusted (and by adjusted I mean nerfed by about 30%). Respectable 650 Alpha damage and lowish DPM stayed the same
Armor - Almost impregnable from the front (F 260, S 100, R 45). Before the nerf you couldn't penetrate v4 from the front, and the only way to damage it was to splash High Explosive shells at its superstructure (its roof armor is somewhat weak). After the armor "adjustments" it's a bit easier, but you still have to aim at now weaker "weak spots" to damage it from the front. Side and rear armor is weak and will not protect v4 drivers from losing health.
Mobility - Object 268 Version 4 is very mobile for its size (it weighs 75 tons). With top speed of 50 (nerfed from 55), and 18hp/ton ratio (nerfed from 20) it has no problems relocating. Thanks to this properties v4 is also very good at ramming opponents. When this thing is charging you at full speed, and you can't get out of the way, you're screwed.
Other features - Low view range of only 370 meters (Jg.Pz. E 100 has 390). Respectable 2100 hit points coupled with almost indestructible frontal armor result in very high resilience. Fairly good camo rating for its size.
Performance - Object 268 Version 4 had over 57% global win rate before the nerf happened. Current 54% is a bit less impressive but still almost 2% above the second highest. This means that v4 still remains the best tier X vehicle in the game, and picking it up should be considered by every player who wants to play a TDs.


Picking up any of the above-mentioned machines should boost your win rate and WN8 at tier X significantly, but please remember that raw stats will not always reflect the tank's performance. Success (or lack of it) when playing a certain machine largely depends on player's experience, playstyle, and the ability to exploit strong aspects of a vehicle while minimizing the impact of weaknesses. That is why analyzing the global win rate is the best way to determine how good the given tank is, but... it does not always show the real potential of a vehicle.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Wargaming Group Limited.