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The Best Hildryn Tank/DPS Build for Warframe

The Best Hildryn Tank/DPS Build for Warframe

One of the Best setups for Hildryn Frame which excels in Mobile Defense and Interception Missions

Balanced Tank/DPS build

Build notes
October 30, 2019
-Build created


1. General information

Hildryn is a very unique Warframe, which has one of the highest Shield Capacities in the game and uses it as Energy to fuel up its abilities. This build is oriented around maximizing Ability Radius and Efficiency to freely use all the Abilities and maximize the radius of Aegis Storm. Our Hildryn build is very durable - your Shield recovery rate is higher than the incoming damage. It's fully viable for solo play, however, you will struggle against certain enemies with rather low DPS output and low Ability Power. It's recommended to use this as a combination of Tank/Support build

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This build excels at:
  •  Mobile Defense missions
  •  Interception missions
  •  Facing Corpus
  •  Team play
If possible avoid:
  •  Solo Missions

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2. Build's PROS & CONS

  •  Very high Shield Capacity
  •  Abilities cost no Energy
  •  Nearly invulnerable with Adaptation and Aegis Storm
  •  Amazing Shield recovery when fully built
  •  Low damage output
  •  Underperforms when playing solo

3. Mods

Below you will find all the recommended Mods and Stats for our Hildryn Build. We recommend maxing out Ability Range and Efficiency to allow undisturbed use of abilities even during the toughest encounters. You should also get the Adaptation Mod, which makes this Hildryn nearly invulnerable when it kicks in. 

Detailed stats
  • 390.00 Health
  • 4545.00 Shield Capacity
  • 242.25/sec Shield Recharge
  • 0.00 Energy
  • 300.00 Armor
  • 1.00 Sprint Speed
  • -30.00% Enemy Armor
  • -40.00% Damage while airborne
  • 95.00% Power Strength
  • 12.50% Power Duration
  • 265.00% Power Range
  • 160.00% Power Efficiency
Notable Skill: Aegis Storm
  • 40.00 Overshield/Shield Cost
  • 190.00 Radiation Damage per second
  • 39.75m Radius
  • 40.00 Overshield/Shield Cost per second
  • 80.00 Overshield/Shield Cost per second per enemy linked
  • 475.00 Impact Damage on Expiration/Deactivation

Channeling Aegis Storm makes Hildyr nearly immortal and deals high Radiation damage to all enemies. You can also use your Balefire Chargers while channeling

List of used Mods and add-ons

Helmet: None

Formas: 2 Formas required

Arcane Enhancements: Two Arcane Aegis for insane Shield recovery mechanic

Mod Capacity: 0/74

Corrosive Projection

Corrosive Projection: matches - polarity

Fleeting Expertise

Fleeting Expertise: neutral polarity


Adaptation: matches D polarity


Stretch: neutral polarity

Augur Reach

Augur Reach: neutral polarity


Aviator: matches D polarity

Transient Fortitude

Transient Fortitude: neutral polarity

Primed Vigor

Primed Vigor: matches D polarity


Overextended: requires adding D polarity


Redirection: requires adding D polarity

Hildryn DPS Tank Build

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